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A multi-module management system designed by Sage.

About Sage Time

Sage Time is a mobile attendance software that offers online time clock and SMS punch capabilities for tracking time on the go. Sage Time can be accessed on any mobile device. The solution is an add-on for Sage 100 or Sage 300 but the solution can be sold on a stand-alone basis.


  • Geographical tracking and geo fencing
  • Facial recognition
  • SMS punch lets employees without a smartphone clock in/out and track mileage and tips. Also enables changes to work orders while in the field

PC and Web-Based Time Tracking

Streamline processes, automate task management and increase the accuracy of project forecasting with Sage Time. Sage Time can add sophisticated timesheet and time tracking data collection to all major financial, project management, payroll and accounting systems. It can also function as stand-alone timesheet or time tracking solution.

Grow With Your Company

Sage Time supports connectivity to the MSDE and Microsoft Access database platforms, providing smaller companies with exceptional tools for time tracking and reporting on projects and expenses.

Offers an Enterprise Solution

Sage Time is tailored for larger companies that desire a fully-customizable, enterprise solution for project expense and time tracking. Sage Time includes more powerful time tracking and reporting options, including custom menus, a comprehensive audit trail, automatic job scheduling for administrative tasks, and more. Sage Time supports connectivity to Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle database platforms.

PC or Web-Based Time Tracking

Sage Time includes a PC and Web-based timesheet interface, allowing remote team members easy access to project assignments from anywhere in the world. The Web browser module supports both Windows and Macintosh operating systems so you can get your company up and running quickly, even when utilizing multi-platform environments.

Time-Saving Workflow Approval Processes

Sage Time makes the approval process easy with e-mail notifications that include reminders to employees, managers and administrators about timesheets that do not meet defined criteria. Email notifications include approval process steps. Mangers can approve or reject multiple timesheets in a one-step process that can reduce administrative tasks and save time.

Detailed Expense Tracking

Get detailed information on expenses, including daily, weekly and monthly by expense code, the sum of expenses by project and more. Sage TimeSheet allows you to assign an unlimited number of expense codes, and provides default expense values to certain expenses such as mileage. The easy approval workflow process allows managers to approve expenses independently from project timesheets.

Time Clock

With the Time Clock, employees can ‘clock in’ and ‘clock out’ at workstations when they log-in to Sage TimeS, eliminating the need for a separate time clock interface and duplicate entry of employee time.

Complete Budgeting and Scheduling

Sage Time provides a powerful Project Budgeting module, that allows you to forecast and track budgets for specific projects. It also allows you to create and schedule work hours for employees and assign to workgroups, so you have complete control of project management tasks.

DCAA Compliance

Sage Time provides a cost effective and efficient way to help you effectively monitor the overall integrity of your labor and time-keeping system. With its powerful auditing feature, Sage Time takes the worry out of government reporting compliance, helping you avoid costly penalties and lost revenue. Sage Time provides an audit trail for additions and changes to time and expense entries, components, tasks, budget, and security settings. A date and time stamp let’s you document changes for verification purposes.

A comprehensive audit trail assures documented compliance that meets DCAA Contract Audit standards, including:

  • Password security and an audit trail of logins and logouts.
  • End-user training classes available both on-site and in a web-based online format.
  • Time tracking by task against a defined overall budget.
  • Multi-level configurable approval processes, and a reportable audit trail of all changes and approvals.
  • Tracking of employee time with up to nine levels of detail, as well as detail reporting to provide labor distribution.
  • Defined rates to employees and the ability to override for specific task-based rates, with all changes captured in the audit trail.
  • Extensive, built-in pay rule functionality, including the ability to export to payroll applications.
  • Time entry and modification records backed by an audit trail

Project Budgeting

Sage Time Project Budgeting is designed to create an overall budget for the project and track actual costs to the project budget. Accurately collect project time and expense data and forecast labor allocation and time-to-completion.

  • Determine variances between planned and actual and expenses
  • Generate accurate time-to-completion estimates
  • Record actual time worked and expenses incurred against specific projects, jobs, tasks, and work orders
  • Restrict who can view or edit projects and subtasks
  • Interface with Microsoft Project
  • User definable columns
  • Create tasks to be completed throughout the project

R&D Tax Credit

For companies investing capital in R&D, careful documentation of the time, wages, and activities associated with each project is critical to realizing the full value of the R&D tax credit. Sage Time can help by providing solid documentation and expense reporting that qualifies for the R&D tax credit.

  • Allow employees and managers to record time spent and costs incurred for each task or project
  • Enter time and expenses at user-defined levels, including employee, department, project, and individual task
  • Powerful reporting provides detail or summary reports for insight into the portion of wages applicable to the R&D tax credit
  • Customized reports provide substantiation for R&D credits

Resource Analysis

Whether you’re tracking time for inter-departmental charge-backs or external client billing, Sage Time is the flexible time and expense tracking software that provides easy data exchange with your billing software.

Sage Time takes the hassle out of billing administration by interfacing with most billing and accounting software applications.

Robust reporting tools feature detail and summary reports as well as sophisticated Crystal Reports options that provide quick and easy access to critical business information. Plus, export reports to a variety of formats including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, HTML and others.

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