A software system designed by Oracle.

About Primavera SureTrak

Oracle’s Primavera SureTrak is the perfect combination of ease-of-use, power, and affordability and is ideal for resource planning and control on small- to medium-sized projects. Anyone can learn how to use Primavera SureTrak. It is beneficial for those who only have a few hours each week to update and manage their projects.

Primavera SureTrack is no longer sold. Oracle suggests Primavera P6 or Primavera Contractor as suitable replacement options.

Video Overview

Primavera SureTrak lets you manage projects of any size and help prioritize, plan, manage, and execute projects, programs, and portfolios.

User Reviews of Primavera SureTrak

Submitted on March 8th, 2019 by Terry Herlihy from Herlihy Costructors, Inc.

I first learned and used p3 and Herlihy Mid-continent Company installed the big graphic printers. Our project managers all maintained some kind of a schedule on each project but we never attempted to combine them to figure out equipment or creww availability although we did do that manually to some extent. I later worked at Burns and made them purchase p6. One project manager, Paul Sales used it to complete a complicated Metra project in Barrington, IL. Upper management resists using it because their “seat of the pants” decisions are usually wrong if compared to a cooperatively developed schedule.

The Good…

Less bells and whistles that I never used compared to p6.

The Bad…

Nothing of importance that I can remember.