A inventory control application designed by Ceritar Technologies for distribution/wholesale trade companies.

About Logirack Distribution

Logirack Distribution will give you everything you need to manage your distribution business. This software package will ensure that your orders are delivered completely and in the right order to your customer. Your customers will rest assured that they will be given consistent lead times, hence giving you better results thanks to repeat purchases.

Logirack Distribution will give your company complete control of your distribution operations, form the call taking, to the delivery, and the financial management. This solution was created for distribution companies of all sizes. Whether you have simple or elaborated needs in terms of warehousing optimization this system will be perfect for you. Logirack is used to manage a high volume of orders and allow an optimization of the preparation steps of the orders.

Logirack will give you tools which allow an estimation of the execution time while taking into account of the features related to the products, formats, fitting-out, warehousing equipments and the handling.

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User Reviews of Logirack Distribution

Submitted on July 19th, 2018 by Anonymous

As a lead hand at my company I use the logirack system extensively on a daily basis. I work for a large food cold storage and distribution company. I find the system very efficient for the actual worker on the floor. I can navigate through the system and track my inventory by sku, or designated lot number given to said product. This option will give me totals and locations of each skid associated. Shipping is a breeze with the multiple ship option, I consistently see the same trick drivers so I know which orders they are taking, with this option I can scan a pallet and get the bill of lading of the order, from there I can go back to the shipping option and type in the bill of lading number or continue scanning in the multi ship option. Overall the system is very user friendly and takes no time to figure out how to use the system.

The Good…

What I like best is once I knew the system in and out for the majority of my work, I did not have to return constantly to the office to get information, I could find everything on my hand held scanner.

The Bad…

Cannot seem to find an option to find product (sku or lot) by scanning a location.