A multi-module management system designed by AdvancePro Technologies for distribution/wholesale trade and manufacturing companies.

About AdvancePro

AdvancePro simplifies operational processes such as buying, selling, warehousing, & shipping, in order to make them more efficient and effective. AdvancePro facilitates administrative and operational functions like warehouse & inventory control, customer order management, and vendor order management. It helps streamline the warehouse environment by automating shipping and receiving tasks.

From quoting a customer to placing a vendor order, from product assembly and on to picking, packing and shipping, AdvancePro makes every process easier. AdvancePro comes with real-time tools for managing multiple warehouses and picking locations within warehouses. Stock levels can be monitored at a glance, and re-order levels set automatically. AdvancePro’s mobility options allow products to be picked in the warehouse using mobile scanners, while the inventory management system instantly updates.

Scalability is built into the AdvancePro solution. Our many add-on modules are available on an as-needed basis, meaning you don’t have to pay for features that you don’t need. Of course, as your company grows and requires additional functionality, you can easily install modules onto your system. From business intelligence & reporting, to bar coding, lot/serial number tracking, and manufacturing BOMs: as you grow, AdvancePro grows with you.

E-Commerce Integration

.NET Services are Internet based add-on’s that are available with AdvancePro. They allow you to expand the functionality by adding various web sites that integrate with your inventory & order management solution. With AdvancePro 's web services you can now combine your online strategy with your basic business practices.

Features include: The .Net platform allows you to manage your website off-line. Once you synchronize, all updates are reflected on the website and orders downloaded into AdvancePro- for processing is available for B2B, B2C and Sales Reps and Sales Reps: enable online purchasing by your customers.sell products direct to the public.

Sales Reps Automation - enables your remote sales force

General System Management/CRM

Customers are the heart of any business. AdvancePro understands this, and has developed customer management tools to help foster better business relationships. AdvancePro allows you to:

  • Automatically or manually assign account numbers
  • Add unlimited billing and shipping addresses
  • Store EDI compliant Store ID and Warehouse ID information
  • Add customer level pricing exceptions
  • Set sales goals per customer
  • Set customer reminders and alerts
  • View detailed customer history and logs

There are no limitations to the number of customers that can be entered into AdvancePro, or on the number of shipping and billing addresses assigned to each customer. AdvancePro stores and manages detailed customer information such as chosen currency, payment terms, and applicable taxes.

AdvancePro’s customer order management capabilities can reserve product for specific customers, set minimum order values and issue and process RMAs.

AdvancePro also manages the sales process through assigning Sales Reps, calculating commissions, and setting and tracking sales goals on a per customer basis. Quotes can be prepared and emailed directly from AdvancePro, and customer-level pricing strategies applied to them as well.

AdvancePro’s intuitive user interface and powerful database technology helps make customer management an easier and more efficient process.Automatically assign account numbers

Inventory Management

Inventory is the lifeblood of your organization. AdvancePro helps you properly manage your stock easily and efficiently. In AdvancePro you can:

  • Set up unlimited Products in your inventory
  • Set re-order alerts and target stock levels for multiple warehouses
  • Run detailed reports for items below set re-order levels and target stock levels
  • Assign lot and serial numbers to units
  • Reserve inbound stock for customer back orders
  • Automatically allocate stock to customer orders
  • Assign inventory to multiple warehouses or multiple locations
  • Transfer stock between warehouses or picking locations
  • Track inventory in multiple picking locations
  • Update stock levels using excel import tools
  • Manage cycle counts with a dedicated module
  • Run inventory valuation reports by Average Cost, FIFO, LIFO
  • Setup item kits and kits within kits
  • View detailed breakdown of components belonging to kits

Order Management

Efficient Order Management is central to the success of any business dealing with the movement of products. AdvancePro provides high-speed, error-free data entry when placing orders for customers/vendors.

With an existing customer, the number of keystrokes is reduced to an absolute minimum. Address re-keying and duplication is practically eliminated while the easy to follow color coded status informs you immediately if an order has the correct inventory in stock or if an automatic vendor order needs to be created.

By sharing information and making it easily accessible, AdvancePro significantly reduces search and transaction costs. Combine this optimized order-entry with the Internet and create a defining business standard using AdvancePro’s Web Services.

Features Include:

  • Quick and easy order entry and processing
  • Real time stock information during order entry
  • View discount % on customer orders
  • View ETA date for inbound vendor orders
  • Option to automatically place a related vendor orders for back-order stock
  • Place drop ship vendor orders
  • Color coded order statuses
  • Detailed reporting for back ordered items
  • Print pick, pack, and ship slips
  • Create and email customer order quotations
  • Email pro-forma invoices
  • Automatically process imported customer orders
  • Import orders via XML Import tools
  • Accept payments by charging credit cards or checks
  • Record three levels of notes with unique privacy settings
  • Order Entry using Order Matrix (Apparel Industry Standard)

Pricing Management

AdvancePro helps manage pricing and discounts through a flexible and robust feature set. These features offer a wide range of possibilities for pricing, discounting and currency acceptance methods.

  • Create multiple levels of pricing exceptions
  • Assign pricing by customer groups
  • Assign pricing by individual product or by category of products
  • Assign a percentage (%) discount or markup
  • Lock your pricing exceptions against future changes

AdvancePro’s multi-tier pricing options enables a quick response to product cost changes, customer-based pricing initiatives, and calendar-based sales. On the first tier, pricing can be assigned either to individual products or product categories. On the second tier, individual customers or groups of customers can have special pricing applied to them. Finally, global discounts can be applied on a time-limited basis to accommodate for seasonal or periodic promotions.

Volume discounts can also be applied and will automatically activate when a customer purchases over a chosen threshold level.

With AdvancePro, payment can be accepted in multiple currencies, and automatically converted into the currency of your choice.

If AdvancePro’s B2C web services are being used, promotional codes can be accepted directly from our securely hosted website.

Reports/Business Intelligence

Today, few business run on gut feelings. Effective managers need accurate and real-time reports and intelligence in order to make the right business decisions for an organization. AdvancePro understands this and offers many flexible reports such as:

  • Multiple reports for purchasing, warehousing, sales, shipping and tracking
  • Track the Net Movement of your inventory
  • Run Advanced Shipping reports by order statuses
  • Forecasting Report
  • Customer Sales Goals Reports
  • Sales reports by Customer, Products and Vendors
  • Inventory Valuation report by Average Cost, FIFO, LIFO
  • Multiple Picking Locations reports
  • Lot/Serial Number report
  • Admin user tracking report to view detailed usage history of AdvancePro Inventory Adjustment report
  • Business Intelligence tool to generate your own customized reports

Vendor Management

AdvancePro helps manage vendor relationships to ensure that greater choice, accuracy & efficiency exist when buying materials and products.

Single products can be assigned multiple vendors within AdvancePro, for better “comparison shopping.” On a per-vendor basis, preferred currency, payment terms, credit limit, taxes and preferred carrier can be assigned, as well as unlimited shipping and billing addresses. With one mouse-click, all products on back-order from a particular vendor can be viewed. Vendor-specific SKU’s can be assigned to products, so that buyer and seller can speak the same language.

If back-ordered products from different customer orders are available from one vendor, these products can be consolidated onto one vendor order, for more efficient order processing. Orders can be emailed to vendors directly from AdvancePro, or sent via EDI or XML.

To aid in vendor analysis, reports can prepared on vendor purchases, returns and on product sales per vendor.

Warehouse Management

Though your organization may have loyal customers and excellent in-demand product, your warehouse must be running efficiently for your business to succeed.

AdvancePro offers:

  • Effective warehouse management tools
  • Intuitive picking, packing and shipping processes
  • Integration with UPS, FedEx and USPS
  • Complete customer and vendor RMA capabilities
  • Multiple warehouse management tools
  • Multiple picking location functionality
  • Create and print Bill Of Ladings
  • Create and assign picking slips to pallets
  • Run reports by warehouses to track inventory

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