A full ERP system designed by Axium.

About ajeraComplete

Axium’s ajeraComplete software for architecture and engeineering firms offers all of the features of ajeraCore plus project management and planning tools, forecasting for business development and customized reports. Our integrated business development feature allows you to track opportunities through the various stages while forecasting future project workloads and employee staffing schedules. ajeraComplete’s project set-up, Snapshot Dashboard, and project and financial reporting gives your staff the tools they need to finish projects on time and on budget.

ajeraCompleteýs newest feature, Schedule Manager, was designed to ease the daily work of scheduling employees and monitoring projects. Schedule Manager was designed to benefit principals, department managers, project managers and time-entry staff by providing easier project and employee scheduling at architecture and engineering firms.

  • Real-Time Data Access: Access anywhere via the Web
  • Project Command Center: Full visibility into your projects
  • Custom Reporting: Group, sort and filter reports
  • Full Accounting Capabilities: AR/AP, billing, invoicing, GL
  • In-House Payroll: Full payroll capabilities
  • Departments: Create multiple reporting entities
  • Consultant Management: Budget expense commitments
  • Paperless Billing Review: Send bills electronically for approval
  • Project Management: Workload and resource management
  • Business Development: Manage pipeline, win/loss tracking

Accounts Payable

Ajera recognizes that archicture and engineering firms primarily have two types of incoming invoices; those that are project related with cost and revenue implications and those that are general overhead. The Accounts Payable (AP) feature in Ajera automates the processing of these invoices and provides comprehensive data capture, customized vendor grouping, instant payables analysis and payment scheduling directly from the Dashboard.

Ajera simplifies the invoicing process with a very important time saver - no more entering information into multiple places. Once you have entered everything related to a project into the system, invoices become an automatic product of the entries made. Ajera provides not only industry specific invoice formats, but also the flexibility to customize invoices to meet your needs and client requirements:

  • Enter unlimited line items
  • Each line item can be charged to project/phase/activity or directly to GL Account
  • Alerts when consultant invoices exceed budget
  • Enter expenses for future project billings
  • Expenses charged to projects automatically assign appropriate billing rates AND are ready to bill
  • Produce 1099’s Automatically

See all of your accounts payable directly from the Dashboard to determine who you want to pay:

  • Pay by check, EFT, or debit card
  • Easily write-off vendor invoices
  • Quickly see vendors, invoices and line item charges to determine whom to pay
  • Eliminate manual tracking to determine when and how much to pay subconsultants
  • Add the Pay When Paid report to your Dashboard for quick viewing

Accounts Receivable & Collections

Ajera is a full featured accounting system that easily tracks outstanding invoices which is critical to maintaining a strong cash flow. To ensure invoices are always up-to-date and ready for billing, Ajera automatically adjusts invoices when cash receipts are posted. This allows invoices to be reviewed in real-time and processed quickly.

  • Distribute cash receipts to multiple invoices
  • Enter partial payments and apply by labor, expense and consultants
  • Easily enter credit memo’s to write off client invoices
  • Enter prepayments and later apply to multiple project invoices
  • Enter miscellaneous (non-client) receipts in the same deposit as clients deposits
  • View date specific invoice aging and report registers

Many collection issues are due to time consuming billing processes that are completed in multiple applications and delayed in review. These issues can be eliminated with an automated time entry system that combines accounting and project management into a single integrated system.

Billing and Invoicing

A/E firms have unique billing requirements that most generic accounting software does not consider or fulfill. A/E firms need the ability to:

  • Manage work-in-progress for common A/E billings
  • Time & Expense
  • Fixed Fee (lump sum)
  • Percent Complete
  • Unit Price
  • Percent of Construction
  • Mixed Format Invoices
  • Move time from phase to phase or project to project instantaneously
  • Handle complex mark-ups for labor, expenses and consultants easily
  • Group time by employee type, phase, task, activity or date
  • Eliminate obstacles when invoices need to be changed
  • Bill any project any time

Cash Management

Ajera does an excellent job with cash management: managing cash on hand and providing visibility to cash in reserve for future demands. While many generic accounting systems stop there, Ajera doesn’t. Ajera provides visibility to future indicators of cash flow such as backlog, work-in-progress and project profitability. Ajera provides a complete tool set for helping A/E firms convert employee resources into billable and collectible time which increases cash flow.

Features Also Include:

  • Visibility to Current Cash Position and Future Indicators
  • Bank Accounts
  • Detailed Trending

General Ledger

Ajera has the flexibility to produce financial statements for the entire firm, a single division or department. The General Ledger application also provides multi-period processing, both accrual and cash-basis accounting and a comprehensive audit trail. Ajera’s ease of use combined with its powerful capabilities streamlines all of your accounting transactions and provides detailed reports to make effective business decisions.

  • Enter time once for all financial and project requirements
  • All changes are automatically adjusted in the General Ledger
  • Audit trail of all financial changes by date, task and operator

Features Also Include:

  • Chart of Accounts
  • Optional Company/Department Budgets
  • Complete Financial Reporting
    • General Ledger Report complete with drill down to transactions
    • Profit amd Loss Statements (summary with drill down to detail)
    • Balance Sheet
    • Journal Entries
    • Trial Balance
    • AP Aging
    • AR Aging
    • WIP Aging

In-House Expenses

Many A/E firms have in-house costs, such as copies or mileage, that are not invoiced directly from a vendor yet need to be charged to a project. With Ajera, these costs are entered as in-house expenses and will be included in the total cost of the project and billed to the client. Being able to bill in-house expenses accrued for a project, credits the General Ledger for the cost and reduces overhead.


Ajera is a complete accounting and project management solution that provides an efficient, cost-effective option for processing US payroll. Ajera’s integrated payroll eliminates duplicate effort, and streamlines the payroll process. Whether you process payroll internally or use a third party payroll provider, Ajera’s payroll solution is easy, fast and accurate - making it the perfect solution.

Payroll Benefits


  • Types of pays
  • Deductions
  • Fringes
  • Taxes
  • Multiple wage rate tables
  • Pay by Check or Direct Deposit
  • Direct Deposit to multiple bank accounts

Project Management

Principals and project managers need real-time access to project status information at the phase and detail level. Ajera provides this and more:

  • View high level project information right from the dashboard
  • Security settings offer a view of all projects, no projects or just my projects
  • Choose from 32 different options to view project information
  • Hours information: actual, budget, remaining and percent complete
  • Revenue information, contract, earned, spent, billed in dollars and percent complete
  • Profit calculations, billed, earned and billed plus work-in-progress (WIP)
  • Drill down on any project to see project detail at the phase/task level
  • Drill down again to see who, what and when work was charged

Project Reporting

My Projects, located on Ajera’s Dashboard, is designed for project managers, principals and accounting staff to provide quick access to project summary and detail information. The projects table can be customized by each user to specify only the projects they want to appear in the project table and also the key project information.

Ajera Provides These Reports and Many More:

  • Project Earnings Report
  • Executive Summary
  • Project Profit
  • Hours Distribution by project or employee
  • Budget Variance by labor, expense, consultant
  • Consultant Management
  • Work-in-Progress Reporting
  • Employee Utilization

Time Entry

The easier it is to enter time, the more likely employees will enter it daily. Ajera makes entering time quick and easy from your desk, offsite or even at home.

  • Select from a controlled list of active projects and phases/tasks to make time entry easy for employees and more accurate for review
  • Projects can be chosen from drop down lists or just start typing in the designated space to use the ‘best fit’ feature
  • Search by description, number, client, project manager or department
  • Easily add unlimited notes to time entry
  • Posted target and actual billable percentages and hours allow employees to see their performance to target

Product Overview

  • Developer Axium
  • Type Professional Service Automation (PSA) Software
  • Client OS

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