A multi-module management system designed by BaskWare for retail trade companies.

About BaskWare

This product is no longer sold or supported. Please visit the distribution software or retail management software page to find alternative options.

BaskWare is designed specifically for Gift Basket distributors. This product automates the most complex tasks of running your operation. Thereby allowing you to concentrate on more pressing issues. Tasks easily managed by BaskWare include, but are not limited to: complete inventory management, vendor order tracking and confirmation, and order scheduling. This level of automation allows small businesses consisting of only a few individuals to handle the volume of a large corporation.

Customer Module

The Customer Module consists of the customer search screen, the general information screen, the order history screen, and the contact history screen.

  • Customer Search - The customer search allows you to search the customer database by first or last name, email, state, and zip code. You are also able to sort searches by any field or utilize the included advanced search capabilities.
  • General Information - This screen will allow you to view all of an individual customers information. This product will show you customer names addresses and additional information. Furthermore, you can view a map with door-to-door directions from the place your gift basket is being sent from, to a customers house.
  • Order History - The Order History screen allows you to view a complete history of each customers purchase. Additionally, you can analyze buying patterns on a whole and see who is buying what and when. This marketing tool can gather and report on data that would take hours upon hours to gather otherwise.
  • Contact History - The contact history screen will allow you to document all methods of contact with a customer; be they e-mail, marketing campaigns, brochures, catalogs, cold calls, etc.) This screen will let you know which marketing method is the most effective for your customers. Additionally, this screen allows you to track customer comments, suggestions, problems and returns.

Inventory Management

The Inventory Management module allows you to view the quantity on hand for each product and set up inventory minimums. If product levels fall below the minimum a variety of indicators will be triggered, alerting your staff of needed replenishment. This module will ensure that all orders you take can be delivered, and will eliminate losses due to a lack of inventory.

Order/Invoice Module

In the Order/Invoice module you are given all the tools you need to take and process orders, and to send invoices for those orders. Within this module you can search the order database by invoice ID, invoice date, or order status; all able to be sorted by any field. To control your orders, this module features the order general information screen. This screen will allow you to view all general information of a order and that orders status. Additionally this module allows you to easily place products on an order, input information for both billing and shipping, and convert that order to- and print it as- an invoice.

Reporting Features

Included in this product is a detailed report writer that gives you the ability to construct the following reports:

  • Customer Detail
  • Customer Summary
  • Gift Basket Detail
  • Gift Basket Summary
  • Inventory Report
  • Open Order Report
  • Product List Reports - Grouped by brand or vendor
  • Product Shelf Life Warning Report
  • Products Sold by Date
  • Sales Report
  • Sales Tax Detail
  • Sales Tax Summary
  • Vendor Detail
  • Vendor Summary

Scheduling Module

Once you receive and order, your staff must assemble the gift basket and send it to the customer. Staying on top of assembly and ensuring your staff is being properly utilized is a must, to run an efficient and profitable gift basket business. This module will allow you to schedule staff members to orders from a calendar based interface. This schedule can be printed or displayed in the software, allowing you to track the status of every order.

Vendor Module

The Vendor Module is your complete vendor and PO management solution. In this module you can search for vendors by vendor name, contact name, or vendor type. All search results are displayed in scrollable window with sortable columns. Additionally, you can view complete information for every vendor such as, name, address, and contact info. Additionally, each vendor can be set up with minimum ordering requirements. The software will automatically fill in all information on POs and link to the vendors web site to view their catalog and place a feature. The vendor product list allows you to view all products associated with a vendor for easier ordering. Finally after placing a PO you can track the orders placed until their arrival.

Product Overview

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