Warehouse Management - WISE

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A warehouse management system designed by Royal 4 Systems for large enterprises.

Product Overview

WISE features comprehensive Inventory Control that affords immediate visibility to all. It is a real time system that can integrate into your existing host systems or stand-alone.

Receiving, dynamic put away, let downs replenishment and forward pick are standard. Dynamic space management is another key feature of WISE. The system always knows where inventory is right at all times. Both Cycle count and Physical inventories are core functionality. Pre-Manifesting, cubing and load planning are additional key features. WISE is a complete solution from source (raw materials) to consumption (delivery acceptance).


  • Customizable to business needs
  • Easy to implement and use


  • Pricing not shared by the developer
  • Customization requires IT support

Target Market

Medium to large-scale businesses across various industries, including packaging, utilities, and wholesale.

About Warehouse Management - WISE

Video Overview


  • Receiving
  • Assembly/Kitting
  • Quality Assurance
  • Returns
  • Putaway
  • Cross Docking
  • Inventory Control
  • Replenishment
  • Multiple UOM
  • Product Locations
  • Physical/Cycle Count
  • System Alerts
  • Order Processing
  • Picking
  • packing
  • Load Management
  • Outbound Documentation
  • WISE Alerts
  • Crystal Reports
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of Warehouse Management - WISE

Submitted on October 22nd, 2019 by Martin Obregon

Royal 4 Systems was a good partner throughout the entire project. My colleagues and I would highly recommend the WISE Warehouse Management system and the Royal 4 implementation team to other businesses looking for a Warehouse solution.

Our partnership with Royal 4 Systems and their market leading WMS demonstrates precisely how companies can empower their workforce right now, instead of later; achieve immediate short-term cost reductions…without breaking the bank. Particularly now, in an uncertain and struggling economy, every company is looking for that affordable technology accelerator that can drive faster customer service while substantially reducing costs.Voxware’s device-resident voice architecture provides any company the leverage to affordably deploy proven voice productivity and accuracy to their mobile workforce beginning ‘inside the four walls’ of the warehouse and throughout the mobile supply chain.