BuildSoft Pro

A home building software for residential builders and remodelers with accounting, estimating, and project management tools.

Product Overview

BuildSoft Pro is a home building software for residential construction professionals, offering a unified platform that integrates accounting, cost estimation, job costing, and project management.

This software streamlines the workflow for builders and remodelers, focusing on enhancing productivity and data security. One of its standout features is the ability to generate secure, printable reports and to utilize a locked Excel format, ensuring both ease of data management and enhanced security measures.


  • Locked Excel format for enhanced data security
  • Printable formats and reports


  • Limited customization
  • Limited calculation functions

Target Market

Small to mid-size custom builders (less than 75 starts a year).

About BuildSoft Pro

BuildSoft is designed to assist small to mid-size custom builders (less than 75 starts a year) gain better business control from the estimating stage through closing. It is a schedule-driven product that integrates with a complete accounting system. With BuildSoft, the user can manage a schedule and control the job costs. This ensures the builder keeps on track as the schedule changes and doesn’t exceed budget.

BuildSoft is an intuitive Windows-based software system that puts the entire operation just a mouse click away.

  • Historically estimate old job costs to determine a preliminary budget.
  • Manage scheduling changes.
  • Coordinate and update purchase orders and work orders through a job calendar.
  • Use Take-Off Estimating to determine material quantities for a job.
  • Handle all of the project management and accounting functions within one program

BuildSoft Pro Key Features

Accounts Payable

  • Flags over budget items during invoice entry automatically.
  • Alerts the user of subcontractor’s insurance expirations upon invoice entry and allows for automatic calculation and deduction of insurance premiums. BuildSoft also provides insurance audit reports.
  • Generates an aged payables report that can be grouped by job or payee.
  • Calculates and prints 1099’s.


  • Offers and keeps track of two different budgets, the preliminary (estimate budget) and committed (start budget).
  • Averages job costs from previous jobs to historically estimate and calculate a preliminary budget.
  • Prepares a budget report allowing the user to show the budget broken out by unit cost.
  • Compares either the preliminary or committed budget against the job cost allowing the user to analyze jobs more effectively.

Draw/ Billing Schedule and Accounts Receivable

  • Creates customer invoices for Time and Materials jobs.
  • Prepares draw request reports for banks, as well as AIA documents.
  • Generates recurring invoices for customers.
  • Provides aging reports that can be sorted by customer or by job, as well as a customer invoice history report.

General Ledger

  • Makes automatic entries to the general ledger when jobs are closed to move funds from Work in Progress to Cost of Goods Sold.
  • Generates an Accounting Integrity Report that reviews all accounting data to verify that the system is in balance (i.e., accounts payable invoices are in balance with the general ledger).
  • Uses the NAHB Chart of Accounts and allows for other chart of accounts systems to be used.
  • Provides full general ledger reporting from trial balance and transaction journals to fully customizable balance sheets and income statements.

Job Cost

  • Prepares a report comparing the preliminary or committed budget to the job cost.
  • Generates a report that allows the user to view job cost based on the check register.
  • Provides a report to compare job costs from multiple jobs to a budget job.
  • Includes a detailed job cost report that shows the user detailed transaction information for each account number.


  • Produces payroll check and calculates workers compensation.
  • Calculates quarterly report worksheets for 941, FUTA and SUTA.
  • Includes hourly payroll reports that can be sorted by employee, job or by account.
  • Computes and prints W2’s.

Purchase Orders / Work Orders

  • Produces purchase orders for vendor materials and work orders for subcontractor labor or turn key bids.
  • Ties purchase orders and work orders to the schedule and updates the job calendar to notify the user when to send, call and follow up with vendors and subcontractors.
  • Flags upon invoice entry if purchase orders and work orders do not agree with the invoice amount.
  • Generates change orders and variance orders for purchase orders and work orders.


  • Provides true Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling. Also offers a secondary schedule method, the Bar Chart (also known as the Gantt chart).
  • Updates task items on the job calendar as the schedule changes.
  • Allows the user to work directly from the calendar to manage the schedule and update purchase order and work order information.
  • Processes reports for the schedule and calendar which can be run for a specific user or globally.

Take-Off Estimating

  • Calculates quantity of materials and labor needed for a job, which is then used to generate a purchase order or work order.
  • Links material and labor prices to vendors and subcontractors allowing the user to select materials based on price or by specific vendor.
  • Allows for use of assemblies in take-off.
  • Provides several different reports such as material quantity report, price comparison reports.

Product Overview

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