A takeoff software designed for mechanical and electrical estimators featuring automatic counting and one-click importing.

Product Overview

Countfire is a takeoff software designed for mechanical and electrical estimators. Key features include true automatic counting, quantity splitting, and the ability to handle revised drawings. In one click, the software imports takeoff quantities and final amounts. It also provides client-ready Excel quotes with a full breakdown of items estimated. Countfire offers multiple industry-specific versions, including mechanical, electrical, and architectural.


  • Offers free trial
  • Can auto count revised drawings


  • Output Excel file can be complicated
  • Symbol recognition not always accurate

Target Market

Electrical and mechanical estimators, as well as professionals in the architectural industry.

About Countfire

Countfire is an automated takeoff software purpose-built for electrical estimators. The software is cloud-based and supports PC and Mac operating systems.

Countfire Features

  • True automatic counting: Similar symbols across all drawings within a project are automatically counted simultaneously.
  • Automatic quantity splitting: Quantities can be split according to your preferences, even after they have been counted. Last-minute revised pricing schedules no longer necessitate time-consuming recounts.
  • Auto count revised drawings: Spotting differences is unnecessary. New drawings can be uploaded, symbols copied over, and Countfire initiates counting immediately.
  • Increased accuracy: Checking a drawing and finding something missed is a thing of the past. Quality control reports allow for certainty that everything has been covered.


Countfire offers a 14-day free trial. There are three versions of Countfire: Mechanical, Electrical, and Architectural.

Video Overview

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Countfire

Submitted on August 23rd, 2021 by Matt Goodacre

Countfire is now a fundamental part of our estimating experience.

Submitted on August 23rd, 2021 by John Goodyear

Great counting software for all sized jobs.

Very impressed with its capabilities.