A full ERP system designed by Carosoft Consulting for distribution/wholesale trade and manufacturing companies.

About ProSol

ProSol is an accounting package that goes beyond traditional accounting basics and functions. It is a dynamic environment integrating individual modules into a seamless complex information system. Each piece of information on the top level of a financial statement is easily exploreable throughout integrated modules (A/P, A/R, O/E, I/C…) in a way of vertical references. A perfect tree structure without borders or limitations. You will be amazed at how easily you can zoom into the next level of data. Any figure in a revenue account of the General Ledger is zoomable through A/R, O/E, and Shipping all the way down to the individual package SKU shipped.

ProSol is GAAP compliant package. Its’ batch processing oriented environment creates true multi-user interface. It allows your employees to work on their data entries independent from others and being posted to the system only after all required validations are performed.

The multi-currency feature opens your books to an international business. With currency exchange and its fluctuation it always gives you real time financial image of your business.

ProSol allows you to easily consolidate, budget or integrate third party data (i.e. MS Excel).

ProSol is primarily a manufacturing oriented package. It is due to its perfectly consistent integration with MRP module. With understanding of each business unique environment, ProSol manufacturing is 100% customizable package. It reflects on the type of your business, size and culture of your manufacturing facility, level of details or format of reports required.

With ProSol you do not just buy another off-the-shelf accounting package. With ProSol you acquire a solution to your unique needs; you gain a support to business process.

Let our team of programmers work with you to create a solution that will meet all your needs and expectations.

Accounts Payable

With 2-way and 3-way matching of A/P invoices to PO’s and deliveries, your month end accruals are simple to do.

Automatic G/L expense allocation and tax reclaim are a few of many features that let your A/P staff focus on actual work rather than struggling with how to enter or retrieve information.

Accounts Receivable

Have your clients decide whether they prefer receiving invoices by mail, fax or EDI.

Maintain control over credit limit, hold and up-to-date balance of your customer accounts.

ProSol makes collections intuitive and quick. You even get your bank deposit slip printed.


With tight integration to the shipping module, your billing staff can prepare, post and send invoices in a fast and effective manner.

Do you have a lot of customers with EDI invoices receivership? It’s as easy as clicking one button. Do you have customers that don’t want to be bothered by individual invoices after each shipment? ProSol solves a problem by allowing for compilation of multiple shipments and multiple invoices into one.


Never start a new product line without knowing your cost. Do not estimate, but know the cost.

Costing module captures and monitors all direct and overhead costs for you. Have your staff prepare accurate quotes based on true costing. Import Billing Cost from Excel to your system. Capture comparison of Standard Cost to the Purchase Price by Purchase Price Variance posted to G/L.

General Ledger

G/L browser lets you inquire about PTD and YTD balances with smart navigating tools. Next or previous period of entire G/L chart, balance drill-down to actual batches are just a simple click away.

Your Journal Entry can easily be entered as simple, accrual or repetitive. Use build-in wizard to create your own financial statements and have ProSol validate them before publishing.


Create accurate Bill of Material sheets by using Inventory Item Design. Have Inventory Item Design Audit find errors or missing information by itself. Using Inventory smart browser to retrieve inventory status and location, transaction history or cross reference to customers and SKU is quick and easy.

Do you want to have control on your entire inventory by quantities and location? Our bar coded Label ID feature provides you complete and accurate information.

Save hours by using this module to help you with your Physical Inventory count. A complete series of reports are available to assist in identifying parts, auditing tickets used and to reconcile inventory counts.

Order Entry

Serve your customers with prompt answers to their questions about order status, shipment information or invoices by simply calling up O/E Inquiry. Order Release Simulation connected to MRP provides a report that includes all requirements to complete an order.

Exporting to Excel, Sales Budget, reports to capture Sales Order Activity or Shipping History are just a few of the features available.

Production, Scheduling

Material Requirement Planning is the heart and soul of every manufacturing company. We take this matter seriously and deliver on promises.

ProSol keeps track of your work-in-process, automates your resource planning, assists with job scheduling and allows creating work orders.

All financial outcomes from the manufacturing process are automatically fed into the accounting modules. Material demand creates a requisition in P/O, WIP inventory levels feed G/L via Journal Entry at the end of the month.

Purchase Order

Manufacturing material demand is transferred to your purchasing staff by the MRP module and the Material Status Report. This report helps your purchaser enter P/O’s on a timely basis to ensure that all of your manufacturing requirements are met.

ProSol helps you find the best deal on required material without spending hours looking for and negotiating in person.

Has your purchaser received a good deal on your manufacturing materials? Have them issue a Blanket Purchase Order to secure the costs for a longer period of time.

Shipping, Receiving

You have two separate menus for orders in and out of your company. You have many separate features to control your shipping and receiving. Your receiving department is informed what is scheduled for delivery as data from Purchase Orders module is available to them.

Received P/O’s are updated by receiver at a receiving dock at a time of delivery. No more paperwork forwarded to the office for data entry.

Based on Pick Lists completed by warehouse staff your shipper is able to prepare a shipping schedule. He/She can print a Bill of Lading, scan a shipment and have them ready for loading. Outstanding CSO Report allows a shipper to capture orders that are due to be shipped.

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