Primavera SureTrak

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A software system designed by Oracle.

About Primavera SureTrak

Oracle’s Primavera SureTrak is the perfect combination of ease-of-use, power, and affordability and is ideal for resource planning and control on small- to medium-sized projects. Anyone can learn how to use Primavera SureTrak. It is especially beneficial for those who only have a few hours each week to update and manage their projects.

User Reviews of Primavera SureTrak

Submitted on March 8th, 2019 by Terry Herlihy from Herlihy Costructors, Inc.

I first learned and used p3 and Herlihy Mid-continent Company installed the big graphic printers. Our project managers all maintained some kind of a schedule on each project but we never attempted to combine them to figure out equipment or creww availability although we did do that manually to some extent. I later worked at Burns and made them purchase p6. One project manager, Paul Sales used it to complete a complicated Metra project in Barrington, IL. Upper management resists using it because their “seat of the pants” decisions are usually wrong if compared to a cooperatively developed schedule.

The Good…

Less bells and whistles that I never used compared to p6.

The Bad…

Nothing of importance that I can remember.