e Sales Enterprise Suite

A full ERP system designed by e-Managing Solutions.

About e Sales Enterprise Suite

Ideal for small and mid-sized companies up to 800 employees (multi-locations), eSales is the best completely integrated, Web-based application to automate all your business:

  • REDUCE INVENTORY (or don’t have any)
  • QUICKEST ROI (over 1000% the first month).


Open an account and test drive our system for 15 days !


  • Easy to use (user friendly).
  • Easy to learn (includes online tutorials) + FREE Technical Support.
  • Do not require to buy Hardware.
  • No Software to download or install.
  • No updates or maintenance required.
  • Have your complete business running in 3 minutes.
  • State of the Art Technology SQL, ASP, .Net (Microsoft products).
  • AFFORDABLE! grows with your needs… Pay per user (1-350 users[employees])
  • Hosted on your own server (optional)
  • Have special needs? We offer Custom Programming


  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Purchase Orders (Purchasing)
  • Sales Quotation, Sales Order and Online Orders
  • Service Module (with stock allocation)
  • Refunds & Return Authorization (RMAs)-(based on your business rules, re-stocking fees, etc).
  • Credit Card Processing AVS/CSC (Verisign)
  • Instant Profit Analysis in all documents
  • Complete Customer, Items, Vendors History
  • Document Tracking with Complete history
  • Drop Shipments
  • Shipping Labels UPS integration
  • Contact Manager (CRM) Customers & Suppliers
  • Unlimited Shipping & Billings Addresses


  • Inventory Control
  • Bar Code Printing
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Unlimited Items with images, kits and macros
  • Multimedia Attachments
  • Create Unlimited Categories, Items and Vendors
  • Controls RMAs from customer and to Suppliers
  • Update prices on the fly (auto calculates kits and macros)


  • Multiple Web Store Templates (unlimited combinations)
  • Online Customer History
  • Online Credit Card Processing AVS/CSC (Fraud Protection)
  • Online Kit & Macro Configuration
  • Online Order Status and Shipment Tracking
  • Online RMA Requests
  • Online Advanced Shopping Cart
  • Online Return Authorization (RMAs)
  • Online Refunds (automated system based on your business rules)
  • Online Mailing List (subscribe/unsubscribe)
  • Fedex Integration for Tracking
  • UPS Integration for Tracking


  • General Ledger
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Check Printing
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Financial Reports


  • Pricewatch Sync
  • PriceGrabber


  • Cybercash
  • Payflow Pro
  • Paypal


  • Advanced Web Stats (referral, country, state, city).
  • View What products and categories customers searched.
  • Customer Geographical Location (0-15 miles from customer location).


  • Marketing Campaigns via Bulk E-mail
  • Comprehensive Security (350+ sections that you can assign privileges)
  • Event Ticker
  • Reports & Custom reports
  • Instant Real-Time Graphs
  • Real Time Information
  • Access from Anywhere / Anytime (100% Web Based)
  • Access via IE browser
  • Access via PDAs
  • Multi Locations System
  • Multi Warehouse System
  • 128 bit SSL Security Encryption
  • Biometric Security (optional)
  • Other tools: Calculator, Calendar (with scheduling), LiveHelp, Surveys, To Dos, Business Procedures.


Takes only 3 minutes to have your business running!

Call us today… and Learn why medium size companies have drop $70K packages to use now eSales Enterprise Suite!

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payables gives you effective control over your expenses. Tracking vendors, managing vouchers, processing payments and analyzing your vendors’ performances will give you a clear picture of your cash flow and provide the level of payables processing you need for you business.


  • Handles purchases, manual or computer check.
  • Makes payments and credit memos.
  • Automatically calculate the number of days it takes to pay each vendor.
  • 1099 forms can be printed for a prior year even after you have entered and paid vendors in the new year.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivables automates the sales management process, tracks customers, manages invoices, processes receipts, and analyzes customer activity. Providing instant information whenever you need it.


  • Tracks both cash and credit sales Automatically calculates sales taxes, discounts, commissions
  • Tracks sales and commissions by salesperson.
  • Tracks NSF payments, returns and voided transactions.
  • Tracks insurance Claims, Trace for Shipper and Credit Card Charge-backs.
  • Email and reprint customer statements.

Advanced eCommerce [ Web Store ]

The most advanced eCommerce Site. Full capabilities allow customers to:

  • Review Stock Levels (controlled by setups)
  • Place orders
  • Review order status
  • Obtain tracking numbers (linked to UPS and FeEdex)
  • Calculates Taxes
  • Calculates Shipping (based on Weight)
  • View account history
  • Automated Return System (RMAs)
  • Cancel Orders Online
  • Credit Card Processing with AVS and CSC for fraud screening (Payflow Pro)

Administrator can setup business rules (restocking fees, type of warranty, etc…).


Simple to use, control all your bank transactions: deposits, transfers, payments, write checks, pay bills and bank reconciliation.


  • Checks
  • Deposits
  • Transfers
  • Bank Reconciliation

Business Intelligence

Is an impressive add-on module that sends e-mail notifications to you and your specified personnel when something significant happens in your business. Solving problems before they start can satisfy your customers far more consistently. Integrated into critical modules, Alerts shifts your focus using early warning signals that announce critical events.

Cash Management

Cash Management helps with reconciliation of monthly bank statements, check and credit card transactions and assists in tracking bank account balances.


Easy Bank Reconciliation for all cash, check, credit card transactions, deposits, transfers, keeps bank account balances and automate the monthly reconciliation process.

Bank Reconciliation is a must for businesses who handle several bank accounts with multiple transaction sources and destinations. It will increase efficiency and accuracy, while providing the flexibility you need to track your many cash-related transactions.

Some of the Bank Reconciliation features include:

  • Simple, Efficient, flexible, centralized reconcile process.
  • Display more information by drilling down to original transactions.
  • Make adjustments for bank to book transaction differences such as interest income and service charges and automatically update General Ledger during reconciliation.
  • Print a range of checkbook and history reports.

Credit Cards Processing AVS/CSC

Utilizing Payflow Pro (from Verisign) simplifies payment connectivity over the Internet between online customers, merchants, buyers, sellers, and the financial networks that move money between them. Easy-to-use. Secure. Cost-effective. From high volume businesses with complex online requirements to businesses just getting started on the Web.


  • While customer is shopping online system verifies address providing match with records on the bank. This system is call AVS.
  • CSC for extra protection will ask for 3 digits numbers in the back of the credit card.
  • System will charge Credit Cards for Sales Orders and Online Orders (after verification). Saving hundreds of hours a month and reducing fraud.

Customer Relation Management

CRM or Customer Relationship Management involves a single integrated application, that provides effective and consistent management of prospects and customers, regardless of where the interaction takes place. CRM systems typically include information acquired from sales, marketing, customer service, and support which is captured and stored in a central database and is often integrated with accounting and manufacturing systems.


  • Customer Relation Management
  • Estimates
  • Sales Orders
  • Sales Orders Online
  • Work Orders
  • Invoicing
  • Refunds
  • RMA
  • Call Logs

General Ledger

A General Ledger application is the central point which accumulates the results of all other accounting operations. A GL application provides traditional financial statements such as an Income Statement and Balance Sheet plus others.

Simple to use, allows to select data with different criteria based on date or date range.



  • Sales Report
  • Daily Report
  • Cashiers Report
  • Sales Tax Report
  • Sales Report by Price Category
  • Employee Sales and Commissions
  • Receivables and Statements


  • Vendors Ledger
  • Purchase Reports
  • Aged Payables
  • Check Register
  • Vendors List
  • Unpaid Bills
  • 1099 Reports


  • Chart of Accounts
  • General Ledger
  • General Ledger Journal
  • General Ledger Trial Balance
  • General Ledger Summary


  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • GL Account Summary


  • Warehouse Valuation
  • Warehouse Transfers
  • Re-Order Worksheet
  • Physical Inventory


  • Account Register
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Outstanding Checks

Licensing and Prices

ASP MODEL (Rent of Application)

We have different Packages that will accommodate your needs. Otherwise, let us know (custom programming available as need it).

FULL LICENSES (Installs on Your Server)

We also offer the package to be install on any MS Windows 2000 Server with MS Sql 2000. (5 users starts at 7,995.00). For more information, please call us.


Include your Web Store, unlimited Orders, Categories, Items, Customers… Allow you to manage your store and receive Online Orders.

GOLD PACKAGE: [$49 for the first User / Additional users $29 / Web Store $49 - monthly]

Same as Basic Package including Credit Card processing, Invoices, Quotes and AR.

PLATINUM PACKAGE: [$99 for the first user / Additional users $39 / web Store $99 - monthly] Same as Gold Package including Full Accounting (AR, AP, Banking, Financials).

Optional Modules: (monthly charge)

  • Web Traffic with Geographical Mapping $39
  • Pricewatch Sync $39
  • Pricegrabber Exporting Tool $29
  • Quickbooks Export (Sales/Refunds/Purchases) $39
  • LiveHelp $39

Other Features

There are several other helpful features that makes eSales a unique system.


  • Send Documents by email (Customers and suppliers).
  • Read and Send emails from the same system.
  • Calendar capabilities allows to built your schedules.
  • Reminders or Alerts.
  • Send Messages to employees (specific day and time).
  • Calculator
  • Weather information, Stock Markets, News.
  • Visitors Counter
  • Marketing Tools, send promotions via email.
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe emails for promotions (auto-managed).


  • Web Traffic with Geographical Mapping
  • Pricewatch Sync
  • Pricegrabber Exporting Tool
  • QuickBooks Export (Sales/Refunds/Purchases)
  • LiveHelp

Point of Sales [Multi-Locations]

Point of Sale is a unique concept for multi-site retail operations. The front-end is a online Point of Sale (PoS) system offering the flexibility of web technology (low cost inter-connection) with the power and strength of accounting as the back-end.


  • Multi-Locations real-time data
  • Handles Inventory Stock
  • Share Inventory Look ups with any other location
  • Share Customer information with up to the minute Account balances
  • Customers can review their accounts via Internet
  • Unlimited, customers and addresses
  • Handles Tax Exempt Customers by State/Country
  • International addresses (USA/Canada/etc)

Purchasing, Inventory and Barcodes

Purchase Order Processing efficiently manages complex, multi-item, multi-site purchases. Its seamless integration with eSales modules ensures payables management and inventory control information is automatically updated and item prices are autocalculated based on new cost (or based on setups), posting new prices on eCommerce site on real-time.


  • Updates vendor and item records automatically.
  • Update Item Prices.
  • Handles Kits, Configurators and Macro Items.
  • Create stock or drop ship orders.
  • Serial Numbers or ID Tag.
  • Controls Minimum Stock Levels.
  • Scan Original Purchases from vendors to quickly built RMAs.
  • Keep track of RMA Vendors.


  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase (and receiving)
  • Barcode Generator
  • RMA to Vendors

Sales Documents

All documents required to manage the interaction with your customers:


  • Customer Relation Management
  • Estimates
  • Sales Orders
  • Sales Orders Online
  • Work Orders
  • Invoicing
  • Refunds
  • RMA
  • Call Logs

Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation (SFA) software is a comprehensive sales and marketing approach to building long-term customer relationships and improving business performance. SFA includes a group of networked applications ranging from contact management to sophisticated sales process automation and tracking. SFA solutions make it easier to service clients quickly and completely.


  • Customer Relation Management
  • Estimates
  • Sales Orders
  • Sales Orders Online
  • Work Orders
  • Invoicing
  • Refunds
  • RMA
  • Call Logs


The Best Technology!

Built 100% on Microsoft Technology:

  • ASP
  • Javascript
  • VBScript
  • ActiveX
  • (Source Code Available)


  • Microsoft SQL 2000

Web Traffic With Geographical Location Mapping

Real-time, accurate answers to improve visitor acquisition, conversion and retention.

  • Geographical IP location for visitors.
  • Most requested Items and categories.
  • Also works great as a security tools (compare credit card address vs. from what place order was placed).

The MOST advanced system that will improve your business!

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