ALCIE Distribution Suite

A full ERP system designed by ALCIE Integrated Solutions for distribution/wholesale trade and professional services companies.

About ALCIE Distribution Suite

ALCIE Distribution Is a Modular, Integrated System Comprising Inventory Management, Order Entry, Purchase Order Management, Bill of Materials and Bulk Distribution.

ALCIE Distribution supports Gordon Graham’s distribution philosophies. Included are comprehensive Order Entry capabilities with kit sales, split commissions, flexible pricing rules, multiple discount options (each with quantity price breaks) and Purchase Order generation for non-stocked items. A complete Inventory Management includes replenishment algorithms based on EOQ (Economic Order Quantity) with automatic Purchase Order generation, multiple stocking locations in-transit tracking, as well as, inventory serial and lot tracking.

ALCIE Distribution promotes usability with unlimited purchase and sale order line comments, units of measure, substitute inventory items, accessories per item, etc. Order Entry ‘drill-downs’ enable ‘on-the-fly’ querying, modification and optionally, the creation of customers, Purchase Orders and Inventory.

ALCIE’s Automated Bulk Distribution Module Expedites Mass Distribution Through the Automatic Generation of Orders, Picking Reports, Shipping Documents and Invoices - En-Masse - According to Pre-Defined and Ever-Changing ‘Distribution Demands’.

Accounts Receivable

ALCIE A/R is a multi-purpose enterprise Accounts Receivable Application. Its features include Cash Receipts, Recurring Transactions, Finance Charges, Debit/Credit Processing and includes an embedded Invoicing subsystem. It supports multiple A/R sub-ledgers, banks and currencies, inter-company transactions and multiple ship-to addresses per customer account. ALCIE A/R provides an Import function for automated loading of transactions generated by third-party or other in-house billing systems.In addition, ALCIE’s Accounts Receivable module provides enterprise-wide functionality with detailed immediate customer inquiries and instant access to extensive credit and payment information.

Some Powerful Features:

  • Direct entry of debit, crdit and sales transactions with optional invoice printing. Automated entries from other ALCIE applications and external systems. Easy entry of cash receipts with allocation to specific invoices, allowance and unapplied credits. All transactions details are retained for user definable period.
  • Salesperson, stocking location, FOB, freight billing, territory, tax entity, service charges, ship via, zone, region and terms codes are stored in easy access table, shared with other modules eliminating duplicate entry.
  • Extensive sales analysis reports.
  • On-line account inquiry including aging, remaining credit, open balances and detailed transaction history.
  • Salesperson commission reporting available in detail or summary forms.
  • Customer adjustments with edit and journal reports. Customer statements may be printed by user definable frequency.

Optionally it can also be a robust, self-sufficient stand alone accounts receivable application.

ALCIE Accounts Payable

ALClE’s ALCIE A/P is a multi-use enterprise financial application which can record transactions from Purchase Orders, Project Accounting, Inventory Job Cost Manufacturing and other General Accounting transactions. It supports Recurring Payables, complex inter-company distributions, multiple sub-ledgers and banks and currencies. Virtually unlimited vendor mailing addresses, payment flexibility and manual check processing. Accounts Payable module offers enterprise-wide functionality including automatic calculation of due and discount dates, automatic voucher numbering, check reconciliation, duplicate invoice checking, recurring payables, and complex inter-company distributions.

Accounts Payable voucher entry enables automatic reconciliation with Purchases, Expense Requisitions, Inventory Price Adjustments, Project/Activity Accounting and Manufacturing Job Cost which reduces clerical time and contributes to the bottom line.

Some Powerful Features:

  • Fast voucher entry with user-defined auto-skip fields. Manual check and void check processing. Vendor history can be retained indefinitely.
  • Adjust inventory/job cost for price/quantity variances from ALCIE Purchase Order receiving or ALCIE Job Cost applications. Inter-company vouchering with automatic inter-company entries.
  • Recurring voucher processing with start, stop and review dates. Default general ledger account per vendor.
  • Invoice payment flexibility is virtually unlimited, including partial payments, payments by due or discount dates, vendor, sub-ledger or invoice ranges, with optional manual overrides.
  • On-line vendor account inquiry of open invoices and detailed transaction history

Optionally it can also be a robust, self-sufficient stand alone accounts payable application.

ALCIE Automated Distribution

ALCIE’s multi-company Bulk Distribution module automates enterprise-wide mass distribution and repetitive orders / shipments. Bulk distribution, services just-in-time inventory clients, consolidated multi-customer bulk shipments, and mass delivery of subscribed materials or services.

Multiple distribution cycles can be simultaneously in progress for the same or different groups of customers. Shipments and billings of one or more inventory items can be consolidated and produced at the push of a single button.

ALCIE’s Bulk Distribution module is fully integrated with ALCIE’s Order Processing and Inventory Management systems.

Some Powerful Features:

  • Customer subscription demand records, specifies shipment and billing quantities which apply to each subscription item.
  • Unlimited subscription products can be designated and processed simultaneously.
  • Subscription distribution records specifies delivery quantities for each customer destination according to each mode of shipment.
  • Subscription distribution records can be set up to be sourced from a specific warehouse.
  • Subscriptions can be set up to start and stop at any time.

Optionally it can also be a robust, self-sufficient stand alone bulk distribution application.

ALCIE Bill of Materials

ALCIE’s multi-company, 12-level enterprise Bill of Materials module enables Sales Order Processing to build picking lists for kit items, Inventory Management to assemble kits, and Manufacturing to allocate materials to shop orders while forming the basis of the material build-up in Standard Product Costing.

Some Powerful Features:

  • Bill of Materials with up to 12 levels of indentation.
  • Create new bill of materials by copying existing ones.
  • Component date sensitivity through active and obsolescent date tracking.
  • Provides for phantom items.
  • Inquiry screens support single level and multi-indented queries.

Optionally it can also be a robust, self-sufficient stand alone bill of materials application.

ALCIE Inventory Management

ALCIE’s multi-warehouse Inventory Management provides enterprise-wide inventory control including full inventory receipts, issues, transfers, physical cycle counts and ABC analysis. The Inventory module services all ALCIE Distribution and Manufacturing modules, as well as the Project Accounting module. ALCIE Inventory Management automatically integrates with General Ledger, Sales Order Entry & Invoicing, Bulk Distribution, Purchasing and Expense Requisitioning, Accounts Payable, Project Accounting, Bill of Materials, Manufacturing and Quoting & Estimating.

** Some Distinguishing Features:**

  • Virtually unlimited stocking locations.
  • Unlimited units or measure with automatic conversion at receiving and shipping time.
  • Physical cycle count processing including freeze function, cycle codes, and tag controls.
  • Unlimited number of vendors per item.
  • Lot and serial number tracking capability.
  • Hazardous Material classifications.

ALCIE Inventory Replenishment

ALCiE’s Inventory Replenishment Module provides recommended purchase information based on Usage (from Sales Orders), Product Lead Times, and Economic Order Quantities. This information enables a company to promote customer satisfaction through sustained order fulfillment, while minimizing inventory carrying costs.

Purchase Order Requisitions may be automatically generated using the recommended order quantities. The purchasing agent may then modify the requisition quantities in order to satisfy specific market conditions and/or operational requirements.

Some powerful features:

  • History Quantity Override
  • Real-time Inventory Stock Control
  • Usage Exception Report
  • Unlimited number of items
  • Review Cycle Update
  • Review Cycle Exception Report
  • Lead Time Exception Report
  • Replenishment Action Report

ALCIE Order Processing & Sales Analysis

ALCIE’s enterprise-wide Order Processing and Sales Analysis provides several functionalities. Inventory is automatically allocated as orders are entered and relieved when invoiced ensuring continuously consistent stock status. Extensive open and back order reporting assist in shipping the item to the customer as fast as possible. Sales analysis by customer and item or any combination of item, customer, product category and customer type provide powerful sales management tools. Order entry pricing and Sales commissions are automatically calculated based on a wide selection of options.

Some of the Features Include:

  • Minimum keystrokes to enter order with user defined cursor flow.
  • Pop-up customer inquiry including on-line aging and credit information during order entry.
  • Virtually unlimited ‘Ship To’ addresses and delivery instructions for each ‘Bill To’, including manual entry override.
  • Automatic credit hold processing based on credit limit or past due invoices with user-defined grace period.
  • Inventory inquiry includes; stack status by warehouse, stocking location, kit components, component where used, P0 status, allocations by order, accessories, substitutes and text.
  • Extensive Sales Analysis reports. Sales analysis information is retained indefinitely.
  • Support for non-inventoried (phantom) items.
  • Automatic creation of order lines for defined accessory items (under user selection).
  • Automated Order creation (requires use of ALCIE’s Bulk Distribution Module).
  • Unlimited comments for line items. Comments may be directed to pick tickets, invoice or both.

ALCIE Purchasing

ALClE’s multi-company, multi-currency Purchase and Requisitioning module provides enterprise-wide instant tracking of Orders and Requisitions by requisitioner, buyer, vendor, item, order, project or job.

Purchasing is automatically integrated with ALCIE’s Distribution, Manufacturing and Financial modules. Requisitioning is either item or vendor driven and supports non-purchase order expense requisitioning. Accounts Payable supplier invoices reconciles with both purchase order receipts (with automatic inventory cost adjustments as required), or non-purchase order requisitions.

Some Powerful Features:

  • Unlimited comments fo each purchase order line.
  • Automatically generate purchase orders from requisitions. Automated lead-time calculations with manual override.
  • Automatic generation of purchase requisitions from ALCIE Inventory Management module (replenishment) and ALCIE Order Entry module for drop-ships and non-stock items).
  • Full integration with ALCIE Financials
  • Accrual system for items received but not yet invoiced. Supports multiple and partial receipts.
  • Vendor, item and pricing history can be maintained indefinitely. Extremely flexible inquiry by vendor, item, job, etc.

Optionally it can also be a robust, self-sufficient stand alone purchase order management application.

General Ledger

ALCIE G/L is a multi-purpose enterprise-wide application designed to capture and trace every fiscal transaction in your organization, whether entered directly in the G/L module or automatically captured from other installed modules. On-line Inquiry provides drill-down capability into Accounts Payable, Receivable and Inventory transactions. Features include: Journal Entry and Reversing Entries, Recurring Transactions, Budgets, Allocations, and custom report writing. A virtually unlimited assortment of financial statements and management reports can be produced.

Transactions are manually input or automatically created by other installed ALCIE modules. A virtually unlimited array of financial statements and management reports can be produced.

Some Powerful Features:

  • User defined, multi-company, charts of accounts with multi-level reporting and consolidation. Common chart of accounts option for multiple companies.
  • Automatic journal entries from all other ALCIE applications or from user definable recurring entries. Prior or future period adjustments. Account allocations based on powerful user definable rules.
  • Transaction detail and comparative data may be retained indefinitely. Reprint journals at any time.
  • Begin new fiscal year processing before closing previous year, retaining all details in previous years. User definable financial statements using ALCIE’s Financial reportwritter.
  • Mutliple currencies.

Optionally it can also be a robust, self-sufficient stand alone general ledger application.

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