An ERP system designed by Apprise Software for distribution/wholesale trade and manufacturing companies.

About Apprise

Apprise is an industry specific enterprise resource planning (ERP) application designed for consumer goods designers, manufacturers and distributors. This integrated supply chain management software offers global consumer goods companies the rich functionality and robust tools they need to meet all their customers’ needs, including retailer compliance requirements such as EDI, RFID and chargeback management tools. Integrated applications for import management, accounting, warehousing, customer service, reporting and more, help streamline your entire business to give you real-time intelligence that drives better decision making.

As of 2017, Apprise has become a part of the Aptean family. Apprise is now Aptean Distribution ERP.

The Apprise integrated suite also includes unique profitability tools to help you see and understand the bottom line impact of doing business with all your customers. It’s unique profitability tools integrate all your business costs including chargebacks, royalties, allowances and more, so you can see your true profitability by customer, supplier and product.

Apprise streamlines global operations and improves visibility from the manufacturing floor to order delivery. Apprise’s professional services team offers consulting and implementation services based on industry best practices to help optimize your business and boost your profit margins. With Apprise, you get automated workflows, advanced analytic tools, and a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI). A visually rich and user friendly navigation makes the Apprise application easy to learn and use, so your team can improve efficiencies and maximize service levels to all your customers.

You can count on Apprise to streamline your entire business to help you:

  • Manage your Financials
  • Analyze Business Performance and Manage Reporting
  • Manage Products throughout their Lifecycle
  • Track Critical Supplier Data
  • Streamline Transportation & Logistics
  • Optimize your Warehouse & Inventory Management
  • Maximize your eBusiness Enterprise
  • Improve Manufacturing Efficiency and Flow
  • Increase Accuracy in Demand Planning & Purchasing
  • Improve Import Management Processes and Visibility
  • Comply with Retailer Requirements
  • Share EDI Data
  • Enhance your Customer Sales & Service Experience

Analytics & Reporting

Gain real-time insight and analysis into performance history and trends across your entire business operations. The Apprise® Executive Information System provides you with dynamic, drill-down access to summary, detail and original documentation for standard inquiries. And our optional business intelligence tools enable you to flexibly mine data using pre-designed or customizable data cubes powered by Cognos®. Apprise is a fully integrated solution that gives you on demand access to all your business performance drivers including balance sheet and income statement results. You can count on Apprise when you need to analyze customer or product specific data, order fill rates, turns and earns, sales performance and much more. Our analytics and reporting tools give you flexible, easy access to the key performance metrics most important to your business.

Our unique industry specific profitability tools help you calculate profitability by customer, product, or supplier. With Apprise, you can account for above-the-line and below-the-line business costs including freight, allowances, chargebacks, commissions, royalties and more. You can also view profitability trends over time, or compare results, to better understand the impact on your bottom line.

Customer & Supplier Portals

Apprise® Customer Portal ensures youýre ready for business whenever your customers are. Our optional e-commerce application can help maximize operational efficiency while improving your online B2B or B2C presence. With Apprise, customers can easily enter orders online based on customer-specific pricing and discounting terms. Our credit card transaction interface allows you to capture and integrate sales and revenues in real time throughout your operation. Online inventory information gives your customers real-time insight into product availability and allocation. Plus, Apprise Customer Portal gives your trading partners the ability to access on-demand information on order status, delivery options, invoices, freight charges, account balances and more, 24/7.

With Apprise® Supplier Portal your suppliers, agents or other third parties can enter, edit and update shipment and container information on all your orders in real time, saving you time and valuable resources. Integration with the Apprise® Supplier Production Monitoring module helps facilitate ongoing communication between you and all your suppliers, agents and third parties in response to user-defined workflows based on your business rules. Data entered into our Supplier Portal is fully integrated across your entire organization so promise dates are automatically available to authorized users such as procurement officers, customer service teams and more. Full integration with the Apprise® Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) module helps facilitate critical business communication such as enabling suppliers to submit bids and documentation associated with PLM-defined workflows. Improve the quality of your data through real-time collaboration with suppliers. With Apprise Supplier Portal you can streamline DRP and other procurement activities, minimize resource time and lighten the workload on your team.

Demand Planning

Apprise® gives you the tools you need to quickly and accurately forecast inventory needs based on industry standard algorithms, point-of-sale data and collaborative customer forecasts, including history and on-hand inventory. The flexible rule-based environment provides automatic alerts on inventory status and reorder levels. A time phased approach to demand planning and purchasing enables you to account for long lead times, while minimizing inventory carrying costs and eliminating stock out situations.


The Apprise integrated financial management application ensures you have the tools you need to easily identify, take action on and report exceptions and trends to maximize receivables, streamline credit and collections and manage and enhance your business cash flow. Our flexible General Ledger and rule-based environment gives you the ability to establish companies, fiscal periods, accounts, currencies, and budgets aligned with the way you do business. Improve your receivables management through exception management, electronic check application, and on-demand, retroactive aging reports. With Apprise you can maximize cash receipts through user-defined rules that automate the collection process and generate collection letters. Apprise also gives you the tools you need to view current and historical A/P and cash flow history and trends without digging through cumbersome month-end paper trails. See your current cash position and obligations in real time through cash requirements and open items aging reports. Electronic check voiding allows you to void checks and reopen invoices. And integrated online invoice images make it easy to research, dispute, and manage payables.

Import Management

Track vessels, containers and shipments on land or at sea to gain better visibility into your business no matter where your goods are in the supply chain. With Apprise, you can build shipments and containers by weight, volume or value. Our tools give you the flexibility to consolidate, track and manage multiple purchase orders and shipments, to maximize space and cost efficiencies.

Gain visibility into your true landed costs. With Apprise, you can allocate agency fees, shipping expenses, customs fees, duties by harmonization codes, taxes, insurance and other fees down to the product level by unit, cube, weight, or value. Deeper insight into all your costs can help improve purchasing and pricing decisions to boost your profitability.

Apprise is designed for global companies. Our multi-lingual and multi-currency capabilities give you the flexibility to do business with a broader range of suppliers and customers.


From capacity planning to costing and flexible routing, Apprise® Manufacturing helps you meet the demands of global discrete build-to-order or build-to-stock operations. Execute your production plan with our manufacturing tools that integrate demand resource planning (DRP) and manufacturing resource planning (MRP) requirements. Apprise Manufacturing helps you maximize inventory control, capacity planning and production scheduling, while giving you the tools you need to manage simple or complex costing, gain accurate visibility into bill of material component requirements and effectively track, manage and reduce costs.

Apprise is designed for global business. Our multi-lingual, multi-currency application gives you more flexibility to do business with a broader range of suppliers and customers.

Product Lifecycle Management

Create and monitor tasks from design through production. With Apprise® Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) you can improve collaboration between all stakeholders throughout the entire life of your product line. Apprise enables you to easily create user-defined workflows based on your unique business rules for suppliers, products and factories. And data can be imported and exported throughout our integrated application to increase efficiency and collaboration with third parties.

The Apprise modern graphical user interface (GUI) and drag-and-drop tools make it easy to assign teams, rules, workflows and security to manage the development process through a product class or individual productýs lifecycle. Share photos, design schematics, and other data to improve communication and collaboration. Easily view open tasks through our Task Manager tools which include tickler dates, alerts, task status, detail views, and other functionality designed to improve user efficiency.

Retail Compliance

Maximize your revenue potential by meeting all your vendor compliance requirements. Our flexible rule-based environment enables you to meet the diverse compliance requirements of all your retail and mass merchant trading partners including UCC 128 labeling, EDI, RFID and dynamic routing. Define customer-specific business rules to track, dispute, recover and reduce customer chargebacks for improved receivables performance and increased profitability. Integrate real time sales, shipping, payment and inventory planning in collaboration with your largest customers. Prioritize and allocate inventory on a customer level basis to optimize customer service relationships.

Apprise® EDI Solutions gives you multiple EDI service options that allow you to take a hands-on or hands-off approach to meeting ASC X12 and UCS standards. Choose from our fully integrated solution that puts you in the driverýs seat and eliminates the need for 3rd party EDI software. Or sign up for our managed EDI services and allow our professional EDI solutions team to manage all your EDI activity and mapping for you.

Apprise offers RFID solutions that help you achieve compliance quickly and effectively. Our integrated tools and processes allow you to automate RFID data management and labeling based on your processes and business rules.

Sales & Service

Apprise enables you to use customer specific rules to manage all your unique relationships. Establish individual contract, credit, collections, pricing, discounting, and invoicing terms to maximize service and profitability. Our flexible pricing tools allow you to use customer specific pricing or assign price book, class, region or family pricing. With Apprise, you can apply the same rules to all your individual customer transactions whether they originate by phone, on-line or via EDI. And our full array of payment terms helps enhance customer satisfaction by allowing customers to make payment in the manner most convenient for them: by credit card, cash on delivery, financing, credit, or net payment terms.

Our integrated CRM solution enables sales and support teams to maximize revenue potential through centralized contract management with real-time access to customer terms. Improve efficiencies and customer satisfaction with real-time order status, dynamic proof of delivery, and automated e-mail capabilities.

Supplier Production Monitoring

Monitor production activities with all your suppliers using our Apprise® Supplier Production Monitoring application. Consolidate all production data and activities in one central repository, so intelligence and tasks can be easily viewed, shared, imported and tracked. Our workflow tools help you stay abreast of activities throughout the production cycle, and user-defined triggers can help keep tasks and approvals on task and on time.

Establish production activities based on your organizationýs unique business rules including the instant launching of your PO process with our automated workflow features that help get your orders produced and filled more rapidly. Apprise offers a modern graphical user interface (GUI) and drag-and-drop tools that make it easy to create and change user defined workflows and alerts.

With Apprise you can monitor and track orders placed and in process. Manage shipping requirements, credit terms, credit approvals, samples, production, inspection and final approval activities all in one integrated application.

Warehouse & Inventory Management

Manage your warehouse operations for maximum efficiency. Apprise includes all the tools you need to allocate space, receive goods, putaway, pick, replenish, and more. Flexibly manage inventory by bin, zone, and single or multiple warehouse locations. Optimize space management based on product type, size and turnover rate. And track your goods and returns by lot or serial number. Apprise® Wireless Warehouse functionality allows you to automate data collection, reduce errors and improve picking and labor efficiencies. Our compliance tools put UCC 128 labeling tools, and RFID technology at your finger tips to maximize compliance based on customer specific rules.

Product Overview

Industry Focus

Apprise is designed primarily for use in the distribution industry.

User Reviews of Apprise

Submitted on August 5th, 2019 by an Apprise user from Revere Mills

The Apprise® ERP system is truly integrated. It enables us to manage all aspects of our operations more efficiently - from purchasing, importing, warehouse management and accounting to EDI and customer service.

Submitted on August 5th, 2019 by Scott Moore from Athens Distributing

From accounts payable to receivables we now have more information at hand. It’s easier to apply payments, and easier to correct them since we can see calculations on screen. In the past, this was a struggle — now we see more detailed information.

Submitted on August 5th, 2019 by Janna Looney from Allure Bridals

With Apprise® ERP we’re able to produce inventory and production reports to understand our sales at the style, color and size level. Our customers love our Customer Portal site. And we’re very pleased, too.