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About Mavenlink

Mavenlink delivers cloud-based software and services that transform how businesses do work with distributed teams, contractors, and clients.

Mavenlink enables organizations of any size to successfully manage and scale their people, projects, and profits. Consulting firms, creative agencies, and professional services teams across the globe are running their businesses more efficiently and more elegantly with Mavenlink.

  • Project management
  • Project accounting
  • Resource management
  • Business intelligence
  • Team collaboration

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Business Intelligence

Mavenlink puts comprehensive, real-time project analytics within reach so you can get the information you need to get the results you want. Gain control over margins, improve resource utilization, and better forecast revenue and costs with enterprise-grade business intelligence and a powerful custom reporting engine.

Assess the Status of Tasks, Resources, and Client Engagement in Real-Time

Real-time project analytics reveal the health of your projects so you can make swift, informed decisions every day, rather than weeks after month close. From resource utilization to profit margins, Mavenlink’s answers are always up-to-date – because they live in the same solution your team uses to manage their tasks and schedules.

Business Intelligence That Takes You From Data to Decisions

Get the visibility you need to make swift, informed decisions. Mavenlink Insights brings enterprise-grade business intelligence to every project delivery team.

Interactive Expert-Built Reports

Discover the trends that impact business outcomes – and forecast future performance – with reports built by Professional Services experts.

Custom Reporting Engine

Tailor Insights to answer your most unique and complex business issues with an interactive ad hoc reporting engine. Clone and modify existing reports, or build your own from scratch.

Answer the Questions High-Performing Businesses Ask

Designed by a team of professional services executives, Insights delivers topline performance indicators at a glance and lets you drill down to identify root causes. Twenty-six interactive reports and visualizations reveal performance metrics across your entire project delivery business.

Automatically Answer the Unique Questions That Matter to Your Business

Eliminate costly manual exports with fully customizable dashboards that meet your team’s needs. Build reports and graphs with drag-and-drop simplicity, leveraging all your Mavenlink data from the entire project delivery lifecycle.

  • Filter. Focus your attention by portfolio, project, client, resource, and status.
  • Drill Down. Select graph elements to learn more and drill down to the root causes.
  • Customize. Clone and modify any report, then add your own columns, fields, and styling.
  • DIY. Build reports from scratch using 300+ metrics, including calculations and custom fields.

Project Accounting

With Mavenlink, your team’s time, expenses, and invoices are linked to the tasks and projects they impact in real-time. With financial management features that improve the bottom line, plus project-specific permissions that enable tight security of your financial information, Mavenlink provides the control you need to ensure your business is profitable and successful.

Take Control of Time and Expenses

From tracking time to approving it, Mavenlink makes it easy and intuitive to input those financial details – allowing you to keep your focus on delivering great work.

Manage Budgets in Real Time

Assign budgets for projects or specific tasks, and monitor budget progress at all levels by project, task, or team member. View budget burn rates at any phase in a project. Real-time insights that give you tighter financial control? Now that’s masterful. Learn more about profit margins.

Set Rates, See Margins

Assign specific bill rates to team members using Rate Cards, which allow you to easily project revenue and margins, as well as standardize certain billing practices. Spending less time guessing bill rates and entering them into a system gives you more time to focus on the project, timeline, and client relationship at hand. Learn more about rate cards.

  • Rate Cards. Allows you to set standard rates for your services by role.
  • Bill Rates. Set the rates at which you charge your client.
  • Cost Rates. Define the cost for each team member, employee or contractor.

Project Management

Time is one of your most critical business assets. If a project is not scheduled and monitored it will get the best of you. Create success now – it’s time to experience project scheduling software that takes your project from start to finish with finesse.

Replicate Success

Templates provide a way for businesses to define a common structure for the projects and work they deliver. This allows project admins to reproduce projects and jobs by simply selecting a template – instead of creating a new work breakdown structure for high frequency projects.

Visualize Your Project Timeline With Gantt Charts

Bring your project to life with Gantt Charts. These dynamic charts illustrate your project’s progress in real time, and bring clarity to due dates, dependencies, and the critical path. They say that seeing is believing. With a visual project plan, seeing is more than just believing – it’s strategic.

Adjust as You Go

Projects are dynamic by nature; feedback can get delayed, a team member may be out sick, or project scope is modified for unforeseen reasons. Because of unplanned occurrences like these, you need the ability to adjust your timeline on the fly, as well as the tools necessary to record those changes for posterity.

  • Cascading Changes. Drag-and-drop functionality allows you to reset a project or task deadline. Any changes made carry through all dependency relationships.
  • Record the Baseline. Save your project’s original timeline (the Gantt baseline snapshot) with a single click.
  • Take Snapshots. Take snapshots as your project timeline changes. Compare today’s timeline against a past snapshot to illuminate the reasons for timeline impacts

Resource Management

Gain immediate visibility into team utilization and productivity, and effectively and efficiently assign resources to particular projects. Know the impact of every project and resource on your bottom line, and make more informed hiring decisions when it comes to staffing for new projects with resource management software.

Gain Smart Intel for Project Prep

Avoid the last minute scramble to hire for certain roles or resorting to over-utilized resources. Use Mavenlink to predict resource availability before it becomes an issue. Learn more about master planning.

  • Master Planning. Set a baseline resourcing strategy, view cross-project utilization, and see projected revenue based on your rate cards.
  • Utilization Reports. See how your team is allocated across projects, tasks, and hours tracked.
  • Claim Resources. Claim resources for projects so other project leads know certain resources are already scheduled.

Decide the Details

Set expectations before projects get underway by designating who is on the project, which resources are performing which roles, and how scheduling will work best.

  • Define Rates. Assign specific costs and bill rates to employees or contractors.
  • Define Schedules. Replicate past project success by using templates to easily define project schedule.
  • Define Roles. Project admins can define who is performing what duty on a project-by-project basis.

Team Collaboration

Collaboration is critical to making projects work, but multiple communication methods for sharing information and feedback can fragment project knowledge. Reinvent how your team collaborates by pulling that communication out of siloed platforms and putting it into one cohesive place where your entire team has access from the first moment. Choose project management software that gets it.

Set the Framework for Success

Setting up your project is where it all begins. Define who will be working on your team, who has access to what information, and define project specifics down to the finest details.

  • Right Person, Right Job. Use robust resourcing tools to identify what team members can take on your projects.
  • Tested for Success. For recurring tasks and deliverables, using project templates make it easy to replicate past project success effortlessly.
  • Create Custom Fields. Use custom fields to add additional information to your projects, such as a project number, client address, and other project details.

Exchange Information and Take Action

Mavenlink centralizes and prioritizes all project communication and actions in one convenient location, so you can spend less time organizing or hunting for certain files or conversations, and more time growing your business.

Bring Clarity to Your Projects With Organized Tasks

Tasks are the foundation of collaborative project management software. With drag-and-drop prioritization, robust assignment capabilities, and a highly visual workspace, tasks are organized and easily managed.

Get Everyone on the Same Page

Store, organize, and share all files related to your projects in one place. With all of your team’s files linked to project conversations and tasks, you’ll never lose track of an important document again.

  • Attach or Upload. Attach Google Drive files or upload other file types (.doc, .xls, .jpg, and more). For Google files, choose the amount of access you want to give to recipients (view, comment, or edit).
  • Sort and Search. Quickly sort and search by project, uploader, message, and more.
  • Keep Files. Find the latest iteration of any file that has been shared with the team.

Provide Trust With Project Permissions

Trust is key to collaboration. That’s why you need a project management app that has the right permissions in place to protect important project information like financial data and team communication. When your collaborators trust that their information is safe, secure, and visible only to those who need it, project collaboration is most successful.

  • Assign Permissions. Assign permissions and specific access to individual participants.
  • Control Conversations. Control who sees your messages by choosing Private or Public posting.
  • Secure Information. All Mavenlink communication is encrypted with SSL to protect private and sensitive information.

Collaborate Anytime, Anywhere

No matter where you are, there’s no need for projects to be slowed down. Access your activity feed and make updates wherever you are on the web with the Chrome Extension, or out and about by accessing Mavenlink on your mobile device.

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User Reviews of Mavenlink

Submitted on September 26th, 2018 by Anonymous

We needed more sophisticated tools to measure and monitor our business in real-time. Integrating resource and project management in one solution was hugely important for our business. With Mavenlink, Navigant is able to efficiently deploy global resources, collaborate more effectively, and grow with confidence.

Submitted on October 11th, 2016 by Liz Tunquist

Mavenlink has really helped us define ourselves as a company, from start to finish. We couldn’t be the company we are today without Mavenlink. We are more nimble, flexible, and able to adjust to growth.

Submitted on July 17th, 2016 by Tim Pullen

The reports are incredibly accurate and insightful. You’ve got access to all the key metrics right there, unlike Clarizen, which is all over the shop.