An ERP software featuring asset management, financial reporting, and inventory control.

Product Overview

Genesis Total Solution is an ERP software for medium to large businesses. The platform includes a fixed assets depreciation module, allowing multiple depreciation schedules and detailed reporting. Its general ledger system manages fiscal periods flexibly and generates extensive financial reports. Additionally, Genesis Total Solution provides advanced inventory classification and multiple costing methods with its inventory module.


  • Fixed assets depreciation module supporting multiple schedules and comparative reporting
  • General ledger with flexible period management
  • Inventory control with multiple costing methods


  • Initial learning curve due to complexity of features
  • Cost-prohibitive for smaller businesses
  • Some users desire a more modern UI

Target Market

Medium to large businesses across various industries with complex accounting, payroll, and inventory management processes. Popular industries that utilize this software include manufacturing, distribution, food, logistics, retail, and accounting. Businesses looking for a full system or simply to solve a single pain point can benefit using Genesis Total Solution.

Genesis Total Solution Applications is an ERP software compatible with Windows, Linux, Unix, and MPE. It offers 11 complete modules for accounting, distribution, production, and the food industries. Each module can be sold separately or integrated together for a full ERP system.

Genesis Total Solution Key Features


The accounting package includes a total of 5 modules that can be integrated together or operate separately from the other modules. It includes a general ledger, accounts payable, payroll, human resources (HR), and an asset depreciation module.

  • Asset management facilitates the setup and management of fixed assets, allowing calculation of up to five depreciation schedules with automatic tax method selection. It includes reporting and tracking by location, region, and the assets responsible party.
  • Human Resources is an optional add-on to payroll and can address workman comp, EEOC, employee onboarding/education, and more.


The distribution package handles the receiving of products and tracks them through your business processes. Either until the product is internally consumed or distributed to customers.

  • It includes order processing for creating and processing orders, which is then linked to inventory control to manage product descriptions, pricing, and costs.
  • The inventory module manages raw materials, product assemblies, and finished goods. Inventory items can be sorted by using up to 10 unique product tags and have features for tracking product counts, usage, and lot/batch tracking.


The production package includes features for setting up bills of materials, mapping processes, tracking labor costs, and tracking overheads for manufacturing items. It also manages work orders, tracks costs, updates inventory when materials are consumed, and provides detailed reporting on production efficiency and material usage.


The Recipe package includes all of the above modules for accounting, production, and distribution but also features capabilities specific to the food industry. Businesses can create product recipes that include the processes and ingredients needed to complete a product. It also allows for tracking labor rates, employees required to produce, overhead costs, and production instructions. Businesses can also batch or lot track inventory and products.


Each module has user access control that the administration can set. Each user has a specific ID and unique passwords. Administration can also audit data entry and see who edits the data fields at any time.


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Product Overview

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User Reviews of Genesis Total Solution

Submitted on May 12th, 2023 by Valerie L Foster

We made the decision to move forward with Genesis for our fixed asset needs. The main reason was the simplicity of the program; not overly complicating the process. We had reviewed several options prior to Genesis that were simply overkill. The pricing was also in line with our expectations. Many of the other optins we reviewed (CCH, Thomson Reuters) we found to be very expensive.

Submitted on May 1st, 2023 by Anonymous

Genesis Total Solutions is a 30 year old program that is showing its age. The demonstration showed it was NOT user-friendly as, in order to use it efficiently, one has to memorize a bunch of codes. The reports generated showed no thought to an ease of understanding. From the BRIEF look we were awarded, they appeared, for lack of a better word, ugly. And since price was one of the considerations I mentioned in our needs I was very disappointed to find Genesis was almost twice the price we are paying now for Quickbooks Enterprise.

Submitted on March 8th, 2023 by Anonymous

We have been working with Genesis Total Solution for 2 years. They have great support - we have had great support everytime we’ve needed it. The software is not in the cloud. So far we are fine with it. It is very economical, which is one reason why we chose them.

Submitted on February 24th, 2023 by Anonymous

It is a little antiquated but you know, it isn’t a bad software. I’m getting used to it now though. Genesis has been running pretty smooth for us. We’re using it strictly for checkwriting. We don’t have any general ledger or anything. Genesis Total Solutions has been pretty good for us.

Submitted on January 20th, 2023 by Chris Alverson

I was a 20 plus year user on Quickbooks but with no on premise option availble for my current version, I had to look at alternative solutions. Genesis was an overall good program but in the end I wasn’t fully confident in their bank reconcilliation features and I preferred a little nicer interface.

Submitted on December 29th, 2022 by Don Forsting

We’re working on implementation right now. The software I had was compliant other than W2s for 2022 so we’re trying to get everything setup for the switchover. Very happy with support. Being a small shop, obviously the cost stood out to us.

The hard thing is after having used software for almost 30 years, its been a little bit challenging in the fact that it feeds opposite of what my software does. One feeds from the bottom up and one feeds from the top to the bottom. And so, it’s been completely opposite to what I’m used to for 30 years. That’s been the only challenge.

They’ve been good to work with on that and we’re getting through everything so its setup right.

Submitted on November 29th, 2017 by Robert

My accounting needs are very limited but I can see that the program is a versatile platform than can accommodate a wide range of applications

The Good…

The fact that it allows the user to implement the program without being constrained by a “user friendly” interface. Bill provided excellent and immediate customer support.

The Bad…

I suspect that the reason I liked it may be a disadvantage to some users. A basic knowledge of accounting (mine is very basic) is probably necessary to quickly understand the program

Submitted on November 28th, 2017 by Anonymous

Still trying to get used to it. It’s very helpful for inventory which is mostly what we use it for. Our restaurant manager and kitchen manager use it mostly for inventory.