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A customer relationship management software with precision tracking and detailed reporting.

Product Overview

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a CRM software that combines social media insights, mobile accessibility, email integration, and collaborative tools like Chatter for seamless sales management. The platform also offers advanced analytics, file and content management, forecasting tools, and partner management.


  • Aggregates historical data for trend analysis
  • Customizable forecasting models
  • Integrates with a large number of tools


  • Meeting matrix may need further refinement
  • Occasional issues with call reminder functionality
  • Complex setup

Target Market

Medium to large businesses in insurance, healthcare, and hospitality with employee counts from 200 to over 10,000.

About Sales Cloud from Salesforce

Sales Cloud offers a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance sales performance, emphasizing accessibility and integration. Key features include:

  • Social Accounts and Contacts: Integrates insights from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Klout into the sales process.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Allows for management of sales activities on the go, including logging calls, managing opportunities, and checking dashboards.
  • Chatter: A collaboration tool that enables accessing resources, finding experts, and tracking deals through an employee social network.
  • Email Integration: Works with common email applications like Microsoft Outlook or Gmail, maintaining existing workflows.
  • Marketing and Leads: Tools to optimize marketing campaigns across various channels, from initiation to conclusion, demonstrating the impact on the bottom line.
  • Approvals and Workflow: Features Visual Workflow for designing business processes and real-time approval management via Chatter feed, accommodating processes like deal discounts and expenses.
  • Opportunities and Quotes: Provides detailed information about ongoing deals, including stage, products, competition, and real-time updates.
  • Analytics: Offers dashboards and reporting tools for a comprehensive view of the business, with capabilities for deep data analysis.
  • Files and Libraries: Facilitates easy sharing, discussion, and management of files and content, with real-time tracking and alerts for updates.
  • Forecasting: Enhances forecasting accuracy with features like in-line editing, multi-currency support, and real-time team forecast views.
  • Partner Management: Strengthens partnerships through a dedicated portal, enabling collaboration on opportunities and leads, integrated with Salesforce-to-Salesforce connection.

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Product Overview

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User Reviews of Sales Cloud from Salesforce

Submitted on June 18th, 2019 by Antti Koskelin

It was a bold move to go with a cloud-based platform, but it’s one we’ve never regretted. From the outset, we had really good user adoption rates. Salesforce is now deeply ingrained in our culture. With Salesforce, we can stay close to our customers as we continue to grow our business.