A software system designed by On Center Software for construction companies.

About Quick Bid

Quick Bid is the fastest way to estimate a bid from start to finish on a PC. Users easily build any conceivable condition consisting of any combination of materials and labor, even across multiple bid sections.

Quick Bid provides a visual snapshot of all material, labor and other costs that make up each bid section. Adjust and change markups at the click of a mouse and Quick Bid will instantly recalculate the entire bid! Unique labor adjustment windows allow users to view any part of a condition in terms of money, time or production and Quick Bid offers a large list of industry-specific databases to customize information based on specific needs.

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User Reviews of Quick Bid

Submitted on March 5th, 2018 by an anonymous Quick Bid user.

Like the e-quote capability and eveyrthing is saved and can go back anytime for your data. Great solution.