A customizable software for calibration tracking, tooling, and maintenance.

About IndySoft

With a comprehensive set of calibration-ready features, IndySoft is customizable calibration management software built for enterprise manufacturing and production facilities and commercial calibration labs. The best-in-class platform delivers efficiencies into organizational processes and keep companies prepared for audits.

IndySoft Features

  • Improve productivity with equipment templates
  • Automatic calculation of uncertainty and pass/fail data point readings
  • Automated emails, alarms & reports
  • Barcode creation and label printing, automatic asset numbering, digital sign-offs and more

The built-in tools help ensure compliance with all widely accepted standards.

IndySoft Target Market

IndySoft is suitable for 1-2 person operations all the way up to worldwide multi-facility corporations. IndySoft is utilized in process-driven industries such as aerospace, automotive, aviation, energy, life sciences, manufacturing, and commercial calibration labs. Typical decision makers are in the quality department, calibration department, or are lab managers.

Product Overview

User Reviews of IndySoft

Submitted on September 3rd, 2020 by David G

I run an internal lab inside a major manufacturing company, so I don’t use all of the great IndySoft features available to a commercial lab - which are extensive. I have used this software for a decade now and am still impressed on how much functionality is available to make my life easier. Over the past few years, IndySoft support has reached new levels by offering 5 star support as well as weekly training videos. The people who work at IndySoft are very passionate about their product and really care about their customers. Something you don’t see everyday.

What we like: Ease of use. Constantly being upgraded, adding new features. Well liked among technicians.

What we dislike: Like any software, it does take some time to fully understand all of the power and uses it has.

Submitted on August 24th, 2020 by Daniel H

My overall experience with IndySoft is a positive. Once the system has been set-up, it does an excellent job in keeping our Metrology Dept. in compliance with Regulatory requirements. I find the system to be an asset to help me manage work flow and aid as a tool to review and approve employee’s work.

What we like: Minimal screens to execute once system is set-up. Basic report functions are good. Can use system remotely from home. Delineate between basic equipment and reference standards in system. Won’t allow past due reference standard to be added to calibration event.

What we dislike: PrintBuilder is a challenge to use. Cannot effectively delineate between Calibration procedure process and documenting limited range/accuracy requests from users. Number of fields available in Event Finder is too limited (hopefully better once we roll up to Version 12?). No effective way to run a report to verify calibration events related to suppliers when date done is back dated to suppliers “Date Done”.

Submitted on August 21st, 2020 by Jerome C

Using Indysoft 10 years ago is different than using it now since they really stepped up on their support. With so much available to learn on the software now they have built a library of information and they reach out using YouTube videos and tutorials which helps a lot.

What we like: Software can be tailored to whatever unique needs or applications you may have. Most software out there can be limited to whatever is canned by the designers. Indysoft is different in a sense that data can be exported in so many different ways and can be integrated to other software such as MetCal or Quickbooks but it requires familiarity with SQL to fully use its potential.

What we dislike: If you are the type of user that wants something basic to run your process out of the box then you might not like this very much. You will love this if you’re familiar with coding since it’s a very powerful software that needs steep learning curve.