SPC-PC IV Explorer

A calibration management software to improve operational efficiency

About SPC-PC IV Explorer

SPC-PC IV Explorer was developed as the first SPC software for MS-DOS and MS Windows. This solution streamlines process data management and reporting. Thousands of clients worldwide use this products to handle non-normal data analysis.

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  • Manage process data with cascading folders grouped by customer, department, product, etc.
  • Password-protected concurrent-use licensing controls access to features
  • Quickly analyze data entered via keyboard, or imported or linked from Excel or other sources such as your SAP, ERP, or LIMS databases
  • Automated data entry from electronic gaging is supported in the optional Work Set view
  • Create customized reports using Word templates that contain charts, statistics, raw data or other information as needed, or use the optional Web SPC Software for customized reporting throughout your supply chain
  • Annotate and use color or symbols on charts to identify stratification patterns
  • Quickly filter your data based on any of your traceability fields
  • Optional Web SPC interface for reporting, data entry & process monitoring throughout your supply chain with no local installation required
  • Optional Calibration Management including all the features available in QA-Calibrate
  • X-Bar Chart with Range chart or Sigma chart
  • Individual X / Moving Range chart with control limits based on Normal or Non-Normal distributions
  • Moving Average charts with Moving Range, Range or Sigma Chart
  • Attribute Charts (NP, C, U, and P charts) and Run charts
  • Batch Mean (aka “Between/Within”) chart option
  • Process Monitor dashboard displays to conveniently track key process indicators in real-time
  • Multiple control regions on control charts to show process shifts
  • Remove a selected subgroup from the chart and/or the calculations using the right mouse menu, or use the Autodrop option to automatically remove out of control groups from control chart calculations
  • Process capability statistics provided with control charts and Histograms using Normal or Non-normal distributions
  • Subgroup by Variable Size (to support missing data); Fixed Sized; or, by a specified Traceability Field
  • Calculated parameters, based on single or multiple data characteristics


SPC-PC IV Explorer pricing depends on the amount of users you have. 1-9 users is $995 while 10-19 users is $895.

Starting Price
$995 /user (perpetual license)

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