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Zoho CRM

A customer relationship management system designed by Zoho Corporation.
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Most software solutions allow you to track your customers contact information but Zoho CRM allows you to take the customer tracking to a new level. Here are a few reasons to use Zoho CRM:

  • Pay as you go - Pay monthly or annually. No long term contracts.
  • No need for expensive servers - Zoho takes care of hosting the software for you allowing you to avoid managing the software, backups etc.
  • Easily customizable - Drag and drop customization lets you tailor Zoho CRM to meet your business needs.
  • Automate. Be Productive - Automation of your processes is one of the biggest reasons for switching solutions. The more you automate, the less time you spend with data entry and the more time you spend pursuing new customers.
  • Track Sales Activities - Know where every customer is in the sales cycle, deal size, contact history and even competitor information. Utilize this information to set sales goals, track progress and allocate resources.
  • CRM On-The-Go - Access Zoho Mobile via iPad, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices.
  • Social CRM - Link to your customers and prospects via LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Send invitations to connect, view updates and share your comments. Also engage, inform and create long-term loyalty.

Reviews of Zoho CRM

Edward McCallister from E*TRADE says...

I have been benefiting a lot from Zoho in business areas, which is why this platform has been helping me with my financial management and has given me a secure platform to show my sales and control marketing to the maximum that can attract customers.

The good: I like Zoho because this platform has absolutely everything a company needs to have total control of what goes in and out of the sales area, in such a way it offers Sales, Marketing and CRM services, services that have a long term Strong influence on what you can do. In summary, I consider that Zoho is positive because it completely helps the financial management of a company and helps control potential customers.

The bad: The negative point that I have noticed in Zoho is that this application does not develop in a good way on mobile devices, it is somewhat tedious the fact of not being able to control the sales or manage the sales reports of a company through the application of Zoho for phones mobile