A customer relationship management platform tailored for property development, construction, and professional services.

Product Overview

Zavanti CRM is a customer relationship management software with deep Microsoft integrations, providing a familiar user experience within environments like Outlook. The system is adept at project management, offering features like “what if” analysis, ROI advising, and extensive project coordination tools.


  • Deep integrations with Microsoft technologies
  • Supports "what if" analysis


  • Pricing requires consultation

Target Market

Companies in the real estate, construction, and professional services industries.

About Zavanti CRM

No matter what type of business you are in, the ability to efficiently manage all the relationships and processes involved in making your business a success is critical. Zavanti CRM centralizes your organisation’s data and helps you retain your intellectual property and increase the value of your goodwill.

Zavanti CRM will become a critical business intelligence tool in your organisation, delivering an integrated set of easy to use applications based on proven Microsoft technology. The solution enables efficient data input, allowing you to capture all client, supplier and employee communications and manage your projects efficiently.

Zavanti CRM is designed to deliver a role-based, secure working environment with a simple, familiar and consistent user experience. Interacting with content, processes and business data is seamless through the tight integration between the environment and underlying business applications.

Zavanti CRM empowers users, making them more effective by streamlining business processes and delivering only relevant applications that are customised to their work function and workflow driven, ensuring that data input is accurate.

Zavanti CRM combines the best of Microsoft collaborative technology with management best practices to enable your systems to be more efficient and your people to be more effective.


Zavanti Feasibility is an intuitive tool for property project analysis. Designed for ease of use you can be up and running in minutes.


  • “What if” analysis tool
  • Simplified navigation and data entry
  • Return on Investment advisor
  • Flexible real time project coordinator
  • Authority and process tracking
  • No limit to data entry or complexity
  • Display results instantly in spreadsheet format or graphically through Gantt Charts
  • Facilitates data sharing between users and projects
  • Production of investment reports for potential funding providers.
  • Project Budget establishment for development financial management.

Project Management and Collaboration

Zavanti Project Management and Collaboration solution is fully scalable solution built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and SharePoint 2013 platform for businesses within the Construction, Engineering and Project based industries. Zavanti have created a unique toolset to support your business needs.

The solution delivers a 360 degree real-time view of projects, tasks and resources combined with extensive reporting and back end financial information. Developed with Zavanti’s extensive industry experience the solution delivers robust document and contract management features. The software was developed with users in mind so that it is quick to learn and easy to use with consistent Microsoft office look and feel, making it the project management software tool that staff will want to use.

The solution gives your business the ability to accurately analyse project data in order to forecast project milestones, cash flow estimates and budget reports.

Managing all the documents related to a project can be difficult if you have multiple resources working on the same spread sheets or documents. With SharePoint 2013 integration you can track and store all of the documents relating to your project in the one place eunsuring consistency of information across your organisation


  • Effectively manage job scheduling, resource allocation and task management to deliver successful projects on time and on budget.
  • Understand actual costs on a real time basis.
  • Risk and Issue management
  • Efficiently schedule and allocate budget and resources throughout the project lifecycle.
  • View critical dates, completion percentages and subcontractor activities for all projects in one screen.
  • Intuitive Gantt chart for tracking and scheduling
  • Extensive reporting and dashboard functionality


Zavanti CRM for Property Development has been specifically designed to support all the processes required to manage the Development, Marketing, Sales and Leasing and ongoing Property Management requirements for all participants in the Property industry.

Zavanti understand that Property Development is not just about being able to efficiently plan, design and develop saleable properties. A critical component in all Feasibility models is the expected revenue to be earned through marketing and sales of the final product. This may occur even before a “sod has been turned”.

Zavanti CRM for Property Development provides all the tools and capabilities that Property Developers require for the development of Marketing Campaigns and will automatically capture registration of interest from prospective purchasers and actively manage the sales process through to completion, contract signing and any post sales warranty period.

Zavanti CRM for Property Development also caters for external sales agents and provides an Agent portal, to allow all property activity to be visible in real time, for effective sales management. This results in a significant reduction in administration overhead for Developers and Agents alike.

Once deployed, Zavanti CRM supports all your daily business activities. To enable this Zavanti CRM can be presented to users as part of their Microsoft Outlook environment, simplifying business processes for all users who are engaged with internal and external communications with Prospects, Customers and, Suppliers.

Standard Features of Zavanti CRM Include:

  • Stock Management - Maintain all details of your property assets utilising the Zavanti hierarchy from Estates, Stages, Lots and Improvements. Capable of expanding through sub-division and for Commercial and Retail owners and managers, you can consolidate and sub-divide as necessary.

  • Marketing - Allows users to create instant marketing campaign such as e-mail, a letter or a phone call, or the creation of a marketing campaign that will run over several weeks or months. Zavanti CRM allows you to plan your effort for such activities as campaigns. Tracking the cost of these activities enables you to report on cost per enquiry against each campaign and evaluate your campaign effectiveness.

  • Sales and Leads - Manage all enquiries and ensure successful follow through to sales

  • Maintain Distribution Lists - to automatically route service requests and cases to the appropriate representative or to queues for resolutions, escalation, or reassignment.

  • Documents - Maintain a searchable library of sales & marketing literature that can be used online or offline.

  • Direct Email Communications - create and send e-mail to targeted prospects and customer groups. Create and send print communications using Microsoft Word Mail Merge.

  • Email Tracking - maintain an accurate record of customer-related communications, with automated tracking of customer e-mails that associates those mails with the customer’s records.

Social & Affordable Housing

Zavanti understands that organisations providing Social and Affordable Housing have specific processes, requirements and regulatory needs. We also understand that ideally you need the capability to manage properties, assets, facilities, tenants, prospective tenants and landlords within a single solution.

Unlike commercial property developers and managers, Social and Affordable housing providers have responsibility for ensuring the equitable supply and availability of housing options, based upon specific customer demographics and income. This information is one of the key drivers in your calculations for rent and purchase modelling.


  • Facilities forecasting
  • Waitlist Management
  • Rent calculations and reviews based on Centrelink reported income
  • Reporting on occupancy rates
  • Condition Assessments
  • Tenant and property histories
  • Asset lifecycle management
  • Maintenance management
  • Integration with social services systems
  • Works Management
  • Tenant Portal
  • Contractor Portal
  • Document management

The Zavanti Property solution has been designed specifically to cater for the development, supply and management of all types of properties. The solution enables your specific property valuation calculations to be supported and the configuration of specific functionality and business process, to meet your needs.

Zavanti CRM for Affordable and Social Housing is built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 platform leveraging the new process driven UI, Multiple different Process can be defined and executed against and across multiple entities (e.g. Property, Units, Maintenance etc.) making the solution intuitive and easy to use. With powerful search and waitlist capabilities the solution can match an available property against specific tenant demographics and either enter into a lease or waitlist.

Integration with Zavanti ERP enhances the solution to include monthly batch runs of rental payments, categorized ad-hoc payments like repairs and maintenance, bond payments. A pre batch run of invoice reports, audit exception reports invoice reports are also available.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Zavanti CRM

Submitted on December 21st, 2022 by Dan McLean

We liked the Zavanti program for Real Estate Developers as it was more customized to our needs than some other programs we looked at. We ended up not pursuing as they were unclear about handling ACH payments.

The Good…

Tailored to our Real Estate Developer needs.

The Bad…

At the time it was not able to handle ACH payments.