An employee management software offering in-depth reporting and user activity monitoring.

Product Overview

Teramind is an employee management software. Features include user activity monitoring, data loss prevention, and insider threat detection capabilities. The software offers detailed user behavior tracking, customizable alert settings, and comprehensive reporting. Teramind’s flexibility in deployment, including cloud-based and on-premise options, ensures that it can cater to the diverse needs of SMBs.


  • Comprehensive monitoring with customizable alerts and security features
  • Detailed reports including email, keystrokes, printing activities, website history


  • Limited functionalities for Mac systems
  • Users report some issues with email tracking and network monitoring

Target Market

Small to medium-sized businesses in government administration, IT services, and real estate.

About Teramind

Teramind is a computer monitoring and employee management software with data loss prevention and user behavior analytics. This platform is ideal for startups and small businesses. Teramind delivers real-time activity tracking, video capture and playback, and productivity optimization tools.

Teramind Key Features

User activity monitoring

  • Web pages & applications
  • Email and instant messaging
  • Console commands
  • File transfers and clipboard
  • Social media activity
  • Keystrokes and searches
  • Printing
  • OCR
  • Remote control
  • Activity blocking

Data Loss Prevention

  • Protect all data types and IP
  • Define content-based rules
  • Define file operation-based rules
  • Prevent malicious or negligent data exfiltration
  • Use pre-defined data categories
  • Leverage document and data fingerprinting to protect sensitive data
  • Ensure regulatory compliance involving PII, PHI/HIPAA, GDPR, and more

User Behavior Analytics

  • Insider threat detection
  • Abusive behavior
  • Malicious behavior
  • Dynamic risk scoring
  • Anomaly detection
  • Workforce productivity analysis
  • Active vs idle time analysis
  • Template-based scheduling
  • Interactive productivity reporting

Policy and Rules Management

  • Policy manager
  • Visual rule editor
  • Regular expression support
  • Out-of-the-box rule templates

Audit & Forensics

  • Video recording of all user activity
  • Audio recording (optional)
  • OCR of screen content (optional)
  • Option to record only during violation
  • Full-text search

Teramind Pricing

  • Teramind pricing plans are Teramind Starter, Teramind UAM, and Teramind DLP.
  • Teramind Starter is $56.25 per month for 5 users.
  • The exact rate will vary depending on user count and plan.

Video Overview

Starting Price
$56.25 /user/month
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Pricing Details
5 user minimum

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Teramind

Submitted on May 6th, 2020 by Anonymous

We needed a solution to help us maintain PCI compliance and have a forensic record of any potential non-compliance that we could implement with minimal disruption to user productivity. Teramind came through with its broad functionality, out of the box rules and quick deployment.