Administrator’s Plus

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A complete student information system for PK-12 schools.

About Administrator's Plus

Administrator’s Plus is a cloud-based PK-12 student information system that lets educators, teachers, parents, and students work together. The software aids in attendance, report cards, scheduling, billing, and more.

Video Overview

Administrator’s Plus can help streamline administrative tasks and manage student information from multiple locations. It also gives online access for familier to monitor thier children/student and monitor their performance in school.


  • Attendance
  • Scheduling
  • Report Cards
  • Gradebook
  • Billing
  • Parent portals
  • Discipline management
  • Mobile apps

Product Overview

User Reviews of Administrator's Plus

Submitted on June 27th, 2019 by Alba Wilcox from Jesus Chapel School

Good quality product, variety of options lets a school program adapt to it’s budget and needs. Great customer service. Great value for the price.