Extensiv Order Management

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An order management software formerly known as Skubana.

Product Overview

Extensiv Order Management (formerly Skubana) is a business operations and order management software suitable for brands at various growth stages. It connects sales channels, inventory management, and order shipping processes. Extensiv Order Management provides adaptable solutions tailored to unique requirements, including self-managed warehouses or 3PL partner networks.


  • Multi-warehouse inventory visibility
  • Native warehousing mobile app
  • Automated PO creation


  • Limited warehousing reporting

Target Market

Growing brands and eCommerce companies looking to evolve beyond spreadsheets and create a comprehensive fulfillment network on warehousing partners.

About Extensiv Order Management

Extensiv Order Management is designed as an ecommerce mission control center, providing insight, visibility, and control across sales channels for brands aiming to deliver flawless fulfillment. The platform allows for the automation of order management, inventory control and replenishment, shipping tracking and integration, demand forecasting, and centralization of insights for comprehensive visibility into all business aspects.

Extensiv Order Management Features:

  • Automate Order Management: Streamlines order processing to improve efficiency.
  • Control and Replenish Inventory: Keeps stock levels optimized.
  • Track and Integrate Shipping: Ensures timely delivery and updates.
  • Forecast Future Demand: Aids in planning for inventory needs.
  • Centralize Insights and Visibility: Offers a unified view of business operations.

Extensiv Order Management Pricing:

Pricing starts out at $399 per month.

Starting Price
$399 /month
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Pricing Details
Order volume tiered pricing with packages for OMS, WMS, or combo. WMS includes add-ons for users.

Product Overview

  • Developer Extensiv
  • Client OS
  • Deployment Cloud Hosted

User Reviews of Extensiv Order Management

Submitted on March 13th, 2024 by Juliana Brasil

Extensiv Order Manager is 1,000% worth the cost, because it helps you handle growth and scale without fear.

Submitted on March 13th, 2024 by Leigh Jacoby

If you want an affordable but robust solution for running your business that can scale, Extensiv is a solid choice.