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Online accounting software to manage your finances.

About Zoho Books

Zoho Books is an online accounting software that lets you manage your financials and banking, automate your sales and purchasing workflows, and even track time and create reports.

Zoho Books includes accounting capabilities such as accrual accounting, good control over the chart of accounts, and the ability to create journal entries. Small business owners can create profit and loss statements and balance sheets to monitor the financial health of their business.

Zoho Books is part of a suite of products offered by Zoho. If you are already using other Zoho products, you'll be able to easily integrate Zoho Books with any of these offerings.

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Features of Zoho Books

The top features of Zoho Books include:


The receivables functionality module in Zoho Books will streamline your invoicing process to help automate the process of receiving payment from clients.

  • Invoices
  • Online payment methods
  • Automated follow-ups
  • Multi-currency pricing
  • Recurring invoices
  • Transaction verification
  • Deposits and advance payments
  • Returns and refunds


The payables functionality module in Zoho Books will help create, send, and manage bills.

  • Recurring bills
  • Landed costs
  • Approval and verification
  • Link customers with billable items
  • Convert purchase orders to bills
  • Vendor credits


Monitor stock levels and replenishment processes with the inventory functionality module in Zoho Books.

  • Product details (SKU, image, vendor details, cost, quantity)
  • Customized rates
  • Automated replenishment tools
  • Low quantity alerts
  • Damaged and lost good tracking
  • Inventory reports


Know where your money is using the banking functionality module in Zoho Books.

  • Bank reconciliation
  • Cash flow predictions
  • Categorize transactions
  • Transaction matching
  • Bulk actions

Time Tracking

The time tracking functionality module of Zoho Books lets you track and bill time as well as manage projects.

  • Track time
  • Manage projects
  • Record expenses to projects
  • Retainer payments
  • Log time via the mobile app


Store information on all your contacts within the Contacts functionality module of Zoho Books.

  • Create/edit/manage customer and suplier contacts
  • Collaborate with clients
  • Store payment information


View dashboards, reports, and charts with the reporting functionality module in Zoho Books.

  • Dashboards
  • Profit and loss, balance sheets, and cash flow statements
  • Collaboration
  • Scheduled reports
  • Customized reports
  • Tax reports
  • Audit trails
  • Integration with Zoho Analytics

Pricing of Zoho Books

  • Starts at $9/month for basic version
  • Yearly pricing available (discount equivalent to 2-months off)
  • Additional users $2/month
  • Bundles available with other Zoho products

Product Overview

User Reviews of Zoho Books

Submitted on January 27th, 2023 by an anonymous Zoho Books user.

When the business outgrew a simple paper set up, we began looking into software for greater automation. We ended up finding Zoho Books and we really like the system. It offers 24 hour support services and the support offered is fantastic. It adequately manages all of our accounting needs and within a reasonable budget.

Submitted on March 29th, 2019 by Paul Nicholson

Zoho Books is the upgrade from Zoho Invoice. Effectively, if you have a 3rd party accounting system you may want to use Zoho Invoice for sending out invoices and getting paid. If you plan to use Zoho Books as your main accounting platform then you don’t need to use Zoho Invoice as Zoho Books has everything Zoho Invoice has.

Submitted on November 12th, 2018 by Charlotte Steel

In Zoho Books, you have complete control over your company’s income and expenses, mileage claims, VAT returns, and finance reports.

The dashboard gives a view of receivables and payables. The sales module gives you the ability to create invoices, recurring invoices, and payments that have been received. The system makes it easy to create a schedule of recurring invoices.

Submitted on August 27th, 2018 by Riyas Parat from Alchemist Accounting

Since it’s a cloud-based accounting software, it’s with you always, whether you’re in the office or at the coffee shop. When using this software, I think back to when we’d call out accountants in business meetings for incorrect statement of accounts.

Now, we have many clients using Zoho Books and we manage their accounts from anywhere we are. Even for our accounting, we use Zoho Books. In fact, we may go to a client for a meeting and they ask for the statement of accounts right now, and I open up my mobile app and give it to them. Or we can just send it to them easily without even having to ask an accountant to print things out.

Submitted on May 15th, 2014 by Greg Lam from Accountex Network

Overall I’m quite impressed with all Zoho Books can do. There’s a lot of functionality packed in here. I think the software fits nicely between invoicing software like Freshbooks, the micro business competitors like Wave and Kashoo, and it’s small business competitors like QuickBooks and Xero. If you haven’t checked out Zoho Books yet, I’d give it a try.