Blackbaud Student Information Management System

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A student information management system to manage attendance, academic records, schedules, grading, and more.

Product Overview

Blackbaud Student Information Management System helps school manage their students, teachers, finances, and events. This student information system (SIS) from Blackbaud integrates with other Blackbaud software, like its learning and enrollment management systems.

This software helps teachers upload assignments and other class work, which gives students complete access to their requirements and expectations. And students can then upload their own work for easy access by teachers. Teachers can also track attendance and customize their gradebooks, and administrators can better manage student health needs, school lunch, and scheduling.


  • Integrates with other Blackbaud products
  • Stores student records, like field trip forms and parent contact, in one place


  • Report formats are very basic
  • Developer does not share pricing online

Target Market

Educational institutions, particularly K-12 private schools and higher education institutions, that require a unified system to manage various aspects of student information and academic administration.

About Blackbaud Student Information Management System

Video Overview


  • Fundraising
  • Marketing and Engagement
  • Financial Aid and Tuition Management
  • Student and Teacher Scheduling
  • Customizable Gradebooks
  • Volunteering Management
  • School Lunch Tools
  • Health Histories

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Blackbaud Student Information Management System

Submitted on May 4th, 2020 by Bryan Lorenzo

It definitely helped with [tuition] delinquency. Before, parents would have to go in and manually pay online. When we switched to automatic payments, it drafts to a bank account or charges to a credit card automatically.

And before, every year we would have to match the payment plan to the student. It was back-and-forth work with imports and exports. Now, it’s a one-step process. It’s a completely hands-off experience.