A full ERP system designed by Admantix International.


A fully integrated accounting distribution package. Ideally suited for companies 2 million to 100 million in sales. It works in a Windows 2000 server version with a MS SQL database. We also have a database product for smaller companies.


An efficient Accounts Payable (A/P) system is crucial in managing cash flow. Keeping your company in good standing with your vendors is an essential part of running a successful business. Admantix A/P allows you to manage payments for all types of vendors. Admantix A/P makes it easy to avoid duplicate invoices and late payments and automatically take early payment discounts, ensuring that you save time and money.

A complete vendor and purchasing system is offered when A/P is integrated with P/O.

The system is equipped with unlimited storage of contact and address information as well as federal information and credit terms. An extensive note system also enables you to record an unlimited amount of notes regarding general A/P information (reference notes, payment information etc).


In today’s business it is crucial to keep up with your customers’ activity and credit in order to ensure your clients receive the highest level of customer service, and your business is able to maximize cash flow. You can achieve all this and more with Admantix Accounts Receivable (A/R) module.

A/R enables the user to complete invoicing, receivables and maintain customers quickly and efficiently, allowing you to provide customers with prompt service on demand. The flip side is that it also provides management with easily accessible and accurate account analysis of receivables, collections and customer credit through numerous A/R reports. You will be able to effortlessly generate reports such as monthly statements, and aging reports.


With Admantix Customer Order Processing (COP) you will be able to consistently provide your customers with prompt and efficient service with the power of complete order entry, customer and inventory management systems. And as always with Admantix there is a powerful multi-currency function for any users who transact business with foreign companies.


Admantix General Ledger (G/L) gives users maximum control in managing all of their accounting transactions efficiently as possible while minimizing the amount of human error. Admantix G/L provides you with quick and up-to-date information that allows you to make informed decisions regarding your company, improving your financial control and lowering costs.

Powerful functions are provided for general bookkeeping, while data is updated immediately after posting for instant information retrieval. This provides instant and accurate information in generating financial statements or reports, or creating journal entries and budgets. Admantix G/L enables users to keep in maximum control of their financial data.


Good inventory management is key in running a successful business. Admantix Inventory Management (I/M) puts the power of complete inventory control in your hands. Features such as sales and cost analysis, ABC analysis, obsolete inventory tracking, physical and cycle count features with trend accuracy analysis provide you with the power to effectively manage and analyze your inventory with ease and peace of mind.


It is important to be able to accurately track and analyze the quality, accuracy and delivery of all purchased materials. Admantix Purchase Order (P/O) module allows you to do all of this and more. With P/O at your fingertips users will have total control over purchasing activities.

P/O gives you the capability to monitor vendor performance and allows you to keep inventory levels low while alerting you when material shortages occur. The system easily allows the user to define which items are for resale and which items are for in-house use for easy selection. When using P/O it will instantaneously update the quantity on hand and the quantity on order in the receiving Inventory Management module. Landed cost is also available if required.

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