Stratusvue System

A software system designed by Stratusvue.

About Stratusvue System

The StratusVue System is comprised of three integrated, cloud-based software solutions:

  • BidVue – Invitation to Bid / RFP Management
  • PlansandSpecs – Project and Document Management
  • BIMfx – BIM-Enabled Data Closeout and Turnover


Invitation to Bid / RFP Management

  • BidVue offers fast, efficient management of a project’s bidding or proposal process.
  • Project managers and estimators can create an electronic bid book, manage vendor qualifications, and distribute multiple bid packages through a central hub that keeps all parties up-to-date.
  • Key benefits include: a faster bidding timeline, higher quality bid results (from reduced errors), greater transparency into process status, and 3rd party validation of bidder actions.


BIM-Enabled Data Closeout and Turnover

  • BIMfx is a cloud-based solution that improves the process of collecting, organizing, and transferring construction data for key maintainable assets to building operations.
  • Contractors have improved tools and methods for aggregating asset information, and building owners receive higher quality, more complete asset data that their facilities management teams can use right away without requiring manual re-entry.
  • Key benefits include significantly shorter timelines for the entry of asset data into building management software, a simpler data collection process for assets during construction, and improved access to asset documentation (e.g. cut sheets, warranties) via multiple methods such as BIM, QR codes, or web links.


Project and Document Management

  • PlansandSpecs delivers improved collaboration, consistency, and control for construction project teams.
  • Projects have a single, central location for all stakeholders to store and manage key project documentation, such as drawings, specifications, submittals, RFIs, and cost events.
  • Key benefits include: improved accessibility for the entire team through a simple web browser, greater visibility into project actions, higher efficiency for all processes, and increased file security.

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