SKYLINE Property Management Software

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An accounting software system designed by SS&C Technologies for professional services and real estate & property management companies.

Product Overview

SKYLINE Property Management software is an accounting solution for small to midsize real-estate firms. It delivers integrated tools for property management, accounting, and tenant and lease management. Additionally, it handles financial reporting, maintenance scheduling, and work order management. SKYLINE features a real-time reporting dashboard, offering comprehensive performance assessments of all properties from a single screen.


  • Customizable reports are easy to run and interpret
  • Offers specialized solutions for commercial and residential properties
  • Responsive technical support


  • High learning curve
  • Some limitations in fields for data entry
  • Could use more comprehensive documentation

Target Market

Small to midsize real estate firms looking for a property management solution that integrates accounting, leasing, and facilities management. Beneficial for those requiring strong reporting capabilities and customer support.

SKYLINE Property Management software manages commercial, retail, residential, and industrial properties. It captures extensive data, functioning as both a dynamic lease management and accounting system. The software is designed to enhance property performance, increase returns for investors, and exceed tenant expectations.

SKYLINE Property Management Key Features

  • Real-Time Information Tool: Offers a web-based dashboard for analyzing performance, revenue, and operations.
  • Credit Report Processing: Provides instant online credit reports, streamlining tenant vetting.
  • Unit and Occupant Management: Tracks detailed information about units and occupants, including historical data.
  • Property Organization: Facilitates categorization of properties by type and status.
  • Reporting: Includes extensive operational and financial reports like vacancy reports and lease expirations.
  • Cost and Inventory Control: Manages maintenance and repair costs, optimizing inventory levels.
  • Proven Solution: Recognized for handling complex lease structures and providing detailed reporting.
  • Integrated Functionality: Combines lease administration, tenant and property database with a general ledger and financial reporting system.


  • Comprehensive Functionality: All-in-one financial accounting system including lease analysis and cash management.
  • Advanced General Ledger: Manages multiple properties and budgets, providing extensive audit trails.
  • Accounts Payable: Automates payment processes and maintains control over financial transactions.
  • Job Ledger: Tracks expenses and controls expenses through detailed budget comparisons.

Facilities Management

  • Cost Management: Controls maintenance and repair costs with powerful reporting features.
  • Inventory Optimization: Manages purchase costs and inventory levels.
  • Data Integration: Transfers data seamlessly to various accounting modules.
  • Electronic Work Order Management: Handles service calls efficiently with automated processes.

Property Management

  • Comprehensive Tracking: Maintains complete records of properties, including building information, insurance, and ownership details.
  • Unit-Specific Information: Tracks details like location, features, and charge schedules.
  • Occupant Information Storage: Manages lease information, charges, and historical sales volumes.


SKYLINE’s advanced financial reporting and custom report writing features provide detailed operational and financial information that can be packaged for specific requirements to improve property management and bottom-line results.

Critical task reports include:

  • Vacancy Reports
  • Multiple Rent Rolls
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Lease Expirations
  • Insurance Expirations
  • Cash and Adjustments
  • Sales Productivity Reports
  • Detailed Reporting on all Levels
  • Property Summary and Detail
  • Unit Detail
  • Occupant Ledger
  • Credit Balance reports
  • Activity Reconciliation
  • Delinquency/Aging Reporting

Electronic Report Archiving: This feature allows for the organization and storage of reports in various formats like Excel, Word, PDF, and XML. It enables quick access to historical data, facilitating the analysis of business performance, revenue, and operations from a single platform.

Custom Report Creation: Integrating with Crystal Reports Writer, this tool enables the crafting of tailored reports, including pie charts and histograms. It utilizes specific data fields from SKYLINE, transforming raw data into meaningful, strategic insights.

In-Depth Financial Reporting: This aspect involves generating comprehensive financial reports, including detailed analyses of budgets, transactions, vouchers, CAM property reconciliations, vendor profiles, and multi-period comparisons.

Extensive Operational Reporting: This functionality includes a range of detailed operational reports, such as notices, occupant ledgers, condo sales statuses, and chronological occupant ledger details, providing a clear view of the operational status at any given time.

Starting Price
$1,000 (perpetual license)
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of SKYLINE Property Management Software

Submitted on January 31st, 2023 by Anonymous

This software is not intuitive, lacks reporting data, no delinq. comments, comments all lumped into one, accounting is not accrual like it should be, takes 20 steps to do a single thing; especially under an occupant. I should be able to pull reporting, ledger, notices, everything from occupant information, but nope, gotta click out of 1 window and go through 5-6 more to get to area that should be a click away. How about this, merge Realpage and Appfolio/Yardi systems and you might have something that works; this is garbage.

The Good…

In relation to other software mgmnt systems, by far this is the worse of them all. From accounting end to property management end, this is subpar at best. It lacks many necessary features, everything is an upgrade, support is non-existent, and IP communications for send out mass emails is a nightmare. I will work with Realpage, Yardi or Appfolio any day of the week over this crap.

The Bad…


Submitted on June 19th, 2019 by Anonymous


The Good…


The Bad…


Submitted on April 12th, 2018 by Anonymous

The connectivity of this system as well as the accrual accounting process is horrible.