Comprehensive software for property management businesses.

About OneSite

Manage the Complete Renter Lifecycle With One Solution

OneSite Leasing & Rents is a comprehensive, web-based solution that manages the complete renter lifecycle. In addition to providing you with powerful financial tools, it automates property leasing, management, compliance and accounting activities across your portfolio for greater accuracy and higher efficiencies.

  • Handles prospect tracking, price quotations, lease documents, move-ins and move-outs, and all financial transactions posted to the resident ledger.
  • Delivers real-time pricing and availability to outside marketing sources.
  • Provides access to real-time data for proactive management.
  • Supplies one place to monitor and track critical daily tasks with a customizable dashboard.
  • Offers flexible options with custom rights and roles, transaction account codes, additional fields and more.

Unique Features to Manage Prospects and Residents

OneSite Leasing & Rents manages more than leasing and renting activities. It also serves as a customer relationship management system that helps to develop relationships with prospects and nurture relationships with residents. The property management business is built entirely around the managing customers profitably–from the time they appear as prospects, to their eventual move-out.

Optimize Property Operations With a Total End-to-End Solution

OneSite is fully integrated with all industry-leading RealPage solutions giving you the flexibility to create one system on a single platform for a seamless flow of data. The sharing of information between every component of your software system delivers nearly limitless opportunities for increasing efficiency and revenue, in addition to giving you a true enterprise view of your portfolio. And just one Log-in allows you to easily access all your RealPage Solutions.

OneSite integration gives you improved performance in these critical areas:

  • Marketing and Lead Management
  • Pricing / Revenue Management
  • Resident Screening
  • Resident Portals
  • Utility Management
  • Document Management
  • Spend Management
  • Renter’s Insurance

A Lower Total Cost of Ownership

An integrated solution on the RealPage platform reduces technology hassles and drives maximum value from your property management solution.

  • Easy-to-use user interface promotes user adoption, reduces training and drives higher productivity
  • Fully integrated online help system throughout the application
  • Extremely easy to implement for quicker efficiencies and savings
  • Improved reporting for more profitable decision making
  • True on-demand SaaS solution that is scalable Third Party Integration

OneSite is designed to easily integrate with any third-party preferred vendor. We provide over 40 extracts and web services. Data extracted from OneSite is processed and transformed into the format needed by third-party applications. Data flows seamlessly from one application to the other, resulting in increased productivity by eliminating duplicate entry.

Service and Support

Our services are provided by an in-house team of product experts and never outsourced. They will help you with your implementation and provide you with ongoing support to ensure that your systems are up and running optimally.

Central Reporting

Reporting That Provides the Information You Need, When You Need It

Integrated with every component of the OneSite system, Central Reporting allows for a more robust and complete data pull giving you the ability to produce a variety of standard and custom reports to satisfy all your owners and investors reporting needs–from the portfolio level to individual units.

Central Reporting mines your data for you, showing you information instantly and making it easy for you to slice and dice information the way you want. Its extraordinary reporting capabilities will enable you to uncover inconsistencies in performance, making it the cornerstone of your asset and portfolio analysis and reporting systems.

Integrate Data Into One Automated Report

Central Reporting offers a powerful data platform that consolidates data from your property management operations with your marketing, accounting, and financial systems, allowing for more agile and informed decisions.

Instant access to information from a variety of RealPage solutions, including data from screening, revenue management, leasing and rents, marketing, purchasing, facilities, and utility management, allows you to create summary and operational reports. You can generate a single report to examine rents, make-readies and financial information without having to manually compile multiple reports into one.

Custom Data Analysis

Once you’ve gathered all your necessary data and complied in into a report you have to be able to perform an accurate business analysis. Our easy-to-use Reporting Wizard and Query Wizard will help you slice up data to make sure you create the analysis that will benefit you most.

  • Create custom groups to sort properties by region, manager, or other
  • Title columns in the way that makes the most sense to you
  • Total by region, district, or manager – or use a combination of groups to break down information to study individually
  • Zoom in on tasks that can generate extra revenue immediately
  • Look into your delinquency numbers every day
  • Re-focus marketing to keep pace with the fastest changing market in your portfolio

Report Distribution Made Easy

With Central Reporting and a built-in report scheduler and distributor, creating month-end reports is a scheduled process that can be run automatically. Scheduled reports are generated, saved in PDF format and sent to your distribution list automatically.

Document Management

OneSite Document Management With Mobile Electronic Signature

A lot of time and money is spent printing, filing, and scanning documents – time and money that would be better spent building your business.

With OneSite Document Management–integrated with DocuSign®–you’ll have high-end electronic signature functionality built right into our online storage platform. You can eliminate time and money spent printing, scanning and filing documents, and provide the convenient, secure electronic signature that’s easy for residents and your staff.

Mobile Electronic Signature From DocuSign

Not only are you gaining the security and superior performance of DocuSign, you’ll be able to email residents electronic lease packets directly from OneSite Document Management. Plus, there’s no limit to the number of transactions, which means you won’t have to pay per document. You get an unlimited number of signatures as part of Document Management functionality!

  • Residents sign anywhere, anytime, on any smart device; they can even sign using their finger for the ultimate in convenience
  • Place signature, initial, and checkbox locations onto custom forms where you want
  • View the workflow and create an audit of each document that is signed, knowing by whom, and from where

Increased Productivity & ROI

In addition to allowing your staff to manage and access property management documents in ‘digital filing cabinets’, you can reduce the inefficiencies and expenses associated with manual document handling–like printing, filing, storing–and improve workflows and onsite organization for a savings of up to $5,500 per site annually.*

  • Store generated reports and report groups into a single PDF
  • Scan and index documents in bulk
  • Upload images to general ledgers and final account statements

Keep Critical Documents Secure

All documents are retained in a secure, tamper-free location to protect your data. We undergo regular testing to ensure our platform exceeds the most stringent U.S. and global security standards and we back up your data. When it comes to electronic signature, DocuSign provides the highest level of security assurance–they are IS0 27001 certified and SSAE 16 examined and tested.

Corporate Compliance

Letters, notices, and forms can be standardized across your portfolio and stored within the Document Management Forms Library, helping to ensure consistent workflows and that your sites are using only approved forms. You’ll even have visibility as to which forms are being used by the property, so you can confirm properties are adhering to corporate guidelines. We’ll provide you with 50GBs of storage space to ensure all your documents are in one place, easily accessible for auditing purposes.

A One-Stop Shop With Complete Integration

RealPage Document Management is integrated with a variety of other RealPage products, reducing duplicate data entry, facilitating consistent workflows, and standardizing documents across solutions. Seamless integration with OneSite Facilities enables you to attach photos and invoices related to damage repairs to service requests and final account statements. While integration with OneSite Purchasing allows you to manage vendor documents, such as invoices, credit memos, payments, and certificates of insurance.


Optimize Your Maintenance Process

With OneSite® Facilities and our Facilities mobile app, you can automate and streamline the service request and make ready process, measure performance, manage the condition of your property assets and more. You’ll be able to keep your technicians in the field, raise maintenance service levels and lower response times–all factors that lead to less busywork, decreased costs, and most importantly, higher resident satisfaction.

Eliminate Paperwork and Save Time

With our native Facilities mobile app for iOS and Android devices, your onsite staff can quickly assign work orders and make readies to service technicians, who in turn can document activities, record labor time, add comments using voice recognition technology and close requests–all while in the field. Tap-to-talk functionality lets the service technician call the resident directly from the service request to ask questions or say he/she is on the way to the apartment. And because it’s an app, it also works when the technician is out of cell coverage, automatically synching data with OneSite® Facilities once coverage is restored.

Perform Inspections Quickly and Efficiently

The inspections tab in the app allows you to perform move-in/move-out inspections directly from your mobile device. It creates a logical, detailed workflow to inspect units, and enables your staff to create a service request, upload photos and document notes while performing the inspection. A built-in record of past inspections and concise reporting enables management to track productivity of tasks and follow trends of items which break on a consistent basis.

Easily Measure & Monitor Performance

With OneSite® Facilities you can easily manage and measure service request response times and volumes, technician performance and apartment maintenance costs. Summary reports provide you with detailed information on efficiency, technician utilization and service requests so you can quickly determine where improvements are needed and what areas are performing well.

Obtain Greater Accuracy With Seamless Integration

OneSite® Facilities seamlessly integrates with OneSite® Leasing & Rents, ActiveBuilding and the Maintenance Contact Center for greater accuracy and consolidation of maintenance functions.

  • OneSite® Facilities automatically creates a make-ready whenever your staff indicates a resident move-out in OneSite® Leasing & Rents.
  • Your residents can submit and track service requests 24/7 through the resident portal for increased convenience, accuracy and response times. Maintenance Center associates have the ability to log service requests into your property management system as calls come in. These tickets reside in your system for follow up and a copy is sent to the onsite staff via e-mail.

Financial Management

Manage Financial Data for Profitable Decision-Making

Your finance and operations are intricately related to one another. The software you use to manage them should be too. OneSite Financial Management solutions eliminate multiple spreadsheets, duplicate data entry and inefficient processes. Instead, centralize, organize, and keep your data transparent for the visibility to make profitable business decisions and save countless hours.


Our accounting software is easy-to-use and gives managers the information they need without waiting for others to gather it. Streamlined, automated processes and workflows generate dramatic savings in time and labor in your financial accounting processes. Customizable reports and dashboards provide a real time snapshot of the information that’s important to each manager in their various roles.

Budgeting and Forecasting

Automatically pulls all the information needed for budgeting from other components of OneSite and even third-party preferred vendor solutions. Easily create, manage, distribute and monitor property budgets using a simple workflow wizard. Forecasting is based on real-time data so you can accurately adjust your budgets to keep pace with rapidly changing markets.

Investment Management

With OneSite Investment Management, it is now possible to fully track all investments from a central control center. The web-based system easily tracks all investment commitments from investor organizations as well as proceeds back to investors. Best of all, it allows portfolio-wide tracking from a centralized console to provide you with full visibility into the status of all investment relationships.


Stay on Budget and Save Time With OneSite® Purchasing

OneSite® Purchasing is a web-based purchasing system that takes the paperwork out of purchasing and replaces it with the automated workflow of electronic documents. It de-centralizes the accounts payable process to empower your site personnel to use your approved vendors, budget controls and comply with spending limits, saving you time and helping to ensure that spending stays on budget.

Get Spending Under Control With Electronic Processes

OneSite® Purchasing’s paperless process and seamless integration with OneSite® Accounting makes invoice management and tracking a simple, more accurate process. Invoice subtotals are calculated, sent for approval and then automatically forwarded to your accounts payable system, enabling your accounting staff to maintain control of your approved vendor list and invoice processing.

You can create settings to require approvals based on your company’s budgets, approved vendor list and user spending limits, putting you in control of who’s spending what and what they’re spending it on.

  • Records which user approved each purchase order and approval date
  • Automatically codes orders to the correct G/L account
  • Allows the user to correct mistakes using credit memos
  • Allows for budget checks for quick cost management
  • Provides budget variance reports

Make Purchases Using Online Catalogs

Eliminate time-consuming in-store visits with our new eProcurement tool, which enables your site staff to view and purchase products from multiple suppliers with easy-to-use online catalogs. You choose the products and vendors you’d like your communities to use, which leads to better product standardization and higher compliance of purchasing policies. And because approved orders get sent directly to the vendor, you can save your staff time and reduce errors that can occur during manual order entry.

The Information You Need, Always at Your Fingertips

OneSite® Purchasing includes a set of convenient property operational reports, giving both managers and site staff instant access to the purchasing information they need. Managers can easily create budget variance reports, purchase order reports, invoice registers, audits and other reports that help them quickly pinpoint any problems. And site staff can quickly pull up payments and answer vendor questions without having to call accounts payable.

Keep Vendor Data Accurate

Integration with OneSite® Accounting and our vendor credentialing service helps manage your vendor data. Site staff can easily store, view and manage your approved vendor list, vendor status, vendor contact information, 1099s and other relevant information.

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User Reviews of OneSite

Submitted on October 22nd, 2019 by Anonymous

Charging residents a minimum extra $2 for the privilege of paying their rent is criminal

The Good…

If it actually recognized both bills and payments for utilities, it might not be so bad. But utilities are double-billed to residents and payments only show up on the other site.

The Bad…

You should accept electronic payments FOR FREE from banks that offer bill pay services, even if you don’t get rid of your ridiculous processing fees.