A simple to use, barcode based, Warehouse system with very flexible processes. GraniteWMS is designed for mid-sized companies

Product Overview

GraniteWMS is a Warehouse Management System (WMS) tailored to optimize operations in mid-sized warehouses and distribution centers. It uses barcode-based tracking for accurate inventory management. The user-friendly interface guides users through warehouse tasks with clear, step-by-step action prompts. Additionally, it offers reporting and analysis tools for warehouse operations, providing insights into performance and key metrics.


  • System is flexible and customizable
  • User-friendly, simple interface


  • Pricing not shared by the developer
  • Lacks some advanced functionality

Target Market

Mid-market warehouses and distribution centers seeking a lean WMS solution.

About GraniteWMS

Video Overview

GraniteWMS Features

  • Granite provides barcode labeling and barcode based processing of physical inventory transactions
  • Highly granular detail to BOX or Item levels
  • It can manage serial numbers, batches and expiry dates per box, or pallet
  • Detailed BIN/Rack location management - e.g Return Cage, Bin Locations, Pick Cages
  • Additional Master item properties exist to support physical processes
  • Security and permissions management
  • Receiving with or without Purchase Order
  • Labelling Tracking entities - items, boxes, pallets or batches with unique barcode labels
  • Full traceability
  • Barcode based locating (put-away) into specific rack locations
  • Stocktake by master item selection, category, locations or other criteria
  • Returns processing of goods back into the warehouse
  • Sales order or other outbound document integration from ERP on demand
  • Sales order execution progress
  • RF Scanner Picking per order or pickslip (Load)

Product Overview

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User Reviews of GraniteWMS

Submitted on December 25th, 2021 by Jacob Soffer

Implementing Granite was the best thing we have ever done. Their system is super flexible and was easily customized to match our processes.

There are plenty of other out of the box WMS systems to choose from. What sets Granite apart from other WMS softwares is the personnel they assign to your specific project. You have someone to talk to who cares every step of the way. Even after go live, they are always available and ready to implement whatever changes it updates the customer needs

I would definitely recommend Granite.

Submitted on November 12th, 2021 by Trevin Clark

Granite is the best answer to inventory nightmares. When you know how your inventory should be managed but you just can’t figure out how to do it. Granite can map out a process to organize the unorganized and turn your vision into a process. Tech support is the best and very quick responding. They helped me throughout the whole process with picking the right scan guns to implementing labeling the warehouse for perfect work flow.

The Good…

All of Granite from the picking process to the receiving and manufacturing takeon process.

The Bad…


Submitted on November 10th, 2021 by Jose Perez

Granite integrates very well with our existing platform. I use Sage300 as the main accounting software, we also have a custom web application developed in house, for both applications granite integrates very well. With a little code modification enhanced the functionality of our existing application, allowing us to have better reports and organizations for our inventory. We can say that right now Granite and our web app have combined different functions and together works as one entity.

The Good…

The simplicity, the ability to integrate easily and the scalability.

The Bad…

The API documentation.

Submitted on November 10th, 2021 by Anonymous

After extensive research Granite is by far the #1 WMS! Great flexibility and customizability to suit our needs. Set up and support teams are just amazing!

The Good…

User friendly, simple interface with amazing functions.

The Bad…

Have yet to come across a problem that couldn’t be solved