A web-based inventory control service designed by PathGuide Technologies for distribution/wholesale trade and manufacturing companies.

About Latitude

Latitude is designed to bring flexible, real-time control to any warehouse operation. This product will help you increase sales, cash flow and profitability, by giving you the accurate inventory information you need instantaneously. Latitude serves both warehousing and distribution operations by providing real-time, on-line information about all inventories through bar code scanning, portable RF terminals, on-site label printing and a powerful relational database.

Latitude: Warehouse Management System provides you with many benefits in many areas of your warehouse operations. Basic features of this program are:

  • Receiving
    • Imports purchase orders from your other computer systems
    • Multiple purchase orders can be received simultaneously avoiding bottlenecks
    • Uses supplier bar codes on received material (no need to re-label)
    • Generates bar codes for non bar-coded materials
    • New bar codes are added to the system as items are received
    • Expected receipts are checked automatically through scanning
    • If you are receiving an item not on purchase order, your receiving personnel is automatically notified.
    • Back-ordered items are flagged to cross-dock based on order date or manual allocation
    • You are able to ýunreceiveý a line item quantity to correct receiving errors
    • Emails are sent to purchasing for any receiving discrepancy
    • Automatically converts purchasing unit of measure to inventory unit of measure
    • Can accommodate fractional quantities of received items
    • Updates host system with accurate purchase order receipt data
    • In-bound freight charges and bill of lading number can be recorded at receiving
  • Putaway
    • Allows items to be stored in multiple bin locations: Primary, secondary, showroom, overstock or random
    • ýRandom Putawayý allows storage locations to contain any items
    • ýSystem Managed Random Putawayý using ývelocity classý item/bin assignments makes warehouse capacity most efficient while assuring best placement of fast moving items
    • ýDirected Putawayý informs the operator of the most efficient route
    • ýScan/Confirmý prompt assures items are assigned to the correct location
    • Allows for lot number identification and tracking
    • ýOperator Directed Putawayý provides maximum flexibility
  • Picking/Retrieving
    • Imports sales/work orders/transfers from host computer
    • Locally manages picking priorities including ýwill callý
    • Directs the operator for efficient proximity picking (From primary bin, reserve storage, receiving cart, etc.)
    • ýScan/Confirmý prompt assures correct items are picked
    • Directs multiple pickers to pick portions of the same order for rapid turnaround
    • Allows picking of other than the requested quantity
    • Paperless or paper initiated picking
    • Pick by route
    • Zone capability (separate small items for carts, heavy items on pallets, outside yard storage, etc.)
    • Batch order capability (one picker picks multiple orders)
    • Batch-within-zone capability
    • Serial number capture during pick
    • Optional FIFO or lot specific picking
    • Pick raw materials for kits or assemblies
  • Relocate
    • Across and/or between warehouses
    • Move to replenish dedicated locations
    • Move within warehouse to temporary storage location
    • Combine items from multiple loads/locations
  • Replenishment
    • System directed replenishment of Primary, Secondary, and Front Counter bin locations
    • When quantity in a managed bin location dips below the minimum, an internal replenishment order is created
    • The Replenishment software automatically directs a warehouse person to fill an active picking area from a bulk storage area
    • ýScan/Confirmý prompt assures inventory is relocated accurately
    • Optional ýFirst-In-First-Outý (FIFO) control
    • Ability to generate a Replenish List based on current order demand
  • Returns
    • Operates on Return Orders downloaded from the host
    • Returns process allows user to select which item to process next
    • Allows UnReceive ýreturný for a Line Item Quantity prior to posting
    • Supports ability to over-receive returns.
  • Cycle Counts
    • Allows multiple part numbers in any location
    • Verifies items and quantities correct/not correct
    • Provides optional real-time inventory updates (perpetual inventory accuracy)
    • Manage cycle counting jobs by fast moving items, bins, specific vendors, etc.
    • Provides inventory exception reports and host update
    • Satisfies accounting requirements
    • Reporting - Provided graphs, statistics and reports based on % accuracy of historical cycle count jobs
  • Shipping
    • Shipping accuracy assured by scanning during picking and optional validation
    • Provides manifesting capability for common carriers
    • Manages stops within routes and assures correct staging
    • Prints shipping labels and packing lists including truck route and stop and bills of lading
    • Reports shipments to a host computer for inventory updates

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