A powerful advanced property management software.

About Rent Manager

Rent Manager is advanced software designed to be completely self-contained with a powerful property management database, integrated accounting, contact management, work orders, marketing solutions, and much more. You no longer need to become an expert in multiple programs and maintain multiple databases to run your business.

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Target Market

  • Commercial Properties
  • Condos
  • Home Owners Associations
  • Management Companies
  • Manufactured Housing
  • Multifamily Housing
  • Single Family Housing
  • Self-Storage
  • Student Housing
  • Vacation Homes

Available as a stand-alone or cloud-based product, Rent Manager is proven software for companies that manage all types of properties. Exceptionally customizable and ideal for portfolios of every size, Rent Manager is the key to an effective and efficient business. One of the greatest challenges faced when choosing software is the lack of flexibility that comes with buying it off the shelf, rather than developing it yourself. Rent Manager delivers advanced accounting and management features while leaving plenty of room for user adjustments through custom data fields, custom reports, custom documents-custom everything.

No company is the same, so no company should have to track and organize their information in the same way. Rent Manager® recognizes that customers are unique, and so is your business. Rent Manager provides several ways to mold your software to your specific needs and individual user’s requirements. Customize anything–including how reports and documents are generated, how your interface looks, and even what information is displayed in your software–on a user-by-user basis.

Your software should adapt to fit your needs, not the other way around.

Rent Manager has set out to offer everything a user needs in one platform, including the vital functionality of a comprehensive accounting system. You can manage accounts payables, accounts receivables, electronic bank reconciliations, financial reports, online payment processing, and more in a single location to ensure you don’t miss a penny.


Website Integration:

  • Our custom-built websites are fully integrated with Rent Manager®. Easily post, update, and remove vacancies; seamlessly accept online payments, applications, and work orders; give your owners access to financial information and contributions; and much more.
  • Our design team will bring form and function to your website, whether that means updating your existing site or building one from scratch. Not only will you end up with a professional, user-friendly website, but you can also access it anywhere with the mobile-friendly responsive designs.

Mobile Applications

  • Property management is dynamic work that requires your team to be out and about at a moment’s notice. Showings, move-ins/move-outs, rent collection, service and maintenance issues& you have to be prepared to keep your business running. Rent Manager Online (RMO) has increased mobile capabilities including on-the-go inspections, work orders, and payment processing applications that link directly to the software.

Online Portal Tools:

  • Available for Rent Manager Online (RMO), the Web Portal Suite makes it easy and convenient for people to conduct business with your company anywhere, at any time. Electronic leasing, online rent payments, owner communications, service requests–the Web Portal Suite provides your customers with secure digital resources and gives your company 24-hour online accessibility and visibility.
  • Streamline the process for signing leasing documents by creating lease agreements that can be sent electronically to the selected recipients. Once you have created letter templates that include electronic signature blocks, you can submit those documents electronically to selected recipients. These recipients receive an email that grants them access to these letters to read, sign, and return–all electronically.

Electronic Payment Processing

  • ePay combines PayLease’s advanced online payment gateway, real-time credit card and check processing, and merchant account services into a single integrated solution to make payment collection convenient. Give your tenants and owners the convenience and flexibility associated with online payments and reduce the amount of data entry your staff has to tackle each month by incorporating this comprehensive, secure service into your Rent Manager® process. In the office or on-the-go, taking payments or making payments, Rent Manager’s ePay functionality will transform the way you handle financial transactions.

VoIP Phone Integration:

  • Rent Manager’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone technology produces a communications framework to manage day-to-day operations, communicate with remote employees, interact with current and prospective renters, and more. rmVoIP automatically identifies and opens tenant/vendor/owner information in the software when a call is received. This gives you quick access to history/notes, service manager, transactions, etc.–anything you may need to assist in the conversation.

Report Automation:

  • Rent Manager® provides more than 250 built-in reports designed to help you answer questions about your business. These reports examine everything from the financial status of your portfolio to vacancies, services issues, rent roll, leasing, and much more.

Resident Screening:

  • Rent Manager’s integration with AmRent–one of the nation’s most trusted screening providers–enables you to conduct resident screenings from within the software and make educated leasing decisions in a matter of minutes. This advanced screening feature gives you the ability to check a prospect’s criminal, eviction, and credit history prior to entering into a rental agreement. Identify qualified applicants and quickly convert them to residents, while simultaneously managing risk and reducing removals.


  • Rent Manager is leading the way in software flexibility by adding an Application Programming Interface (API) to this already-adaptable program. The API gives users the freedom to integrate with whichever vendor they choose. With the core functionality already built in, Rent Manager is more versatile than ever, with the ability to share and embed data however users wish.

Document Packaging:

  • Document Packets allow you to add multiple letter templates to a single packet. The packet can then be sent to a single recipient – with the recipient receiving all of the letters in the packet.

Accounts Payable

Track and manage your payables all within Rent Manager. Access everything including bills, vendor info, invoices, budgets, checks, and more right at your fingertips.

Accounts Receivable

The monthly A/R processing cycle is important: charging, receiving, depositing payments, and keeping track of the whole process. Every aspect of your Accounts Receivable procedures–either cash or accrual basis–can be handled and tracked in Rent Manager.

Electronic Bank Reconciliations

Rent Manager will automatically pre-reconcile your bank statements against your bank register with the Electronic Bank Reconciliations feature. This will eliminate hours of time and work in reconciling your bank accounts.


Go paperless with Rent Manager’s ePay Processing. Electronically handle tenant payments, owner contributions and distributions, and vendor bills in real time.

Financial Reporting

The Rent Manager XP General Ledger module is a completely integrated accounting system that works on both a cash or accrual based system. All transactions entered automatically update the General Ledger Journals, Worksheets, Statements, and accounts. Rent manager allows you to create your own chart of accounts or use the sample chart provided.

General Ledger Features

  • Entries automatically update General Ledger Journals, Worksheets, Statements, and General Ledger.
  • Up-to-the minute financial information at any time. No more waiting until the end of the month for a financial statement
  • All transactions in other modules are automatically posted to General Ledger.
  • Changes to transactions automatically produce reversing entries for perfect audit trails
  • No need to run separate sorting or posting routines
  • Expenses may be distributed to Properties, Rental Units, and account codes.
  • Flexible chart of accounts for easy tailoring to your unique business needs
  • Chart of accounts is presented and manipulated in a visual tree-like structure
  • Option to create your own chart of accounts or use the sample chart provided.
  • Separate journals for each control account (such as cash accounts)
  • Separate income accounts so that sources of revenue can be quickly identified and analyzed

Work Order Management

  • Built-in Word Processor: Rent Manager includes a word processor that automatically fills in any information you desire–tenant name, address, balance, etc.–in the documents you use to run your business. You no longer need to manually input data page by page. Create any number of letters or notices in just seconds with the built-in word processor.
  • Project Workflow: Workflow management is an essential part of running a streamlined business. Allow Rent Manager to translate your business practices into trackable projects and recurring service issues in the program. Whether you need to follow move-out procedures or train a new hire, Rent Manager can streamline the way you complete day-to-day tasks and projects.
  • Leasing Web Access: Bring your leasing process to the web. With this portal, prospective renters can complete their lease and other documents online.
  • Mobile Capabilities: Take Rent Manager with you wherever you go! Access anything from inspection reports, tenant information, meter readings, and much more with the mobile apps and the Rent Manager Online (RMO) mobile portal, mobileRM.
  • Service Manager: Create, track, manage, and resolve service issues all within your Rent Manager program. Turn service management into a revenue generator for your business.

Product Overview

Industry Focus

Rent Manager is designed primarily for use in the real estate industry.

User Reviews of Rent Manager

Submitted on August 13th, 2015 by Chris

Horrible. This might have been cutting edge in 1995, but it is outdated and archaic. Find something else, spend the real dollars, you will save money in the long run.

The Good…

There are no “pleasant surprises” as recommended by this website. This software is hideous. I came from YARDI, then AMSI. That alone was a harsh enough transition. This software makes AMSI look good. This software moves people in and out automatically; you still have to “batch operations” post rent, works orders are a 12 click process, searching for a new move in by unit is impossible unless you have hit “from unit” in the address section… but since the software moves them in automatically, you can’t find them… it has zero marketing reporting - meaning you can’t track call to appointment conversion, appointment to lease conversion, etc. The financial reporting appears as if a 4th grader completed the accounting - which is quite embarrassing.

The Bad…


Submitted on December 17th, 2012 by Paul Madd from SCM Real Estate

We deal specifically with commercial real estate. We love Rent Manager. Our property managers swear by it, our accounting department swears by it. I’m in the marketing department and I swear by it.

It’s a great marketing tool with their marketing web suite, and the ability to go through vacancies and see what properties we have to push is great. I love it.

Their support is very responsive. They get in touch via email and phone quickly and fix our problems. I recommend switching to Rent Manager. It’s user-friendly and the UI is great.

Submitted on December 14th, 2012 by Mike Hendrickson from Matchbox Realty and Management Services

I kept hearing about how great Rent Manager was and I wasn’t sure if they were exaggerating or not. I showed up to their conference and found out they were not. It has been amazing to talk to people and learn about the system and what it can do. We can hear from people who are already doing things we’ve been thinking of doing. They are interested in what their customers are doing.

We think it’s a total office system. We’ve slowly tried to do more and more with it. We feel we’re heavy users but then we show up to the conference and see people doing even more and more.

It’s a total system. You are not buying something that will only handle a piece of what you do. They are making improvements and hearing what they are working on means we’ll be able to do even more such as added mobile tools.