A cloud-based bid tracking software system designed by Textura Corporation.

About BidOrganizer

On April 28, 2016, Oracle announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Textura, a leading provider of construction contracts and payment management cloud services. As such, BidOrganizer is no longer sold or supported. Oracle recommends Oracle Textura Payment Management as a replacement.


What if there was a product that could automatically track and organize all bids into one location that could be easily accessed wherever, whenever?

BidOrganizer does this and more, letting you quickly prioritize bid invites based on projects you have more experience with or have a better potential of winning. Its one-screen, centralized bid reporting helps you track your best clients and monitor critical bid events. The team scheduling calendar delivers a global snapshot of where you’re at, allowing you to more efficiently manage key resources and monitor overall project flow. Best of all, BidOrganizer’s cloud-based software platform gives you highly secure access to all this and more - 24/7.

BidOrganizer is a powerful construction bid tracking software that saves contractors time and money by focusing on winnable bids. It provides a centralized online location to easily prioritize, track, and schedule all bid invites.

BidOrganizer’s fully integrated Bid Dashboard gives you all the information you need to make strategic bids. It does this by organizing both new bid and bid history data, generating automatic alerts on existing bid deadlines, and producing clear, visually appealing revenue, labor and equipment reports.

BidOrganizer’s smart bid tracking eliminates action on irrelevant bids, establishing a more accurate bid pipeline. It gives you the evaluation and management tools to identify optimal projects and bid on them in a timely manner. Just go online, and you can make intelligent decisions wherever, whenever.

What’s the bottom line? BidOrganizer increases productivity by helping you efficiently qualify, track and win the best projects for your business.


BidOrganizer is a smart solution that helps you easily organize all bids in one place, saving time and money. No more whiteboards or spreadsheets. Whether you’re an estimator, manager or owner, BidOrganizer will help you qualify, track and win bids more efficiently and effectively.


Running out of room on the whiteboard? Lost that scrap of paper? BidOrganizer allows you to track and manage bids remotely from one centralized location, improving internal collaboration and helping your team focus on building a pipeline of winnable bids.


Opportunities slipping through the crack because you’re missing them - or worse still - because you don’t even know they’re there? BidOrganizer gives you control over the entire bid process, providing the real-time visibility you need to win the bids that are most relevant to your organization.

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