A loan management software by Bryt Software which automates loan originating, servicing, and reporting.

Product Overview

Bryt Software is a cloud-based solution tailored for loan management, offering tools for loan origination, servicing, document management, trust accounting, and payment processing. It automates critical features like payment processing which contributes to its effectiveness in streamlining loan management tasks. Additionally, its dashboard provides a clear overview of loan and borrower statuses, aiding in efficient management and decision-making.


  • Business version can be implemented in less than 30 minutes
  • Has wide range of add-on modules for extra functionality


  • Number of included active users is limited
  • Limited e-signature integration options

About Bryt Software

Bryt Software Features

Loan Tracking

  • Automates calculations to eliminate errors
  • Enables visibility of payment statuses
  • Generates professional statements, notices, and letters
  • Offers real-time detailed accounting access for each loan

Loan Servicing

  • Automates and streamlines loan servicing tasks
  • Supports various loan products including installment, secured, and lines of credit
  • Accommodates multiple loan types like term, revolving, and pool
  • Automates ACH payments, late fee, and NSF processing
  • Includes lender and borrower portals with real-time reporting
  • Allows flexible configuration of services, fees, and charges

Loan Origination

  • Provides automation tools for credit assessment, approval, and loan funding
  • Displays complete loan pipeline in real-time
  • Centralizes creation, uploading, and storage of loan documents

Add-On Modules

  • Custom User Field Module: Create unlimited custom fields within the Bryt system for loans and borrowers
  • Custom Documents Template Module: Create custom document templates using MS Word and Bryt merge fields
  • Impound/Escrow Module: Collect and pay property taxes, insurance and other expenses on behalf of your borrowers
  • Asset and Insurance Tracking Module: Maintain a record of assets. Notification of insurance policy expiration and tax payments due
  • Lender Service Fee Module: Collect one-time or recurring fees and designate who receives the proceeds
  • Borrower Portal Module: Private-labeled portal for your borrowers to make payments and manage their account
  • Data Import Module: Bulk import contacts, loans, payments and more

Bryt Software Pricing

The cost of Bryt Software starts at $59/month (base product, 1 user). New users can be added for an additional monthly fee. There is a free trial available.

Starting Price
$59 /month
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Product Overview

User Reviews of Bryt Software

Submitted on April 21st, 2020 by Mitchell W. Vicknair

Your software works great and has significantly lowered our servicing costs. Your staff is always very helpful and patient… thanks again for making my life easier.

Submitted on April 21st, 2020 by Tim Graham

User friendly, customer support is always available, covers all lending aspects plus more than I can even use. Ease of use is amazing and the price is unbeatable