• Acquired
  • Discontinued

Leaf Logix was a seed-to-sale ERP software. It was acquired in 2021 and integrated into Dutchie POS. We recommend looking at our best cannabis ERP software roundup for alternatives or talking to one of our software advisors for help.

Product Overview

Leaf Logix was a cannabis ERP solution. It was acquired in 2021, and its features were migrated to Dutchie POS. These included capabilities like accounting, batch management, dispensary point of sale, and cultivation management.


  • Microsoft Azure Cloud reliability
  • Compliance with cannabis regulations
  • Prompt allotment alerts


  • Discontinued in 2021
  • Some users reported slow and glitchy performance

Target Market

Multi-license organizations serving recreational and medical cannabis, hemp, and cannabidiol companies.

About Leaf Logix

Leaf Logix was a cannabis ERP solution designed to manage operations and ensure continual compliance. Dispensaries, cultivators, distributors, and processors utilized the software to streamline operations from seed to sale. It was acquired by Dutchie in 2021 and integrated into Dutchie POS.

Best Alternatives to Leaf Logix

1 QuantumLeaf

A cannabis ERP software built on Acumatica and customized to meet the unique needs of facilities from seed to sale.


QuantumLeaf: Batches
QuantumLeaf: Garden View
QuantumLeaf: Strain Profile
What We Like
Specialized cultivation management
Advanced analytics for grow operations
Integration with cultivation hardware and IoT devices
What We Don’t Like
Complexity for non-cultivation tasks
Learning curve for advanced features
Cost considerations for smaller operations
Price Range: $$$
Client OS: Windows, Web
Deployment: Cloud Hosted

2 365 Cannabis

Built on the Microsoft Dynamics platform, 365 Cannabis operates as an ERP solution to manage cultivation, processing, and more.

365 Cannabis

365 Cannabis: Area Planning Location Overview
365 Cannabis: Grow Area Graph
365 Cannabis: Work Order
365 Cannabis: Mobile Grow Management
365 Cannabis: Production Dashboard
365 Cannabis: Quality Control
365 Cannabis: Sales Point of Sale
365 Cannabis: Finance Overview
365 Cannabis: Chart of Accounts
What We Like
Detailed tracking from cultivation to sale
Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365
Detailed tracking from cultivation to sale
Price Range: $$$
Client OS: Windows, Web
Deployment: Cloud Hosted

3 Trym

A cannabis ERP software built for commercial cultivators, offering environmental monitoring and customized batch management.


Trym: Desktop
Trym: Environmental
Price Range
   $     $     $     $     $   
   $     $     $     $     $   
Starting Price
Client OS
iOS, Android, Web
Cloud Hosted

Key Features of Leaf Logix

Leaf Logix was set up to help along the entire cannabis value chain, whether the focus was on retail transactions at a dispensary or manufacturing the product.

Dispensary Point of Sale

  • Provided employee log-ins.
  • Allowed patient check-in.
  • Handled return management.
  • Supported pre-orders on new products.
  • Handled loyalty and discount management.
  • Facilitated label creation and printing.
  • Offered sales reporting and analytics.


  • Handled plant management.
  • Tracked plant metrics with customizations.
  • Allowed tracking by lot, plant, room, etc.
  • Supported inventory tag creation and printing.
  • Provided reporting.


  • Offered inventory management.
  • Optimized fulfillment by inventory availability and state regulations.
  • Allowed recipe building.
  • Had product merge/split capabilities.
  • Facilitated product creation and tracking.
  • Featured integrated communication with BioTrack, Leaf Data and METRC State Systems.

Wholesale and Distribution

  • Allowed manifest creation.
  • Handled order allocations.
  • Managed loyalty and discount programs.
  • Provided transaction history.
  • Supported wholesale eCommerce.
  • Tracked sales commission.

Business Intelligence

  • Offered reporting templates.
  • Provided product-driven reports.
  • Allowed export to CSV.
  • Supported custom reporting and graphs.
  • Featured scheduled reporting.
  • Provided financial reports.


  • Hosted a consumer site.
  • Could be embedded directly into the own website.
  • Offered real-time inventory allocation and visibility.
  • Allowed customizable customer communications.
  • Tracked customer allotments and loyalty.
  • Facilitated allocation for pickup or assignment for delivery.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Leaf Logix

Submitted on April 12th, 2022 by Anonymous

This product is slow, unintuitive, and exceptionally glitchy. For a Company that operates with so many shops and is one of the few on the market, they still have no clue how to make a good product. They have no customer service line to call. Just absolute garbage find another POS before you live with this waking nightmare.

The Good…

exiting out of it for the day

The Bad…

hard to say its all just bad

Submitted on April 6th, 2022 by Anonymous

Leaflogix performs very basic functions, but not very well and is not intuitive at all. Has issues where the software shuts down and stops working almost 3-4 times a week, slowing down our business. When it is working, it’s slow and clunky. Extremely disappointed. Avoid spending your money on something that has so many constant issues and outages.

The Good…

Nothing, there is nothing stand out or special about this software.

The Bad…

Nationwide outages and slow processing speeds. Constant bugs, lack of intuitive structure.

Submitted on January 14th, 2021 by Anonymous

Growing too fast. The technical support has become subpar over the years and we’ve moved to GreenBits as a result. Reminds me of MJ Freeway back in the day, except these guys are heartless! When I told him about my issues, they told me, ‘too bad’. could you imagine saying that to a customer???

The Good…

Seed to sale is adequate. After looking at others, its on par. I thought it was something special, but its just like the others

The Bad…

Customer service, lack of support and care. It felt to me like they were in it for the money only and not trying to help us grow but instead grow their bottom line!

Submitted on September 22nd, 2020 by Anonymous

My only real concern is that when I enter a dollar amount into the quantity, it gives me a correlating weight value, but when I enter the weight value it is consistently higher price than projected initially. This also doesn’t account for sales tax.

Example: A recreational (tax paying) customer asks for $23 worth of product. I enter $23 and am told this is equivalent to 2.1 grams. I enter 2.1 grams into the system and it charges $30. Then when I go to the sales screen, it displays $36.

(If this was a non-tax paying customer, it would be $30 because of the 20% tax exemption.)

TLDR; the conversion between weight and monetary value is skewed and does not include tax, making accurate pricing pure guess work.

The Good…

It’s an overall smooth system that works efficiently.

The Bad…

The aformentioned issues.

Submitted on August 2nd, 2020 by Liz Nolan

Susan Littlefield! Excellent customer service and vast knowledge of this software. I can’t thank her enough for her help any time I need it!! 5 star customer service!!

The Good…

User friendly!

The Bad…