ABS Wholesale Distribution System

A multi-module management system designed by ABS—American Business Systems.

About ABS Wholesale Distribution System

The ABS Wholesale Distribution System Automates 5 Important Business functions…all in a Single Software Module:

  • Order processing
  • Inventory control
  • Customer invoicing
  • Sales analysis
  • Physical inventory (counting, receiving, repricing, and reclassification) The W/D module is designed to help a wholesale distribution business improve its order processing efficiency and control costs by producing comprehensive order, inventory and sales analysis reports.

The W/D Module Interfaces With the Following ABS Back-Office Accounting Modules:

  • Accounts Receivable
  • General Ledger
  • Purchase Order It also interfaces with ABS E-Commerce solutions, including E-Query and E-Order–a real-time, Web-based order entry tool.

If You Need Additional Capabilities, You Can Add Those You Need From This Series of ABS P.E.P. Pack Modules:

  • Automatic POs (requires ABS P/O)
  • Counter Sales
  • Contract Prices
  • Forms Designer
  • Kit Processing
  • Order Fulfillment (multi-location)
  • Remote Processing (multi-location)
  • R/F Bar Code

ABS Wholesale Distribution processes standard, blanket and factory direct orders, quotes, transfers, credit memos, customer payments, and RMAs. It also tracks serialized and lot numbered products from product receipt through customer invoicing.

ABS Wholesale Distribution Can Benefit a Company in the Following Ways:

  • Manage inventory more cost effectively
  • Improve customer service levels
  • Analyze order and inventory performance
  • Avoid shutdowns for physical counts
  • Access management information on demand Note: ABS Wholesale Distribution does not require separate modules for functions such as order entry and inventory control. To review detailed information about these functions within the ABS W/D module, please go to the Applications Menu and select ORDER ENTRY or INVENTORY CONTROL, then choose ABS.

Automatic P/Os

Automatic P/Os interfaces with ABS Wholesale Distribution and provides the option to re-order an item during order entry whenever there is an insufficient quantity to fill the order.Items not re-ordered at this time are either backordered or deleted from the order.

All P/Os created in W/D are automatically passed to the ABS Purchase Order module where they can be edited prior to being released.

Contract Prices

ABS Contract Prices P.E.P. Pack® interfaces with the ABS Wholesale Distribution System and allows the wholesaler to set unique pricing for any customer or for selected customer groups.

Contract Prices Can Be Set by a Variety of Pricing Options Based On:

  • Fixed price per product
  • Percentage discount from list
  • Matrix prices
  • Date-sensitive prices (special sales)
  • Product type
  • Product department
  • Vendor

Prices can also be copied from customer to customer.

Counter Sales

ABS Counter Sales P.E.P. Pack® interfaces with the ABS Wholesale Distribution System to allow the wholesaler to create a low-cost POS solution to service walk-in retail customers.

With Counter Sales, You Can Process:

  • Customer sales and quotes
  • Customer payments
  • Invoices and printed receipts
  • Daily summary reports

Counter Sales turns any workstation into a customer checkout location.

Forms Designer

Forms Designer interfaces with ABS Wholesale Distribution and allows the user to custom design W/D invoices and picking tickets.

When you design a custom form, you specify the size of the form, select the type of information (fields and labels) you want on the form, then indicate the exact position (line and column) on the form where you want that information to be printed.

As you design a form, the program displays it on the screen so you can what you’ve created. You can quickly reposition a field up or down, left or right, or to another column or line.

A time-saving Copy feature allows you to use an existing format for the basis of creating a new one.

Inventory Control

Inventory Control is one of the 5 major processing functions in the ABS Wholesale Distribution System. (The others are Order Entry, Customer Invoicing, Sales Analysis, and Physical Inventory Maintenance.)

Inventory is automatically maintained whenever an order or a receipt is processed. The system can keep track of inventory in up to 999 warehouses or stores.

Inventory Information Can Be Displayed on Demand. a Product Inventory Record Shows:

  • Re-order, freeze order, line point and EOQ quantities
  • Lead time (in weeks)
  • Last receipt dates, plus the number of days the vendor took to deliver the item
  • Inventory class and group codes
  • Aisle/row/bin location
  • List price
  • Price per quantity (e.g., 3 for $10)
  • G/L accounts (sales, inventory and cost of goods sold)
  • When the inventory record was created
  • When the item was last sold, received, counted, ordered, frozen and had a price change

It also shows quantities in-stock, on order, in-transit, on backorder, reserved, manual reserved, on layaway and more–per warehouse and company wide.

The system also monitors any stock out date and the number of days out of stock, average, standard and last costs, plus period and YTD statistics for quantities sold, average cost and quantities returned to stock or for credit.

Product IDs can be up to 18 characters with 40-character descriptions and multiple UPC codes.

The System Supports:

  • Serial and lot-numbered items
  • Fractional quantities and prices
  • 10 price levels per item, as well as unit of measure and martix pricing
  • 6 levels of quantity and cost for LIFO/FIFO product costing
  • Discount options by quantity, dollar amount, customer, product, department, warehouse, vendor and a user-defined date range
  • Repricing by product and product range, based on price, discount percent or a factor.

The Physical Inventory Maintenance function keeps track of inventory transfers, receipts, counts and shortages. It also lets you reprice and reclassify inventory quickly and efficiently.

Several ABS P.E.P. Pack® Modules Can Be Used With Inventory Control. They Include:

  • ABS Automatic Purchase Order…for companies that want the option to automatically create a P/O during order entry whenever an item has an insufficient available quantity.
  • ABS Order Fulfillment…for companies that need to fill customer orders from multiple warehouses.
  • ABS Remote Processing…for companies that need to upload and download inventory information between their corporate headquarters and satellite warehouses or stores.
  • ABS R/F Bar Code…for companies that want the ability to count and receive inventory using radio frequency hand-held terminals.

Kit Processing

ABS Kit Processing P.E.P. Pack® interfaces with ABS Wholesale Distribution. It lets you create and define kits–products comprised of multiple components–then transfer completed kits to the Inventory File. On-the-fly and custom kits are supported.

Kit Processing Allows You To:

  • Project parts needed and costs to build kits without affecting inventory
  • Create work orders
  • Monitor expected completion dates
  • Commit or take parts to build kits when you need them

Kit Processing includes an Anticipated Margin Report so you can quickly project potential margins by average, standard or last cost.

Order Entry

Order Entry is one of the 5 major processing functions in the ABS Wholesale Distribution System. (The others are Inventory Control, Customer Invoicing, Sales Analysis, and Physical Inventory Maintenance.)

The O/E component processes 8 order types: standard orders, blanket orders, quotes, transfers, factory direct orders, credit memos, customer payments and RMAs.

During Order Processing, Your Operators Can

  • Add new products and customers
  • Search master files
  • Enter, save and activate quotes
  • See available quantities…company-wide
  • Display the customer’s purchase history by line item
  • Display price tables
  • Locate serial and lot control numbers
  • Reserve a product
  • Add line items from a comment file
  • Add customer, product and order notes
  • Backorder items
  • Substitute items (with customer approval)
  • Automatically generate a purchase order (requires ABS Purchase Order module)
  • Access Inventory Inquiry
  • Place the order on hold for shipping later
  • Apply a payment to multiple transactions
  • Capture the customer’s check or credit card information
  • Print an order acknowledgement
  • Print a picking ticket
  • Correct line items
  • Cancel an order
  • Copy an order whose products will be shipped to multiple sites

All these features are designed to help your order entry personnel process orders for your customers with speed, efficiency and accuracy. Several ABS P.E.P. Pack® modules can be used with Order Entry. They include Automatic Purchase Orders, Counter Sales (POS), and Multi-Location Order Fulfillment.

Order Fulfillment

ABS Order Fulfillment P.E.P. Pack® interfaces with ABS Wholesale Distribution and is designed for companies that need the ability to fill customer orders from multiple warehouses, including the ability to fill a partial quantity from one location and the balance from others.

With Order Fulfillment you can review inventory levels before you assign orders, fill orders faster by splitting item quantities, and monitor products you need to immediately re-order. Order Fulfillment also supports the release of products stored at vendor warehouses.

The system automatically creates orders for each warehouse from which products are taken to eliminate double entry.

R/F Bar Code

ABS R/F Bar Code is an optional software product that interfaces with any of 3 ABS inventory modules: Wholesale Distribution, Purchase Order, and Point of Sale.

R/F Bar Code Allows You to Process the Following Types of Inventory Information via a Hand-Held Radio Frequency Terminal:

  • Inventory counts
  • Inventory receipts
  • Inter-warehouse transfers
  • Order releases

R/F Bar Code is a real-time solution. All information entered on the hand-held terminal instantly updates the Inventory File in ABS W/D, P/O or POS. This eliminates the need to download the data to your PC.

Here’s how the system works. From the ABS workstation, you set a series of defaults for physical inventory functions, such as counting inventory. The defaults identify the ABS data entry fields employees must complete to perform the function. When an employee performs a fuinction, the required fields are displayed on the hand-held terminal to instruct the employee–step by step–what information to enter to complete the task.

The R/F terminal transmits the scanned or keyed data to a base station, then to your host computer.

ABS R/F Bar Code Offers These Benefits:

  • Reduces time and expenses for counting inventory
  • Ensures consistent data entry…even from new employees
  • Eliminates downloading data to your PC
  • Includes password protection by operator and by task

Remote Processing

ABS Remote Processing P.E.P. Pack® interfaces with ABS Wholesale Distribution and Point of Sale. It lets companies with multiple warehouses and/or stores transfer sales, inventory and receivables data from remote locations to the corporate (hub) processing center, to download data from the hub to satellite locations, and to transfer data between locations.

Remote Processing Transfers Critical Data, Including

  • Price changes
  • New SKUs
  • Customer file changes
  • Inventory levels
  • Sales transactions
  • Sales tax
  • Finance charges

Remote Processing supports up to 999 locations.

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