An estimates, quotes & proposal software application designed by PEM Software Systems.

About BidTrack

This product is no longer sold or supported. As of April 2017, PEM Software Systems is no longer in business. Please see the construction software guide for alternatives.

Use BidTrack© to make it easier to track the projects and review your bidding processes. All those involved can stay on top of what’s out there and the status of it. There’s so much available in this program, our customers rely on this for generating new business. Order BidTrack© and make it a little easier today.

  • Assign Contractors, SubContractors, Estimators, Architects, Contacts
  • Set up Your Budget Costs, Assign Cost Codes, Markup your Budgets to create a Bid Price.
  • Track Activity of the Bid Process
  • Record your costs during the Bid process.
  • Create Lists and organize Bids the way you need them.
  • Set Target dates for events, returning plans, etc.
  • Analyze your Bid success and those that got away.
  • Copy Bids when similar, to set up new ones.
  • Track your success verses the competition.
  • You can enter potential Jobs as Bids as soon as you know about them. Then assign them a status, i.e. Not Reviewed. Now run a list of Bids under “Not Reviewed” and you get a bid list. You could also assign “Need to Bid, Bob”, then you get a list of all the Bids “Bob” is working on. You can use the status codes any way you want. You can have as many as you want and the system also keeps track of status changes and who did them. That way you can track the progress of a Bid.
  • Enter your cost values that you’ve determined. You can assign, overhead, Tax and Profit percentages. BidTrack © will then calculate your bid costs and determine profit values. You can break out your costs in as many categories as you want. If you need to adjust percentages it’s a snap, you can adjust your profit margin to be as competitive as possible.
  • Assign Architects to the project, with as many contact individuals as are needed. Once something has been defined it’s available for use on other projects.
  • Assign Engineers to a project with contact information.
  • Contractors, subs, Cobids, or competitors are assigned to a project with bid values and contacts.
  • Estimators are assigned to each project; with classification on the estimating work they’ve done including bid values.
  • You also can enter bond values and percentages.
  • The program will print profit statements based on your values.
  • You can leave as many notes on any project as you need.
  • With BidTrack© you can get as detailed as you want, but that’s up to you.

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