A web-based HIPAA compliant case management software for large nonprofits and public agencies.

Product Overview

ETO by Bonterra is a cloud-based case management platform that helps organizations save time and serve more people efficiently. Key features include the ability to attract new applicants, sustain connections, empower participants, and become data-driven through data aggregation, analysis, and visualization. The software supports virtual or in-person services, offering advanced report building and dashboards for data consolidation and visualization, as well as caseload management across multiple programs and locations


  • Advanced reporting engine
  • Built-in Business Objects Web Intelligence platform
  • Highly configurable and scalable suitable for a wide range of human services


  • Complexity in user management
  • Issues with clinical documentation retrieval
  • Requires consult call for pricing

Target Market

Medium to large human services organizations that require powerful, configurable, and scalable case management systems. It’s ideal for organizations with the capacity and resources to administer and utilize its advanced reporting and management features effectively.

About ETO

ETO by Bonterra, formerly ETO by Social Solutions, is a versatile case management software that excels in helping organizations manage and track a wide range of services and programs. Its reporting and data management capabilities are solid, enabling organizations to make informed decisions based on comprehensive data analysis. The software’s customization options allow for tailoring to specific organizational needs, whether managing client progress, academic areas, medical services, or other specialized requirements. ETO by Bonterra’s ability to centralize important documents and provide effective workflows makes it a valuable tool for organizations looking to enhance their service delivery and overall operational efficiency.

ETO Features

  • Report library: Get started with proven best practice reports.
  • Advanced report building: Consolidate and visualize data to meet reporting needs and make informed decisions.
  • Dashboard reporting: Surface key insights for staff on an easily accessible dashboard.
  • Open API: Enable data integrations that automate repetitive tasks and save time.
  • ETO Connect: Participants can update key information, view progress and request services through Connect.
  • Client intake: Self-serve capabilities make it easy for participants to apply for services.
  • ETO Schedule: Schedule supports virtual or in-person services, so participants can receive the care they need most.
  • Electronic signature: Participants can sign important forms electronically to keep things moving forward.
  • Caseload manager: Easily communicate with participants via SMS or email.
  • Form designer: Create unique forms to meet your organization’s needs.
  • Multiple program sites: Synchronize and manage many programs and organization locations from the same platform.
  • Attendance tracking: Track attendance through forms to keep programs on track.
  • Secure and compliant platform: ETO software meets current HUD, Domestic Violence, HMIS, and Social Security Administration data management and security protocols, as well as the minimum required FERPA and HIPAA standards.
  • Data security: Usernames and passwords prevent unauthorized access and restrict user access within the application.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) server security: AWS implements electronic surveillance and multi-factor access controls to secure its data centers.
  • Regional infrastructure: Customer data is housed in two locations (U.S. and Canada) based on the client’s location.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of ETO

Submitted on February 24th, 2022 by Maegan Mattock

The draw of Social Solutions’ software is that it’s robust. We were able to customize it and make it fit our exact needs because it’s flexible.

One of the greatest things that has really helped our team is that we’re able to put our goals and activities within the Social Solutions platform.

CASA of LA can look at those goals and have ongoing conversations with volunteers that really focus on advocacy and making sure that they’re doing everything that they need to do for that young person. It’s a great way to keep track of that support for our volunteers.