A lease accounting and administration software designed to manage real estate and equipment leases.

Product Overview

AMTdirect is a lease accounting and administration software that manages real estate and equipment leases. It ensures compliance with FASB standards and improves process controls. AMTdirect offers features like customer system configuration, accounting system integration, and expense management​.


  • Offers portfolio insight feature for lease management
  • Strong reporting with user-defined and ad-hoc capabilities
  • Responsive customer support


  • Glitches with FASB rules implementation
  • Pricing requires consultation call

Target Market

Medium to large businesses across various industries, including consumer goods, higher education, renewable energy, accounting, building materials, retail, and semiconductors. Ideal for companies overseeing more than 50 properties.

About AMTdirect

AMTdirect streamlines the organization and control of real estate assets by providing a centralized hub for all relevant information, including property details, contracts, financial commitments, and maintenance requirements. It’s designed to simplify complex tasks associated with real estate management, ensuring efficient operation and improved asset lifecycle management.

AMTdirect Key Features

  • Centralized Real Estate Management: AMTdirect centralizes all real estate data, including properties, contracts, maintenance activities, and ongoing projects, in a cloud-based system. This organization facilitates easy access and management of critical real estate information.
  • Lease and Contract Tracking: The platform provides tools to monitor all aspects of leases and contracts, such as dates, financial obligations, and other terms, enhancing contract compliance and financial management.
  • Document Management: It offers comprehensive document management capabilities, allowing users to categorize and group various real estate-related documents for easier access and management.
  • Streamlined Reporting: AMTdirect automates the compilation and reconciliation of reports, saving time and increasing accuracy in financial and operational reporting.
  • Financial Oversight: The software enables effective tracking of revenues, expenses, assets, and sales, contributing to portfolio growth and optimization.
  • Forecasting and Analytics: Users can forecast sales, contract obligations, and profitability over extended periods, aiding in long-term strategic planning.
  • Facilities Management: The platform includes a complete facilities management module for handling work requests, orders, preventive maintenance, and equipment tracking.
  • Project Management Standardization: AMTdirect also standardizes project management activities, aiding in tasks like market research, construction, and repairs.
  • Compliance Assurance: It ensures adherence to FASB/IASB regulations, offering tools for SEC reporting and ensuring contract compliance.
  • Financial Risk Control: The system provides a proactive approach to managing financial obligations and risks hidden in contracts, including CPI and rent tax requirements.
  • Facility Manager Module: Post-opening, AMTdirect’s Facility Manager Module aids in the smooth operation of buildings or stores by automating work order routing and improving response times and customer satisfaction.
  • FASB Administration: The software is equipped to handle new lease accounting standards, classifying leases as per FASB guidelines and offering comprehensive lessee and lessor accounting functionalities.
  • Market Analysis: Using Microsoft’s Bing Maps technology, AMTdirect’s Market Analysis (MAPS) feature allows real estate managers to combine building and lease data with demographic and market statistics for insightful analysis.
  • Project Management Module: This module aids daily management of projects and activities, with features like timeline creation, resource allocation, and milestone tracking.
  • Real Estate Accounting: AMTdirect integrates accounts payable and receivable management, providing tools for invoice creation, billing adjustments, and detailed payment reporting.
  • Real Estate Administration: The platform ensures effective real estate portfolio management, integrating technology for data-driven decisions and streamlined information flow.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of AMTdirect

Submitted on July 18th, 2012 by Janet Morehouse

Since implementing AMTdirect we now pay all of our rents through a link to our Oracle system. We have a number of different lease administration individuals that can all access the program and obtain information from the scanned document at the same time. It’s extremely beneficial to us and has saved us a great deal of time.

Submitted on July 18th, 2012 by Ingrid Kushinsky

What impressed me with AMTdirect was the fact that they could speak retailer’s language. When we went through the process of interviewing certain competitors of theirs, as well as them, they were able to come back to us with very specific examples of how they could help our business. They knew exactly what we were looking for and what we were talking about. We also felt that culturally they would be a good fit and a good partner for Clark’s. Their mission statement was very similar to ours.

Submitted on July 18th, 2012 by Tanya Cooksey

From the very beginning, the process at first I thought would be overwhelming, but it really wasn’t that overwhelming. They have such great processes in place to implement the software for our company. They either train you how to do it or have services where they do it for you. We utilized both services. We took some of our leases and they abstracted them for us and then they trained us how to do additional one. Now I’m able to abstract my own leases.