A web-based residential rental property management software for single-family properties.

Product Overview

Propertyware is a property management software offering advanced tools for optimizing profitability in real estate investments. It caters to landlords and property management firms of various sizes. The software is known for its comprehensive functionality, seamless integration, easy customization, and user-friendly interface, contributing to its widespread adoption.


  • New utility billing features
  • Personalized customization options
  • Tenant portal app available via mobile devices
  • Has 2-way API


  • $250/month minimum
  • Website not included
  • Customizing reports is tricky

Target Market

Residential rental property managers that lease single-family units.

Not Recommended For

Commercial or multi-family property management companies. RealPage recommends Commercial Property Management for the commercial space or RealPage Onesite for the multifamily space.

About Propertyware

Propertyware Key Features:


The Money Out feature in Propertyware facilitates efficient tracking of property expenses. It streamlines the bill-splitting process across different buildings, units, and expense accounts. Additionally, it offers a convenient method for property managers to recover expenses from tenants and includes a feature for attaching bill copies for record-keeping.

Group Collaboration

This section repeats the content mentioned in the Analytics section about the Money Out feature.


Propertyware’s Leases module enhances visibility into lease terms, tenant communications, and financials, vital for maximizing property performance. It serves as a central hub for all lease-related information and includes features for standardizing leasing policies, tracking financial transactions, and managing tenant relationships. The module extends beyond lease administration, functioning as a comprehensive tenant relationship management system.

Money In

The Money In tab in Propertyware provides an overview of all collected and bank-deposited funds. It includes features like Quick Collect for fast recording of tenant payments and the ability to calculate late fees efficiently. This module helps in organizing property income and confirming bank deposits.

Money Out

This section repeats the content about the Money Out feature, emphasizing its utility in managing property expenses and bill splitting.


Propertyware addresses the challenges in managing property information. It aims to eliminate the inefficiencies of traditional, manual methods by offering an online solution for organizing critical property details, photos, and documents. The Properties module enables easy online access to this information, supporting property managers in making informed decisions and avoiding costly errors. The module is versatile, accommodating various real estate investment types and allowing for detailed descriptions and categorization.

Propertyware Pricing

  • Basic: $1.00 per unit per month ($250 monthly minimum)
  • Plus: $1.50 per unit per month ($350 monthly minimum)
  • Premium: $2.00 per unit per month ($450 monthly minimum)
  • Implementation fee generally twice the monthly subscription price
Starting Price
$250 /month
Price Range Learn More
   $     $     $     $     $   
   $     $     $     $     $   
Pricing Details
$250 monthly minimum plus Implementation Fee of 2X the monthly subscription

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Propertyware

Submitted on November 15th, 2017 by Sam Matalone

Tremendous ROI. We took 20 days to rent a house when it was on the market. Now with the leasing center, it’s 10 days.

I can go out there and systemically review all my rent and make sure “Is the lead volume supporting my rent” and vice versa. That translated to a $250,000 increase for us in 5 months this year alone. I’m renting 12% more units this year compared to last with the same staff. I’ve cut down the vacancy days from when it was ready to rented. And we’ve cut down the days from when the tenant rented to when they move in. It’s been mindblowing.

Submitted on September 5th, 2017 by Ben Trombly

We needed something that could be a foundation. We couldn’t afford to have something now and 3 months from now have to change.

We’ve gone from 400 properties to 2,100 properties in the last 2.5 years. A large reason for that is because of Propertyware.

Submitted on September 1st, 2017 by Ty Cayce

Once they became tenants, the process of paying rent or paying monthly charges was very set back. People had to bring in a paper check and there was no other option. It really bogged down our accountant and bookkeeper as they had to go through those one by one and update our system.

Now customers can pay online, from home, 24/7, which speeds up our process. 90% of our tenants pay online and it has transformed our business.