Cinch Wholesale Fertilizer

A multi-module management system designed by E-Markets for agriculture/forestry/fishing/mining companies.

About Cinch Wholesale Fertilizer

The Cinch Wholesale Fertilizer solution is designed to streamline the sales and delivery processes for wholesale fertilizer companies who do not take possession of the product. Meet your contractual obligations by capturing the details of the sale; procuring and delivering the product via truck or rail to your customer; while keeping your accounting solution up to date.

Bulk Outbound

  • Bulk Ship
  • Bulk Ship Invoices
  • Load Matching

Load Generator

Automatically generates the load numbers, which the scale operators can key to display and confirm load information.

Risk Management

Risk Management ý provides a set of tools to keep your agribusiness from being vulnerable to volatile market conditions and in compliance.

  • Trade Entry/Trade Maintenance ý manage trading positions
  • Daily Position Report ý a government obligation to report regarding your physical inventory (stored grain and company owned)
  • Contract Position Inquiry ý report showing your contract position by commodity or date
  • Long Short ý shows your position on contacts (what you have agreed to sell (short) and purchase (long))
  • Mark to Market ý calculates unrealized gain or loss on purchase and sales contacts

Sales Contract

Price sales contracts by quantity or load; use origination or destination weights; capture grade factors and schedule delivery periods via the sales contract toolset.

  • Sales Contract ý capture the details of the sale by contract quantity or load; specify delivery information with pricing and futures information specific to each delivery
  • Load Entry ý helps ensure that trucks that are loaded are done so accurately and the information is captured

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