BirdDog Enterprise Software

A web-based software system designed by BirdDog Software.

About BirdDog Enterprise Software

All-in-One Business Software

  • Only software you need to run your entire business
  • Web-Based interface
  • Real-Time information
  • Anytime / Anywhere Access
  • Integrated eCommerce
  • Integrated CRM
  • Streamlined Order Fulfillment


  • eCommerce
  • Customer Service
  • Brain
  • Sales Manager Console
  • WMS
  • Accounting
  • Content Manager
  • Manufacturing Console

Accounts Payable

Easily Manage Vendors and Bills

The BirdDog Enterprise Accounts Payable software is easy to use and provides everything you need to manage vendors and payments. Save time and minimize human error with our Accounts Payable module.

  • Track due dates
  • Generate payments
  • Print checks
  • Allocate expenses
  • Create, organize, and track vendors
  • Enter and pay bills from vendors
  • Set up recurring bills

Track Vendors

  • Search a vendor’s history
  • Set up default general ledger expense accounts for each vendor.
  • Print a Vendor Master List for a complete detail of vendor accounts.
  • Vendor search and sort can be performed by the vendor’s telephone number.

Banking Console

Banking Tools

Are you tired of the monotonous, manual process of exporting and trading files back-and-forth with your bank?

This suite offers BankRec to automate the reconciliation process. BankRec uses files provided by your bank to automatically reconcile your checks and provides a report of discrepancies. PositivePay provides data files for your bank to verify checks you have written.

Advantages of Bank Rec

  • It makes important updates to general ledger and receives timely entries from the other applications.
  • Provides the ability to reduce bank statement errors
  • Enables to control cash flow with the invalid checks and stop payments function
  • Verifies the amount of cash in your account
  • It helps to uncover irregularities

Advantages of Positive Pay

  • Reduce fraud risk
  • Customers will receive an email alert of unauthorized transactions
  • Customer can return unauthorized transaction

Not Familiar With Positive Pay?

Positive Pay requires the company to send (transmit) a file of issued checks to the bank each day checks are written. When those issued checks are presented for payment at the bank, they are compared electronically against the list of transmitted checks. The check-issue file sent to the bank contains the check number, account number, issue date, and dollar amount. Sometimes the payee name is included, but is not part of the matching service. When a check is presented that does not have a “match” in the file, it becomes an “exception item”. The bank sends a fax or an image of the exception item to the client. The client reviews the image and instructs the bank to pay or return the check.

Billing Console

BirdDog Enterprise invoicing software turns your billing management process into a competitive asset by integrating it completely into your business. Thanks to its seamless quote-to-order-to-bill process and centralized customer data, BirdDog Enterprise invoicing software maximizes your cash flow. You can adapt our billing management software to your company’s specific needs, helping you reduce billing errors and improve customer satisfaction.

Real-time dashboards and detailed visibility into customers and invoices allow you to stay focused on managing receivables. You’ll be able to identify aging trends and arm every employee with the right information to optimize collections.


  • Maximize cash flow with efficient, accurate billing and invoicing
  • Increase billing accuracy dramatically by integrating all processes, from quote to order to bill
  • Reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) with real-time dashboards and detail reports
  • Automating complex recurring, time and project-based billing
  • Improve customer satisfaction by allowing customers to manage their billing and payments online
  • Create invoices automatically based on payment terms.

BRAIN Customer Relationship Management

BirdDog Enterprise software’s CRM technology allows you to easily track customers, leads, contacts, projects, to-dos and so much more. Whether you are looking to manage workflow more efficiently or to add real-time visibility into every department, this is the solution for you. Includes a High Quality, HTML email campaign engine!

Easy to use. BRAIN CRM is a 100% web-based CRM application designed to help sales, marketing and customer service departments exceed their expectations in an easy-to-use, productivity driven environment. You’ll impress your contacts with quick, in-depth responses from initial customer contact long after the sale is made.

Customize it. BRAIN is built to adapt to you. Not the other way around. It is easy to shape to your individual needs. In fact, you can easily customize fields, tabs, screens and more. BRAIN CRM has more features. It’s more user-friendly and it adapts to you with incredible customization.

Cost-effective. BRAIN CRM is more economical than other hosted applications with more features and is more user-friendly. BRAIN CRM offers no annual contracts or long-term commitments. Your contract with BRAIN CRM runs month to month with a 30-day cancellation notice. We’re confident you’ll agree it’s the best CRM software available anywhere.

The CRM software that does it all. BRAIN CRM offers the features, flexibility, customization and budget-friendly CRM application that you’ve been looking for. From implementation, compatibility, and performance to scalability, upgrades, support and on-line chat, BRAIN CRM provides a complete solution.

Content Management System - CMS

Why Content Management?

  • Have you ever struggled to get updates done quickly and accurately?
  • Do you have multiple content owners making contributions?
  • Concerned about brand consistency across your electronic channels?
  • Do you understand when your technical support starts talking HMTL, XML, XSL, or SQL?
  • Are you held accountable for the content releases of others?

BirdDog’s Content Management System Helps Overcome All These Challenges, and More!

It’s an intuitive, comprehensive web publishing solution that empowers communicators to focus on their content and timing of their messages, not the delivery mechanism. Using a web browser and connection to the internet, content managers can administrate all facets of their website, including supporting applications, at any time, from anywhere–all without the need for outside technical support.

With the use of client-defined template designs and attribute-based Web Document Editors, content managers can populate their entire website, confident that their corporate brand presentation is respected. Content assets are not limited to text and image, but include numerous Rich Media (video, sound, animations) and all common file attachments.

All site Navigation is instantly updated to reflect current content status, including all menus, Search and sitemap. Convenient Specials and Events Calendars features use date and time information to push dynamic information to selected webpages keeping audiences informed, up to the minute.

Image Manager

  • Create Image Directories
  • Upload Files
  • Delete Files
  • Download Files

Web Manager

WebManager is the client side tool used to build and maintain highly interactive database-driven Web Sites. WebManager is built to be used by non-technical users. With WebManager, maintenance of your web site can finally be put back in the hands of your Marketing department! Change short descriptions, add long descriptions, add images, as well as promotional information and ‘cross-sell’ links. Supports page information, such as meta tags and page titles, to maximize exposure to web crawlers.

Customer Service

You Spoke, and We Heard Your Voice!

You asked for a powerful solution&

  • Order Entry on a web platform
  • Streamlined order entry process/add customers on the fly
  • Customer information for your employees to serve your customers quickly and efficiently
  • Inventory level information (in stock/on backorder)
  • Tailor pages to your business processes
  • Online access to customers quotes, order and invoice history
  • Logic prompting your reps to upsell and cross sell based on the initial purchase item all in an easy to use layout


BirdDog eCommerce lets you leverage the Web to grow your business faster and more cost effectively. It transforms your static Web Site into a dynamic, database-driven ecommerce engine that ties together online customer acquisition efforts with back-office order fulfillment. With BirdDog eCommerce, your company can easily deliver an intuitive, personalized experience to your customers and partners alike.

What this means is that you can view real-time ecommerce sales and traffic data from your Web site, and customers can be assured that they always viewing accurate inventory. With BirdDog eCommerce solution, you’ll also strengthen your customer relationships by allowing customers to interact with you through your 24/7 shopping mall. Most importantly, you’ll synchronize your ecommerce Web operations with the rest of your business. With streamlined operations, you can eliminate separate islands of sales and inventory data, and reduce the time you spend managing your ecommerce business.

General Ledger

General Ledger module is the core source of information regarding the financial health of your business. The General Ledger is where you create accounts, budgets, and make journal entries. You can track the financial status of your business when you generate and view the available report types. Because all BirdDog Enterprise modules are integrated, there’s no need to enter the same data twice.

Order Rules

Does your business need custom order rules and the ability to create and edit them on the fly? This is your solution!

BirdDog Enterprise software delivers the most powerful system for managing custom order rules while keeping the interface streamlined and intuitive.

Just set the triggers then apply the desired results and you’re done!

Production Order Console

Web-based console allows you to create and release production orders with real-time reporting and analysis functions. Release Orders and report production in batch with customizable criteria.

  • Production Order Dashboard
  • Release and Report Production
  • Report Production - Single Order
  • Production Order Analysis

Sales Manager

Slice and dice your sales data with Sales Manager Console

Pulls directly from your database and gives you access to a variety of useful sales reports and analysis.

Shipping Console

Real-time, web-based integration for your onsite or remote warehouse

Manage unlimited warehouse locations shipping and transfers. User permissions control rights to locations. Confirm ship orders and perform inventory transfers with in-transit location support. Find out more about BirdDog Enterprise business software today!

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