A true Smart Grid operations system


PRISM ADMS by Minsait ACS combines real-time data acquisition, distribution automation, system analysis and outage management into a single Smart Grid operations system. The integrated platform provides leading-edge DMS functionality to utilities in real-time.

The PRISM system has an open architecture design, features maximum reliability and availability, and offers several key advantages over competing solutions:

Video Overview


  • Enhanced Visualization
  • Integrated user interface
  • GridVuTM with map/imagery overlays
  • Dynamic colorization with tracing
  • ReShapeTM automatic schematic generator
  • Distribution Automation
  • Data acquisition and control
  • Fault Location Isolation and Supply Restoration (FLISR)
  • Integrated Volt/VAR Control Distribution Analysis
  • Topology Processor
  • Distribution Power Flow
  • Load Estimation
  • Distribution State Estimator
  • Short Circuit Analysis
  • Optimal Capacitor Placement
  • Optimal Switching
  • Protection Coordination
  • Switching Order Management
  • Disturbance Analysis
  • Load Forecasting / Management
  • Real-time Red Line changes
  • Distribution Simulation/Training
  • System Study mode
  • Dynamic dispatcher training simulator
  • DER Integration
  • Emergency Load Transfer
  • Maximum Injection Capability
  • Feeder Injection Test / Forecast
  • Storage Optimization
  • Enterprise Integration/Business Intelligence
  • GIS source database conversion with incremental update
  • Work Management System integration
  • CIS integration
  • Historical archiving
  • Enterprise reporting tools/dashboard
  • Performance indices calculation
  • DER Integration

Product Overview

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