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About MudShark

MudShark by BrightBox is an earthworks estimating software designed for builders, estimators, contractors, engineers, and surveyors. Designed for bulk earthworks calculations, MudShark has in-built intelligence that works with you to get your project done without getting in your way or requiring a steep learning curve. Free up your time and get your projects done quicker, whether you are inputting contours, boundaries or structures.

Automatically capture contours from a plan with a single click, or use flexible takeoff tools to trace structures and countours. With just a bit of input, MudShark will calculate your cut and fill. MudShark is powerful enough to import drone data and display your site with ease.

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MudShark Features

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Precise Cut & Fill calculations
  • Accurate Strip and respread
  • Boring logs and soil strata details
  • Fully interactive 3D Visualizations and walkthrough
  • In place 3D Cross Sections
  • Project material re-use
  • Demolished structure and Built structure results
  • Integration with estimating solutions like Cubit and CostX
  • Export to Microsoft Excel
  • Multiple working areas
  • Materials database
  • Existing and proposed site surface definition
  • Easy site balancing adjustments
  • Surface, basement and sub-grade areas
  • Import and takeoff from PDF, CAD, & DWG files
  • Multi-plan stitching and alignment
  • Length, area, and count measurement
  • Pipe and trench network takeoff
  • Pipe clash detection
  • Automatic materials adjustment for under structure pipe networks
  • Trench cut accounting for structures and respread
  • Trench fill materials accounting for structures and respread
  • Trench volumes and materials


There are two pricing options for MudShark. The Fixed single user license is $225 paid monthly on an annual plan. The MudShark + Trench fixed single user license, the more popular options, is $250 per month on an annual plan. There is a 14-day FREE trial available.

Starting Price
$250 /month
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Pricing Details
Annual plan

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User Reviews of MudShark

Submitted on September 13th, 2021 by Andre Retief

I have been using MudShark on some pretty complicated sites over the last couple of months, and it’s exceeded all expectations, it’s easy to use and accurate, and continues to deliver for my business.