CMC Distribution/Processing

An ERP system designed by Chilson’s Management Controls for agriculture/forestry/fishing/mining companies.

About CMC Distribution/Processing

Integrated ERP ready software for perishable distribution, poultry, and egg companies. Includes processing, product costing, order entry, pricing, A/R, sales analysis, distribution, general accounting, payroll, flock records and feed mill software systems that have been designed and proven in your industry for over 30 years. Integrates with popular office products, its ODBC compatible and it is portable between platforms. Chilson’s offers turnkey solutions and continuing support.

Accounts Receivable/Sales Analysis


  • Aging Report has six operator configurable aging limits that can be based on ship or invoice dates.
  • Includes daily, weekly, period, and year-end recommended procedures.
  • Maintains detailed Invoice and Cash Receipt Histories with Reporting and Look-Up features.
  • Verifies product availability during Order Entry with stock-low or stock-out notification.
  • Salesperson and Broker features for tracking sales, margins, and paying commissions.
  • Cash collection report with four due dates for cash flow management.



  • Interfaces with Order Entry, Accounts Receivable, Purchase Order, and General Ledger.
  • Product descriptions, group codes, UPC codes, and product reference codes transfer from Accounts Receivable.
  • Inventory adjusts automatically for purchases, sales orders and invoices.
  • Product descriptions, group codes and other basic information transfer from A/R. No re-keying.
  • The system stores UPC bar codes and will print a report by product with UPC bar codes.
  • Product codes are alpha numeric - up to eight characters. Reports offer single, list or all.
  • Keeps detailed records of all transactions that affect quantity, value or location of inventory.
  • General Ledger can be updated from inventory by monthly totals or by individual transactions.
  • Inventory can be relieved by aging code (lot number, date codes, etc.) or production/purchase date.
  • Product inquiry shows quantity and per unit cost by location at a glance.
  • Warns operator at order entry if sales order drops inventory below specified minimum level.
  • Warns operator during P.O. entry if P.O. will increase inventory beyond specified maximum.
  • Handles multiple units of measure with conversions (units to cases, bushels to pounds, etc.).
  • Interfaces with C.M.C. General Ledger, Feed Control and Flock Record systems.
  • Stores life expectancy of perishable products in days. Report lists those that need immediate attention.
  • Keeps track of parts and supplies. Allows distribution to departments and expenses as needed.
  • Product costing for processing plants provides accurate cost, and margin reports.
  • Exploding production creates products by dividing up existing products (i.e. WOGS to parts).
  • Imploding inventory formulation combines ingredients to create products (i.e. grain to feed).

Purchase Order


  • Interfaces with C.M.C. Inventory. When a P.O. is received inventory is automatically updated.
  • Can receive Product in cases and update inventory in pack units (pounds, dozens, each).
  • Receives product by location, lot and date for detailed inventory tracking.
  • Once received a P.O. can generate an A/P voucher - pounds/$ should reconcile to vendor invoice.
  • Post purchases to G/L by creating vouchers which are included in A/P posting.
  • Handles incomplete orders and back orders.
  • Option to close order when quantity received is short or long of the quantity ordered.
  • Stores quantity price break information by vendor and product.
  • Optional buyer validation and buyer purchase-history report.
  • Can calculate freight cost per unit and add it to cost for inventory valuation.
  • Allows Entry of catch weight products in pounds and cases.

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