A supply chain planning software from Kinaxis.

Product Overview

Kinaxis RapidResponse is a supply chain planning tool designed to provide deep insights into potential issues before they escalate. The supply chain planning enables real-time recalculations with any data change. The tool excels in scenario planning, allowing users to test and collaborate on potential solutions efficiently.

Its intuitive dashboards offer detailed analyses from a planner to an executive level, making it a versatile tool for various business needs. Additionally, guided process steps in RapidResponse facilitate quick onboarding of new hires and serve as a useful reference for experienced team members. Exception-based alerts in real-time help identify and mitigate risks swiftly, enhancing the overall supply chain responsiveness of an organization.


  • Effective constraint planning
  • Intuitive user interface


  • Complex training material
  • Limited Excel functionalities

Target Market

Oorganizations that require advanced supply chain planning capabilities. Its strengths lie in providing real-time insights and enabling quick responses to changes, making it ideal for businesses with complex and dynamic supply chains. The tool’s intuitive dashboards, scenario planning capabilities, and exception-based alerts particularly benefit companies that need to analyze and manage large volumes of data efficiently.

Not Recommended For

Smaller companies or those with simpler supply chain needs. The software’s complexity and the necessity for specialized training might pose challenges for smaller organizations with limited resources. Additionally, companies looking for a tool with functionalities similar to Excel might find the software’s different approach and lesser Excel-like features a drawback.

About RapidResponse

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Kinaxis RapidResponse Features

  • Sales & Operations Planning: Define collaborative processes, weigh options and trade-offs, and align plans with financial goals.
  • Demand Planning: Create consensus demand plans that combine historical statistical forecasting with functional forecast streams.
  • Supply Planning: Align supply with demand at all levels. Identify gaps and collaborate to avoid excess and shortage conditions.
  • Inventory Planning: Determine the best inventory strategy to support customer service levels across the supply chain.
  • Capacity Planning: Model constraints and fine-tune capacity simultaneously to respond to changing conditions with ease.
  • Machine Learning: Surface complex dependencies and patterns and drive performance in an easy-to-understand way.

Product Overview

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