A web-based multi-module management system designed by CORESense, Inc. for retail trade companies.

About CORESense

In order to provide prospective customers with the ultimate value in terms of features and functionality, CORESense has “productized” the capabilities most often requested by retailers in a variety of markets including:

  • Specialty Retailers
  • Wine & Spirits Retailers
  • Wineries
  • Fashion and Accessories Retailers
  • Sporting Goods Retailers

The pre-configured vertical market solutions provide you with an affordable way to quickly get your integrated retail management system deployed while enjoying the benefits of pre-integrated “best in class” functionality and data model for your industry.

  • Vertical-specific features and functions
  • Best-practices vertical market data model
  • Rapid deployment
  • World class performance and reliability at an affordable price

Streamline Operations

Integrating all management processes and data into one system streamlines operations, eliminates manual and redundant processes and allows automation of error prone processes. Save time and money that can be better spent on serving your customers and growing your business.

Improve Inventory Management

Having a real time, centralized view of sales and inventory across all channels improves inventory management and turnover. Reduce out-of-stocks, order cancellations and late shipments and make timely in-season price adjustments.

Grow Online Sales With Confidence

Centralized processing of online orders and automated order processing, customer notification and fulfillment, eliminates multi-channel operational bottlenecks. Confidently grow online sales without jeopardizing customer service or negatively impacting your hard-earned reputation.

Deliver Great Customer Service

Being able to capture and access customer data, including purchase history and personal data, and launch e-mails from any sales channel or back office process makes it easy to stay connected with customers. Deliver the highly personalized and responsive service that keeps customers coming back.

CRM & Marketing

Customer relationship management, a key component of CORESense’s Integrated Retail Management solution, provides you with all the tools you need to build a loyal and profitable customer base.

With CORESense you can access and view customer and order information from all sales channels to deliver personalized service at every point of touch. You can leverage the integrated email platform to stay in constant touch with your customers and get their feedback on your service.

Finally, you can analyze past purchases to identify your best customers and offer them special incentives to come back such as preferred customer loyalty cards, special discounts or coupons that can all be created and managed from within the CORESense solution.

360° View of Customer Interactions

CORESense gives you the ability to capture and access detailed customer information including contact information, purchases and e-mail communication history from your in-store point of sale terminals or sales order interface. With this capability you can create and maintain an accurate customer database and arm your staff with a complete history of customer communication.

Reward Your Loyal Customers

Identifying and rewarding repeat customers is great way to build a loyal customer base. CORESense tracks purchases by customers so you can identify your best customers and what they bought. Armed with this information you can offer them special incentives to come back such as preferred customer loyalty cards, special discounts or coupons.

Easily Stay in Touch With Your Customers

With CORESense’s integrated e-mail management tool you can provide customers with a steady stream of information about your store, current specials and items of general interest. You can also gather valuable feedback about your company and its products allowing you to quickly adjust to trends or changes in buying behavior.

Drives Sales With Email Marketing

Launch highly personalized e-mail campaigns designed to drive traffic to your website as well as notify customers of new products and specials available in your store with CORESense’s e-mail campaign management and communication tool. Build mailing lists by segmenting your customer database by customer attributes and purchase history. Then create, launch and track your e-mail marketing campaign all in CORESense.

Centrally Managed Customer Database:

  • One centrally managed database providing 360-degree view of your customers.
  • Capture, edit and view customer information from any sales channel.
  • Define and manage custom information fields such as preferred customer, type of customer, etc.

Customer Service Portal:

  • Easily provide order status and tracking information over the phone or by email.
  • Quickly locate customer and order information.
  • Drill down into customer and order details.
  • Log and view audit trail of comments, payments & return history.
  • Manage and track email communication to and from customers during and after order fulfillment process.
  • Automatic linking of email correspondence to customer and order records.
  • Route and prioritize incoming emails to employees.
  • Automatically email of order and shipping status to customers at every step of the order fulfillment process.
  • View current and past promotions, order history and status as well as past communication and comment history.
  • Offer on-line customer self service portal for editing of address, payment and password information and online viewing and tracking of orders and shipments.

Email Campaign Management Tools

  • Build lists for direct or email marketing based on customer or product purchase history.
  • Create and manage unlimited email campaigns.
  • Load and manage HTML rich format and text-based e-mail templates.
  • Included forms field that automatically populate e-mails with customer, product or promotional information.
  • Include images and embedded links to pages on your website.
  • Track open, error and click through rates.
  • Embedded e-mail server is capable of sending thousands of e-mails at once.


The CORESense ecommerce solution provides retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers with the most comprehensive, robust and feature-rich ecommerce solution in its class.

Compelling, Search Friendly and Manageable B2C Ecommerce Websites

Working with your designers CORESense helps you create compelling, search friendly and manageable ecommerce websites that differentiate your brands, attract shoppers, maximize conversions and increase average order size. With CORESense you get a custom web site with high-performance “no refresh” pages, product “super search”, built-in cross-sell/up-sell capability, and fast single-page checkout.

With Ecommerce Software you have everything you need to promote and manage your ecommerce websites including:

  • Ecommerce Website Templates built on robust, search friendly and easily managed templates designed around your unique business and brand objectives.
  • Content Management System that allow you to easily create and manage images, content, searches and navigation on one or more uniquely branded websites.
  • Ecommerce Website Plug-Ins that can be added to your ecommerce website to drive customer satisfaction and conversions.
  • Ecommerce Shopping Cart with a host of shopper friendly shopping cart features that are proven to minimize cart abandonment

B2B Ecommerce Portals

Streamline online ordering with accounts and invoicing, customer-based offerings and pricing and integration with ERP systems.

Multi Ecommerce Website Support

Easily sell through and manage multiple, uniquely branded websites including centralized order processing and fulfillment and branding of customer communications from a single system.

Multiple Ecommerce Marketing and Selling Channels

Plus you get the ability to promote and sell your products through multiple ecommerce channels:

  • eBay Auction Management to easily and successfully do business on eBay.
  • Comparison Shopping Engine Data Feeds to promote your products and brands on, Google Product Search, Yahoo! Product Submit, NexTag, Shopzilla and PriceGrabber.
  • Affiliate Marketing to increase your product visibility by advertising your products on popular and related affiliate websites.
  • Online Marketplace Feeds to sell your products on Amazon or third-party branded websites.


Merchandising, a key component of CORESense’s Integrated Retail Management solution, gives the real time data, reports and tools needed to optimize the purchasing, presentation, promotion, pricing and placement of your products in order to maximize sales and gross margin.

From the centrally managed catalog you can quickly and effectively describe new products, create and manage product content, create and schedule promotions, define up-sell and cross-sell products and optimize channel placement and pricing. Spending time consolidating sales and inventory data from multiple stores and sales channels makes it difficult to make accurate and timely merchandising decisions.

CORESense provides you with a real time view of activity across all channels enabling you to make better transfer, purchasing, pricing and promotion decisions improving your profitability.

With the real-time inventory view and product performance reports you can accurately plan your purchases and minimize stock outs and over ordering.

Easily Define and Manage Your Products

The CORESense product manager gives you the ability to define multiple types of products (e.g. apparel, golf clubs and tennis racquets)with unique product attribute and centrally manage product definition data.

Easily Sell Products Through Multiple Channels

With the centralized product catalog you define and describe products one time and optimally price and place products in multiple channels including POS, call center, one or more ecommerce storefronts, eBay, Amazon and comparison shopping engines.

Make Better Merchandising Decisions

Centralized management of your inventory with point of sale, ecommerce and other channels provides you with an accurate and up to the minute view of your sales and supply. Armed with this information you can make better buying, pricing, promotion and other merchandising decisions.

Minimize Your Inventory Investment

Real-time synchronization of sales and inventory across multiple stores and channels combined with automated stock replenishment, provides the right inventory level to your stores and other channels while minimizing your purchasing effort and cost of goods sold and increasing inventory turns.

Create Ongoing Revenue Streams With “Product of the Month” Clubs

CORESense gives you the ability to create, manage and fulfill an unlimited number of continuity or product of the month programs creating ongoing revenue streams and building customer loyalty.

Increase Profits With Gift Certificate and Value Cards

With an estimated value of US$35 billion in gift card sales for the 2007 holiday season alone, retailers can obviously profit from these programs.

Product Management

  • Build and manage multiple types of products from SKUs.
  • Define product standard (e.g. size, colors) and upgrade (e.g. standard, premium) groups.
  • Batch apply standards and upgrade groups to multiple products.
  • Batch import and export products.
  • Batch update product data by attributes.
  • Duplicate products with one click.
  • Define up-sell and cross-sell products.
  • Assign products to channels.
  • Manage product content including images, text, rich media, pdf files and more.
  • Add custom product attributes that you define.
  • Create and print product barcodes labels.
  • Evaluate performance of single products or any combination of products across all sales channels based on chosen attributes a:
    • Group results on a daily, weekly or yearly basis.
    • Drill down into groups to determine top performing products.
    • Detailed totals and per unit results for retail price, margin and cogs.

Gift Certificates and Value Cards

  • Create and manage gift certificates.
  • Sell gift certificates through a website, POS or SOI.
  • Create and manage value cards.
  • Sell value cards through the POS or SOI channel.
  • View detailed value card reports including amount issues, amount redeemed and aging liability for a specific date range.

Continuity Programs

  • Create multiple club types – auto replenishment, traditional, closed series, open series.
  • Manage clubs and club members.
  • View and print activity and order reports.

Price and Promotion Management

  • Set base pricing by customer and by sales channel.
  • Create promotions based on one or more product attribute.
  • Target promotion based on customer attributes such as club memberships or past purchase history Offer promotions in one or all channels.
  • Offer percent off, dollar off, free shipping and free shipping by product type discounts.
  • Specify rules for applying the discount including always, based on dollars spent or quantity purchased.
  • Manually trigger the promotion or establish as a recurring promotion.
  • Purchasing and Inventory Management

Inventory Planning

  • Inventory levels are synchronized in real time across all sales channels.
  • View inventory on hand by vendor, fulfillment method, product attributes or other criteria.
  • View real-time inventory statuses across all warehouses and locations.
  • Directly drill down into inventory status for more detailed view.
  • Track cost-of-goods-sold by multiple methods.
  • View supplier inventory levels through real time or batch level integration…
  • Establish automated or recommended reorder criteria and process.
  • Reserve inventory by channel.


  • Supports warehouse-to-warehouse and intra-warehouse transfers
  • Automatically create/save put-away documents upon receiving.
  • Override put-away locations upon receiving.
  • Post comments and manage transfer email correspondence.

Purchase Orders

  • Quickly build and stage POs by vendor or SKU directly from the inventory view.
  • Automatically create drop ship POs directly from orders.
  • Automatically create POs based on reorder points, target quantities or other criteria.
  • Send POs to suppliers in multiple formats including email, eFax, faxed document.
  • Automate communications with suppliers using XML, EDI and FTP.
  • View and track POs including correspondence and comments.
  • View and take advantage of quantity/case discounts and vendor incentives.
  • View last cost paid.

SKU Management and Vendor Management

SKU Management:

  • Create and manage SKUs.
  • Define general attributes (e.g. barcode, identifier, label, manufacturer, default fulfillment and warehouse).
  • Assign shipping method and define physical attributes.
  • Assign vendors and ordering information.
  • Set reorder criteria.

Vendor Management

  • Create and manage vendors
  • Define default PO delivery methods (e-mail; efax; document; XML, EDI and FTP) and templates.
  • Track and manage POs by vendor, SKU and PO criteria.
  • Drill down into POs, post and view comments by category, read/launch e-mails and modify order and delivery options.

Order Management

Online Order Management, a key component of CORESense’s Integrated Retail Management system, provides you with a complete, highly automated and robust order life cycle management capability that can easily support the most demanding multi-channel retail operations.

Centralized staging and processing of orders from all sales channels eliminates time consuming and error-prone manual transfer of data between channels. Automation of order processing work flows allows you to manage by exception minimizing staffing needs…

CORESense’s Order Management capability streamlines your order processing and fulfillment process removing operational bottlenecks while giving you the ability to grow sales across all channels with confidence.

Centrally Process Orders for All Sales Channels

Orders from all sales channels are automatically captured and centrally staged eliminating manual and error-prone transfers of data, facilitating automation and minimizing staffing needs.

Automate Order Processing Flows

CORESense gives you the ability to automate order capture to fulfillment paths based on configurable orders statuses and manage orders by exception allowing you to scale your operation without increasing staff. Staff can be alerted by email or through filtered views of orders requiring attention.

Quickly Track, View and Expedite Orders

Powerful filtering and drill down capability allows you to quickly assess orders by stage or other criteria to identify bottleneck and initiate corrective actions to ensure on-time deliveries.

Flexibly Source Inventory

Increase the number of products you offer your customers through drop-ship, just-in-time and in-stock inventory sourcing methods as well as integration with third-party order fulfillment centers. CORESense also handles complex supplier and multi-supplier order fulfillment requirements, enabling build-to-order fulfillment processes.

Integrate Directly With Leading Shippers

Seamless integration with FedEx, UPS® and Endicia® enables faster shipment processing, instant tracking for customers, and increased accuracy

Manage Multiple Stocking Locations and Warehouses

CORESense includes an integrated warehouse and location management tool which allows you to easily receive stock, transfer and view inventory across one or more locations.

Order Processing

  • Capture and stage orders automatically for all sales channels.
  • Orders staged based on rules you define.
  • Orders can be automatically processed through shipping based on rules you define.
  • Orders window can be filtered by dates and order, channel, product or other attributes.
  • Can quickly drill down to view order details.
  • Process multiple and mixed payment methods including credit card, Paypal, Credit, Gift Certificate, and Value Card)
  • Processes credit cards in real-time through the payment processors of your choice.
  • Source inventory from multiple sources including stock, drop shipment and just-in-time.
  • Designate shipping methods including UPS Worldship & Fedex and USPS (Endicia) .

Picking, Packing and Shipping

  • Automatically queue orders for processing based on inventory availability.
  • Track orders by stage: picking, packing, shipped, delivered or cancelled.
  • Select orders for processing based on multiple criteria including dates, stage, channel, shipment method, customer, location, etc. .
  • Batch print picking and packing documents .
  • Ship full or partial orders…
  • Automatic e-mailing to customers of order status and shipment tracking numbers.
  • Transmit and receive shipment information directly to UPS Worldship and Fedex and USPS (Endicia) .

Returns Management

  • Issue and track return material authorizations (RMAs).
  • Assign return descriptions and expiration period.
  • Receive resalable inventory.

Warehouse and Location Management

  • Create and manage multiple warehouses with unique topographies.
  • Stage and transfer material between and within warehouses.
  • Receive inventory by barcode.
  • Create and print location labels.
  • Conduct physical inventories.

Brand Management

  • Centrally process orders for multiple, uniquely branded websites.
  • Brand identify including name, logo and website url is used on all customer documentation (e.g. email communications and shipping documentation).
  • Define order processing and fulfillment workflows based on the sales channel and brand…

Point of Sale

Point of Sale (POS) and Store Operations solution, a key component of CORESenses Integrated Retail Management System, is a next generation, customer centric point of sale solution for small to medium-sized retailers. It provides single and multi-store retailers alike with a feature-rich point of POS directly integrated with an end-to-end, centrally managed retail operations suite. Whether you have one store or one hundred stores, all transactions and their corresponding data are centrally processed and visible in real time across all stores and ecommerce and call center channels. CORESenses fully integrated and centralize architecture makes it easy to deliver seamless cross channel shopping experience giving an edge over your competition.

CORESenses POS is a feature-rich customer centric retail store system that empowers store personnel too quickly and accurately process customer transactions and delivers highly personalized customer service.

Retail store managers can easily manage their daily operations and as well as access full back office merchandising, supply chain, order management and analytics and reporting capabilities directly from the POS. Tiered security settings control access to specific application functionality and capabilities.

How Can the CORESense Point of Sale Solution Benefit You?

This powerful and reliable web-enabled application supports leading terminal hardware and peripherals and is packed with the essential features and functions needed to delight customers and maximize cash-in per visit:

Process Point of Sale Transactions Quickly and Accurately

The intuitive, graphical user interface and extensive set of time saving features lets you speed customers through checkout: enter product SKUs via barcode or keypad, search for product and price info using barcode, number and partial names or categories and directly process credit cards in seconds using the Internet.

Deliver the Customer-Centric Services Shoppers Demand

Today’s cross channel shoppers demand a personalized and seamless shopping experience and with CORESense you can easily manage cross-channel promotions, fulfillment and returns including in-store pickup of on-line purchases and drop shipment of out-of-stock or virtual inventory items and transact sales, returns and credits in multiple and mixed payment forms.

Control and Manage Store Operations in Real Time

The CORESense Point of Sale, unlike traditional Point of Sale solutions, part of a fully integrated retail management suite that gives you all the tools needed to manage one or many retail stores. There is no separate store management module that must be synchronized nightly all transactions are centrally managed and data is updated in real time.

CORESense POS and Store Operations Features Include:

Point of Sale:

  • Transact sales, returns and credits in multiple and mixed payment forms.
  • Lookup product information via bar code, key entry, full or partial product name and category search.
  • View cross sell and up-sell recommendations.
  • View in-stock and on order inventory availability across all channels and warehouses.
  • Sell non-stock products via drop-ship fulfillment
  • Ship in-stock or out-of-stock items directly from the Point of Sale.
  • Process layaway orders.
  • Directly authorize process credit card transactions in seconds through the merchant of your choice.
  • Process discounts, promotions, gift certificates, loyalty cards, and stored value cards.
  • Make item or order level adjustments.
  • Sell gift certificates and value cards.
  • Seamless transition to local mode so you can keep selling if local network connection is down and automatic restoration when connection is restored.
  • Communicate information to store personal in real time through the on-screen instant messaging window.
  • Create and view customer account information including past order and return history. .
  • Track sales by clerk .

Daily Store Operations:

  • Track and report sales by sales clerk for over the desired time period.
  • Open and close the cash drawer with easy to use graphical tool.
  • Print daily sales data report and deposits and payments report from the POS.
  • Access full analytic and reporting capabilities through the web-based back office.
  • Conduct in-store physical inventory counts.
  • Reduce instances of shrinkage and fraud with user security features.


The CORESense Integrate Retail Management systems consolidates multi-channel selling, CRM, merchandising and order management into one web accessible system providing an unparalleled real-time view of business health anywhere, anytime, so that you can proactively respond to customers and profitably grow their businesses.

CORESense provides this real-time view through multiple standard reports, flexible report building tools and custom reports built to meet your unique business needs.

Cross-Channel View of Key Performance Indices (KPIs)

Tight integration of all sales channels enables you to view product performance, inventory usages, profitability and other key performance indices (KPI) for your entire business.

Real-Time View of Key Performance Indices (KPIs)

Tight integration and real-time synchronization of all sales channels, inventory and business process provides you with a real time view of your business.

Flexibility to View KPI How and Where You Want

CORESense provides you with a library of standard reports as well as the ability to build your own reports and all reports can be accessed through the centrally managed web-based back office.

Ready Access to Financial and Accounting Data

CORESense provides a full library of accounting and financial reports for assessing business health and for preparing accounting statements and tax documents.

Financial Reporting

  • Sales reporting including totals of merchandise, shipping, tax, discounts, cogs and margin.
  • Channel effectiveness reporting including profit and unit contribution percentages.
  • Deposit reports grouped by payment types.
  • Accounts receivable aging reports.
  • Sales tax reports by state.
  • General ledger report.

Product Performance Reporting

  • Evaluate performance of any products based on chosen attributes.
  • Group results on a daily, weekly or yearly basis.
  • Drill down into groups to determine top performing products.
  • View totals and per unit results for retail price, margin and cogs.

Inventory Reporting

  • Easily determine status of inventory through comprehensive search criteria.
  • View status of on hand, on order, reserved and backordered quantity for single or grouped SKUs.
  • Drill down into purchasing and customer buying history per SKU.
  • View average daily, weekly or monthly rate of sale for single or grouped SKUs.

Purchasing Reporting

  • Search and list vendors with details including # of open POs and average fulfillment time.
  • Detailed audit trail of internal comments, past POs and email communication.
  • Search and list POs with details including vendor, status, cost and # of days outstanding.
  • Detailed audit trail of internal comments and email communication.

Returns Reporting

  • Detailed listing of returns including issue date, status, reason for return and associated order information.

Sales Rep Reports

  • Report on sales by sales representative including sales and cost information.
  • Filter report by Brand.

Comments Reports

  • Provides consolidated report of comments by category (All, Customer, Order, Return, Purchase Order, Shipment, Vendor).

eBay Performance Report

  • Report on auction results including success quantity, buy it now quantity, success rate, fees and total sales and cost.
  • Group results by product and auction attributes.
  • Filter results by product and eBay attributes.

Reports Builders

  • Create custom sales reports including any customer, product or order information.
  • Create custom inventory reports including SKU, product, vendor, sales, inventory and shipping information.
  • Export to multiple formats including Excel and XML.
  • Define sorting and grouping of data fields.
  • Save and manage custom report criteria for ongoing use.

Sales Order

With CORESense’s Sales Order Interface, a key component of CORESense’s Integrated Retail Management system, you get easy to use web-based call center software that provides real time access to customer, product and inventory information and includes a guided process for quickly and accurately taking, processing and fulfilling orders.

With the sales order interface, you and your staff can view and update customer information, respond to customer inquiries and place, process and track orders. The sales order interface is web-based and can run on a desktop or laptop computer making it ideal for decoupling complicated order and return processing from the main checkout lanes, for remote selling and for consultative selling in the store or in the field.

Speed Order Entry Through Intuitive User Interface

With CORESense’s Sales Order interface call center representatives can accurately and efficiently enter orders using the fewest possible steps. The representative is guided through a simple 4-step process and can quickly search for and locate customer, product and other information.

Provide Quick and Informed Customer Service

Customer representatives can quickly access and view a complete record of all customer orders, review past communications, track the status of any order and capture and record a complete record of current calls for future reference. Quick look-up and drill down features allow your staff to quickly locate orders by customer, order number or other criteria and view an up-to-the-second status of each customer order.

Decouple Complex Sales, Return and Customer Support Processes From the Main Checkout Line

Another valuable use for the sales order interface is by sales or dedicated customer service representatives in addressing complex and time-consuming sales, returns and problem resolution away from your main checkout lanes.

Leverage the Web-Based Interface as a Remote Sales and Marketing Tool

The web-based sales order interface can run on a laptop computer with wireless internet access, making it an ideal tool for consultative selling of complex products out in the showroom, for taking orders or signing up new customers for newsletters or continuity programs at remote events or as a low cost point of sale terminal in low volume, cashless environments.

CORESense Sales Order Interface Features Include:

Making the Sale:

  • Fast and easy order taking for new and existing customers.
  • Identify your loyal customers for expedited service.
  • Quickly locate products and inventory information.
  • Discount specific items, total order or shipping prices manually.
  • Log and view comments.
  • Accept multiple and mixed payment forms including credit card, PayPal", coupons, on account, gift certificate, value card and store credits.
  • Real-time integration into credit card merchant services for fast and easy authorizations, captures, voids and credits.
  • Add / edit customer information on-the-fly.
  • Easily sign-up customers to mailing lists or email campaigns.

Ongoing Customer Service:

  • Easily provide order status and tracking information over the phone or by email.
  • Comprehensive customer and order searching.
  • Powerful “Drill Down” access into customer account and orders.
  • Efficiently resolve order issues through quick links to related purchase orders, returns, shipments and threaded email correspondence.
  • Log and view comments.
  • Create customer credits, gift certificates and coupons on-the-fly.
  • Manage and report on returns directly from order records.

Product Overview

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