A web-based multi-module management system designed by BizFlex LLC for commercial & service and manufacturing companies.

About BizFlex

BizFlex is aimed at helping your small business increase efficiency and productivity, by connecting all of your operations together in one seamless process. BizFlex will help you sell more effectively, utilize your inventory better and automate order processing and purchasing tasks. This product will improve your customer service by allowing you instant access to information by putting your product catalog on the Internet for employees and customers to use. Since BizFlex Integrates with QuickBooks, Peachtree and 29 other accounting systems, it will save your staff hours by automating many tasks associated with posting activities to your accounting system.

Analysis and Reporting

BizFlex’s reporting capabilities give your managers the ability to track monthly and quarterly progress. In addition BizFlex can compare sales accross geographical location or sales representative. You can also view sales by product, comparing several products against each other, allowing you to get a grasp on each products position on the product life cycle.

Billing & Payments

BizFlex’s functionality greatly increases productivity and decreases the amount of time spent on administrative duties, concerning your billing processes. BizFlex will automatically generate invoices when orders are fulfilled; invoices are then automatically sent via mail, fax or e-mail. This product also incorporates an electronic payments function that allows you to accept credit card, e-check, or PayPal payments. All information is integrated into one of 31 supported accounting programs automatically.


BizFlex offers centralized customer management, giving you the ability to maintain contacts, track meetings, store past transactions, and quote prices. When customers call you are able to instantly develop a quote from the product catalog. Each customer can have an unlimited number of contacts associated with it; allowing you to store detailed information and provide better service. All customer interaction can be tracked, with the ability to write notes about each customer interaction. In the customers application all transactions are stored in a history allowing you to view every detail of every transaction. Furthermore, you are given the ability to search a customer’s transaction history by part number, description, their PO number or job name, or any other data attached to an order, job or invoice. Finally, each customer can have an unlimited number of shipping addresses and bill to addresses, giving you the ability to cater to any size customer.


BizFlex will give you great flexibility in all of your inventory operations. This product allows you to set multiple price levels for the same product, and create complex rules for the pricing of those products (enabling price discrimination). BizFlex also allows you to categorize inventory into an unlimited number of stock types; while being able to customize tracking methods for inventory. You are given the ability to track on an unlimited number of conditions, such as: New, Untested, Scrap, Refurbished, pricing, cost values, and inventory levels. To save time for your warehouse staff, you can implement bar code scanning to verify shipments in or out, and quickly count inventory. You are also given the ability to fight counterfeiting by serializing you inventory; this will allow you to track the manufacturer’s serial number, or create your own. By creating and tracking lot number you can trace which customers are affected by a product problem or recall. Additionally, you can setup an unlimited number of alternate part numbers, using them to find the item while checking pricing and availability, or placing orders.

Orders & Estimates

This product will allow your staff to quickly enter new orders while you have your customers on the phone, giving you the ability to reduce errors and ensure accuracy. Everything about your products, including photos, sales tips, up sell opportunities and technical data, can all be accessed by your staff directly from the order entry screen. This will help you deliver product information to your sales force quickly and easily. All order routing information can be edited; meaning you can edit shipping carrier, service level, and originating warehouse on the item level. This will give you the ability to deliver products to customers on time, every time, even if one warehouse is out of stock of a particular item. All orders can be converted into a purchase orders with one click of a mouse, eliminating house of time otherwise spent re-entering data. The order screen will always display, for your staff, a real-time count of products available in each warehouse in your system. Additionally, your staff is given the ability to view the status of any order, and even view tracking data for UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS and others; all with one click of the mouse. Finally, the Orders & Estimates application allows you to set up automatic e-mail or fax confirmations or estimates based on rules you setup.


BizFlex Purchasing can eliminate lost profits due to not having items in stock; the system does this by assessing your inventory levels and prompting your employees when additional purchases of inventory items are necessary. Your employees are also given the capability of routing purchase orders to different warehouses within the system, so products are sent to where they are needed. Drop ship orders are completely synchronized; when you receive a drop ship invoice for a drop ship PO, the system will trigger the billing of the customer.

Selling on the Web

Since BizFlexis a web-based application, it allows for seamless integration to the Internet, without double entering of data. When you edit data about a product in your inventory, the changes are immediately made everywhere you sell your product (your website, ordering screen, eBay, Google, etc.). BizFlex also allows you to provide your customers with live order status, shipment tracking, invoice printing, online bill payment and address updates from your website. Additionally, BixFlex generates a customized site map file that allows search engines to index your entire product line.


Suppliers - BizFlex also offers centralized supplier management with many of the same features as the customer component. You can manage and edit all of your suppliers; and store all past interactions with them, and notes about those interactions. All supplier records can have an unlimited number of contacts associated with them. Additionally, you can search all recent and historical transactions, or view a transaction history. Searching of transactions within a supplier record can be done by part number, description, PO number or job name, or any other data attached to a PO.

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