An open, API-first platform for Cloud content management

About Box ECM

Box ECM is an open, API-first platform which enables content to flow effortlessly between your teams, partners and customers, giving you a powerful way to run your business without compromising on security, governance and compliance. Cloud content management from Box makes it easy to manage the entire document lifecycle, from creation to retention and disposition. Features like co-authoring, version history and file locking help you stay on top of your content — so your files don’t end up managing you. And with powerful content security controls and governance policies, you can easily comply with regulatory mandates and data retention policies.

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Box Features

  • Document capture: Capture and ingest content from a mobile device using Box Capture, or use partner integrations to scan, index and digitize files directly to Box.
  • Metadata and classification: Organize and classify content with custom metadata that can be input manually, via API or by using a Box Skill.
  • Collaboration: Share files externally, assign tasks and access your favorite productivity integrations, like O365, Slack and G-Suite, directly from Box.
  • Process and workflow: Connect processes across systems with Box Platform and enable end-users to automate their own processes with Box Relay.
  • Integrations and interoperability: Take advantage of 1,500+ existing integrations or use APIs to integrate with internal apps, services and systems.
  • Content migration: Migrate data from legacy ECM — even existing user permissions and metadata — with Box Shuttle professional services.
  • Information governance: Set automated policies for retention requirements, support defensible eDiscovery requests and manage security classifications with Box Governance.
  • Content security: Manage access and sharing policies while minimizing the risk of data loss through central management of files, security, policy and provisioning.
  • Privacy and compliance: Address GDPR privacy requirements, residency requirements, and compliance requirements such as HIPAA, FINRA, FEDRAMP and more.

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User Reviews of Box ECM

Submitted on October 18th, 2021 by Hervé Coureil from Schneider Electric

“Box is a great content management platform. Fairly quickly, we ended up with more than 100,000 Box users. It combines different legacy systems with a very easy-to-use interface and all the enterprise controls we need to operate. It’s a pretty integral part of our IT strategy.